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Donors for May 2019

Leslie & Mark Armstrong – For Buster
Ashley Clark
W. Michael Fagan – In memory of Boki
FaceBook Fundraiser for Karen Into’s birthday
Facebook fundraiser for Angie Tolbert’s birthday
FaceBook Fundraiser for Lori Foster Watson’s birthday
FaceBook Fundraiser for Melissa Sue
Melinda & Bob Hoover – In memory of Bert Thorpe, beloved pet of Bonnie Thorpe
Christine Jacob
Marsha & Sean Lynch
Jennifer Malloy – In memory of Walter Copello
Anna Munger – Happy Birthday Ashlie!
Randy & Maureen Sheldon – For Smokey and Roofus
Joshua Tripp
Emily Turgeon & Josh Cambra – In memory of Haggard, the best redbone hound

Summer Campaign ‘Short on Stash’

Melanie Aguto
Baylie Alexis
Roger & JoAnn Amidon
Lis Andavis
Tracey Anderson
Tom Barrett
Leslie Bensinger
Mitzi Bevan
Leigh Bolick
Harry & Suzanne Boyd
Seth Bradley
Toby Britt
Stephanie Brooks
Angela Brown
Treva Bullard
Carol Butler
Susan Cadwell
Melissa Carver
Lynn Caveness
Douglas Chaffin
Michelle Chaffin
Connie & Mike Cicchinelli
Becky Cipriano
Alison & Jamie Collins
Suzanne Colwell
David Conklin
Sarah Coy
Ron & Jean Davidson
Patrick Dawkins
Dawn Dofelmire
Pat Dortch
Barbara & Thomas Driscoll
Shannon Ed
Shannon Ed
Mary Fennessey
Mandy Fisher
Michael & Susan Foley
Peggy & John Gettys
Ronny Gibson
Madeline Giefer – In memory of Lucy the bassador (2000-2015)
Debra Gilstrap
Daphne Gordon
Michael Grubbs
Robert Gustafson
Marvin Hardee
Russell Harley
Vera B Herst
Margaret Hicks
Debra Hokanson
Kim Holstein
Rebecca Holzer
Ellen Hongo
Gary Humphries
Kevin Jay
Michelle Jennings
Amber Jones
Jolie Kat
Kristie Keenan
Wendy King – In memory of my Ida Mae
Virginia Klein
Anna Koukouli

Sue Kowalczyk
Kate Kudak
Nan Lanigan
Ele Larson
Ron & Melissa Laxton
Patricia Lesch & James Swan – In honor of Molly and in memory of Honeybee
Ray Lillard
Aaron Lucier
Daniel Mark
James Mason
Robin Masters
Douglas Mastin
Lillian McGrath & Kate McGrath
Steve Meckman
Robin Meyer
Anne Middleton
Angela Miller
Audrey Miller
Maggy Morley
Linda Mott
Shelley Myott
Rebecca Nichols – In memory of Tobias and Gunner
Sara Nienow
Janice Ostock
Sherrill Owens
Kevin Patrick & Brian Allen
Linae C Paulsen
Martha Perelli
Rachel Petsiavas
Cyndi Parsons Phillips
Bryan Pierce
Win Poor
Michael & Kay Rankin
Zoe & Alex Ranucci
Marjorie & William Ratliff
Michael Roth
Arlene Ryan-Veldhuis
Jennifer Sales & Todd Rock
Michael Schulman & Ryan Fawcett
April Sheftall
Dan Shoemaker
Elizabeth Sinderman
Jennifer Smith
Laura Smithson – In memory of Stanley and Homie
Marlene & Lee Sockwell
Linda & David Stamps
David Stephenson – In memory of Trixie
Brandon Stilley
Melissa Stokes
Kim Taylor-Wolfe
Joseph Theriault
Karen Thomason
Monique Vandersteur
Marilyn Varilone
Eric & Melissa Wagner
Kate Whitlock
Faye Wilson – In memory of my Otis
Luisa Zambon Zambon


Donors for April 2019

Nichol Barnett
Ashley Clark
Shelley Cosner – For Bunny and Morgan
Facebook Donations – For Sarah Coy’s birthday
Facebook Donations – For Angie Tolbert’s birthday
Frances Hoffer – In memory of Walter Copello
Frank & Eva Honaker
Jeffrey Lawrence
Anne Middleton
Marianna Schweitzer – For Bunny and Morgan
Amanda & Danny Shadrick – In memory of Duke
Randy & Maureen Sheldon – For Smokey – In memory of Ellen Meyers
Joshua Tripp
Whiskeys for Whiskers


Donors for March 2019

Leslie & Mark Armstrong – For Buster – In memory of Our sweet Clyde Barrow that we lost on 21Dec2018
Ashley Clark
Facebook Donations – For Stephanie Caddell’s birthday
Facebook Donations – Diane Adcox
Facebook Donations – Jack McMinn
Facebook Donations – For Sarah Coy’s birthday
Elizabeth Harmon
Lisa McCutchen
Angelique Schmidt – For Daphne the senior basset
Marlene & Lee Sockwell – For Daphne
Steven Spencer – For Fred’s Medical Care
Melissa Stokes – For Blind Bassett from Pickens Animal Shelter
Faye Wilson – – In memory of Otis
Barbara Younkes


Meet Felix – A Rare Boxhound

Felix has found is forever home! We are so excited. He has made himself right at home with his new family, and they adore him! Happy Ending!

My name is Felix. Okay, okay, okay. I’ll admit. I’m not an actual, legitimate, 100% basset hound. Or one percent… but there’s a story there. I am an American Boxhound. A good-natured, low maintenance hound who gets along well with kids and dogs. Me and my basset brother Oscar have been hanging with the good folks at CBHR. Oscar has found his furever home, but I’m still looking for mine. My new best friend is out there. I just know it. Are you my people?


Donations for February 2019

Amazon Smile
Leslie & Mark Armstrong
Seth Bradley
Ashley Clark
Sarah Coy
Douglas & Kathleen Dropp – For recent intakes
Facebook Donations – For Robin Meyer’s birthday
Facebook Donations – For Stephanie Ward Caddell’s birthday
Nan Fetters – For the 3 bassets rescued from the landlord
Fay Forman
Christine Jacob
Fred & Joanne Light
Garrett Nevenhoven – In memory of Brownie
Nicole Pullen
Michael Roth
Jane & Bruce Sharpe – In honor of Kathie & Art Raymond
Linda & David Stamps – For Sully
Linda & David Stamps – For Doodles
Michael & Brenda Szymanowski
Wayne & Susan Taylor
Danielle Terwilliger – For Samantha’s Care


Donations for January 2019

Janet Barringer – In memory of John Christensen
Eugene Brugger – In memory of Abbie, died 122718. She was a sweet girl, who loved a lot!
Ashley Clark
Christine Jacob
Nancy Madden – In memory of Elvis, my sweet basset
Charles Nimitz
Monique & Heath Rigsby – On behalf of Clyde Rigsby
Rainey Scrocco – In honor of Peggy O. Gettys
Dan Shoemaker
Daphne Spakowsky – For Samantha, the senior from Harnett County
Heather & John Szymankiewicz
Wayne & Susan Taylor – Golden Tag


Donations for December 2018

Lucia Barnes – In honor of Angel – my senior hound
Anne Bartee – In honor of the Nevin Ryan family who adopted a sweet, sweet girl named Molly in about 2011. Molly has since died, but her memory will remain for the rest of our lives.
David Boyer
Ashley Clark
Sharon Cormier – In honor of Dwayne and Page
Sarah Coy
Jane Engelman
Facebook Donations – For Clifton Hill’s birthday
Facebook Donations – For Suzanne Boyd’s birthday
Facebook Donations – For Paula Stancil’s birthday
Facebook Donations – For Terrie Marra’s birthday
Facebook Donations – For Abbey Kate’s birthday
Facebook Donations – For Patti Edward’s #Giving Tuesday
Facebook Donations – For Tim Hind’s birthday
Carol Green
Laveda Holmes
Michael Jones
Gillian Kemp – In honor of Karen & Earl Gillis
Ron & Melissa Laxton – In memory of our CBHR boy, Nutty Buddy
Anne Middleton – In honor of CBHR
Lee Miller – Calvin, Moses & Lily
James Openshaw
Nicole Pullen
Brian & Emily Reinicker – In honor of Clover
Julie Rice
Kirk Robinson – For MerryBelle
Pamela Rodgers
Gina Schmelzla – For MerryBelle’s Medical Care
Robyn Schnessel – For all the fantastic work that you do to rehab and rehome Bassets around the Carolinas
Jim & Kathleen Senior
John & Joanne Sherlock
Keith Sipe
Sonny & Diaane Sonnenstein
Linda & David Stamps – For Doodles
Leland & Laura Sullivan – In memory of Dorothy Funk
Wayne & Susan Taylor
Lisa Tye – In honor of Ms. Leigh Bolick
Patrick Urban – In memory of Gus Urban, beloved basset of Pat and Diane Urban
Richard Vanstrum
Marian Wischerath


Donations for November 2018

Roger & JoAnn Amidon
Susan Ash – In honor of Elizabeth Ash
Lois Bauer
Mary Berryman
Kenneth Biser
Donna Blackburn
Edgar Blackman – In memory of Mrs. Dorothea Blackman and the love she had for the forgotten ones
Steven Box & MaryEllen Etienne – In honor of Katie (Candy Cane), our 2011 adoption
William Bullock & Patty Rodeheffer
Kristin Cataldo
Charlie Bucket Fund of Triangle Community Foundation
Ashley Clark
Sarah Coy
David & Lycrecia Creath – In honor of Mary Hejka
Kristen DeCain – In honor of Elizabeth Atkisson
Sarah DeRemer & Chris Benner
Douglas & Kathleen Dropp
Diane & Bob Ezell
Facebook Donations – In honor of Clifton Hill’s birthday
Facebook Donations – In honor of Erin Revel’s birthday
Facebook Donations – In honor of Paula Stancil’s birthday
Facebook Donations – Collected by Brianna Taylor
Facebook Donations – Collected by Laura Eddy
Michael & Susan Foley
Robert Fry & Mark Fry
Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro
Christine Jacob
Carol Kindig
Jason Kubik – In honor of Jason Baril
Jeff Lawrence & Amanda Dudley
Marshall Lee – In honor of Clifton Hill
Fred & Joanne Light
Alyce Lord
Joe Mac
Michael & Kathleen Martin
Michael & Susan Master
Katherine McGrath
Anne Middleton
James & Sallie Naves
Network For Good
Kyle Parshall – For forever foster bassets
Eugene & Ann Paschold
Wendie Prince
Geneva Radney – In honor of Sonya Bergschneider’s birthday
Julie Rice
Bruce & Kathleen Salsbury
Jim & Kathleen Senior
Vicki Smith
Wayne &r Susan Taylor
Jerry Weaver
Janet Willis
Joan & James
Ann Young


Donors for October 2018

Linda & David Stamps – For Doodles – In memory of Sadie
Shauna Eggertson
Wayne & Susan Taylor
Don & Jonnie Adee
Roger & JoAnn Amidon – In memory of Sadie Mae
Ashley Clark
Sarah Coy
Andrew & Dianne Dywan
Linda & David Gilbert
Elizabeth Hopp
Paul & Beverly McClanahan – In memory of Sadie Mae Amidon
Network For Good
Craig & Kathy Smith
Deborah Snow
Sarah Webb – In memory of Charlie the basset/lab, 2004-2017


Order Your 2019 CBHR Calendar Today

Order Your 2019 CBHR Calendar Today

Back by popular demand, the 2019 calendar is a full-sized, spiral-bound, 12 month display of stunning hound images. All proceeds from the calendar help pay for the veterinary care our many deserving hounds desperately need!

Don’t delay, order today. You don’t want to be left empty handed. Once we sell out, they will be gone! Orders will be accepted until all calendars are sold. Shipping will begin the week after Thanksgiving and all orders will include a tracking number. The latest we can ship for Christmas arrival is December 18th. The cost per calendar is $22.00 plus shipping.

Thanks for supporting the hounds of Carolina Basset Hound Rescue!

2019 CBHR Calendar

Anniversary Merchandise

Order various items featuring the 25th Anniversary logo: t-shirts, caps, aprons, travel mugs, and more.


Donors for September 2018

Kristen A
Roger & JoAnn Amidon
Anonymous – In memory of Cotton Zemp – beloved and dedicated basset of treasured volunteer, Robin Zemp
Steph & Joe Artiaco
Sonya Bergschneider
Teresa & Donny Blackwell
Angela & Roger Brown – In memory of Hunter
Sallie Carlisle – In memory of Bizzy
Ashley Clark
Elizabeth Clawson – In honor of Michelle Jones
Alison & Jamie Collins
Suzanne Colwell & Karen Carr
Sarah Coy
Susan Davenport
Cynthia Davis – In loving memory of Winston, our beloved basset
Melissa & James Davis
Patrick Dawkins – For Merrybelle
Pam & Ambrose Dittloff
Barbara & Thomas Driscoll
William Duncan – In memory of Peg Graham of Charleston
Tracy Estes
W. Michael Fagan
Robyn Fedalen
Margaret Franklin
Peggy & John Gettys
Debbie Glasser
Carolyn Grissom
Stephen Haire
Patricia A Halsey
Charles Haynes
Vera B Herst
Ellen Hongo
Elizabeth Gerken Hooten
Susan Horton
Robin & Gene Hottinger
Gary Humphries
Larry & Melanie Hunt – In memory of Princess Maggie May Johnson
Shellie Jett
Brenda & Mark Johnson – In memory of Princess Maggie May Johnson
Aprill Jones – In memory of Walter Mayer and Tammy
Rebecca Katowitz – In memory of Mamie Carter Olive Erwin
virginia klein
Glenda Kroshus
Eleanor & Austin Lacy
Ruth & Martin Loughlin
Aaron Lucier & Clifton Hill
Laura Manson
Julianne Marley & Mark Clarke
Lisa McCutchen
Mid-Atlantic Basset Hound Rescue
Anne Middleton
Connie Moen
Shelly Myott – In honor of my 3 CBHR rescue Bassets (Mimi, Sadie & Charley)
Susan Myrick & Amy Matherly
Elizabeth & Nelson Nelligan
Network For Good
Sara Nienow
Charles Nimitz
Gay Noland
Arthur & Marie Norz – In memory of Princess Maggie May Johnson
Janet O’Neil
Linae C Paulsen
Glen & Eileen Pike
Maryanne Poole – For Basset Love in Memory of my former girls Lucy and Ethel and with love from my current old gals Millie and Mattie
Ara & George Radler – For Fred, Angel, Bonnie and Sydney
Michael & Kay Rankin
Michael Roth – In memory of Dallas and Rugar
Sally & Elbert Russell – For Nellie’s vet care
Jennifer Sales & Todd Rock
Prudence Scott
Amanda & Danny Shadrick
Greg & Jerri Smith
David Stephenson
David & Carol Sweatman
Jennifer & Will Tate
Wayne & Susan Taylor
Gary & Rosemarie Teachout
Joseph Theriault
Monique Vandersteur
Nikki Villanueva
George Wilholt
Donna & Gregory Williams
Janet Willis
Faye Wilson – In memory of Otis and Casey


CBHR – 25 Years and Running!

CBHR – 25 Years and Running!

CBHR is 25 years old this year! What better way to celebrate than to display your pride with one of these shirts featuring our 25th Anniversary Logo designed by Zoe Ranucci of Good Dharma Design.

All shirts come in navy and are 100% pre-shrunk cotton and double-stitched for durability. Choose from four options: long and short sleeve unisex t-shirts in sturdy heavyweight cotton, a stylish women’s shirt in a softer ringspun cotton jersey, and a mid-weight crew neck sweatshirt in a 50/50 cotton/polyester blend.

All proceeds will go directly to medical care for the CBHR Hounds.

Available for a limited time only. Campaign closes Oct. 30.
Shirts will be delivered approximately two weeks later (Nov. 15).





Hi, my name is Charlie!

If you love a cuddler, you’ll love me! I am about 9 months old, and neutered and up to date on all of my shots and heartworm medication.
I’m about 45 lbs, and in excellent health.
I’m a snuggler, and very happy boy.
I’m very good with all dogs, and people and children. I am even ok with cats!
I am house trained and I have great manners in the house and the fenced yard.
I will go in a crate, but it’s not really my favorite thing, but I’m working on it. I can use a doggie door too!
I also love the car
If you think you might be the perfect forever home for me, please contact Joanna!



A Hurricane of Bassets

Hi Friends and Family,

We know how trying the last week has been with Hurricane Florence bearing down on the Carolinas. We hope all of you and your loved ones are safe and out of harm’s way. It’s been very stressful for us here at Carolina Basset Hound Rescue as we have a number of volunteers and foster dogs who live along the shore. Thankfully, all of our volunteers and hounds are safe. However, as Hurricane Florence approached the shore, the last month also brought us a hurricane of bassets with some substantial illnesses. In the last few weeks we have had more than 18 bassets (A LOT of hounds!) arrive on our doorstep who have needed lots of help. The dogs who have arrived are facing cancer, widespread tooth decay (2 dogs will need to have nearly all their teeth removed due to neglect over the years), and heartworm disease among other things.

Poor Betsy needed emergency surgery for a bowel obstruction. This poor girl only had hours to live, and you know CBHR was not going to let her die if surgery would save her.

Dear Ruby had to have an eye removed due to painful glaucoma. It always breaks our heart to see another beloved basset lose her battle with that disease.

Oscar arrived at CHBR with a whole host of problems, including a giant tumor on his rear flank. Also, Oscar had a dear friend, Felix, at the shelter with him, and when separated, Oscar and Felix were depressed and inconsolable. We knew that we had to help Felix too even though he is not a basset hound. Oscar had major surgery to remove the tumor from his flank and is recovering now. It always is so hard when they arrive with a terrible cancer that had grown tremendous in size. Thankfully, CBHR had the resources to help him right away. Now those resources need to be replenished so we can continue to help the next dog who walks through our door!

With so many hounds needing so much medical care as of late, CBHR’s budget has been hit really hard! Our own personal hurricane. We really need you now as we will need funds to continue to help the hounds who so desperately need it and those that will likely knock at out door because of Florence.

Thank you for all you continue to do for all the hounds of CBHR. YOU make it possible to help these happy hounds get to a better life!

Please Donate Now


Plan now to keep your furry family members safe in a disaster

As we prepare for Hurricane Florence’s approach and aftermath, here are some useful tips from one of our CBHR vets, VCA Whispering Pines Animal Hospital.

  • Make sure your pet is microchipped and you have the number. Pets that become displaced are much less likely to be returned to their parents! Make an appointment today if your pet isn’t microchipped.
  • Register your dog on the Finding Rover app. This free app has facial recognition that will alert you if someone has found your pet (dogs only).
  • Have extra leashes, crates and carriers ready to be used for all pets in your household in case you need to evacuate.
  • Maintain an updated list of all vaccines and a copy of each pet’s medical record.
  • Always have at least 7 days’ worth of prescription medications and pet food in your home, and keep it easily accessible.
  • Keep a pet evacuation kit in your home. The American Veterinary Medical Association has a helpful list of recommended supplies. Prepare your kit well in advance and store it in an easy-to-carry, waterproof case kept close to an exit.
  • In the event of an emergency, the American Red Cross will have a list of pet-friendly shelters.
  • Seek immediate veterinary care if your pet has a medical emergency.

    Supplies you should have in your disaster kit

    From Charleston County Hurricane Preparedness Guide
    Basic items for 3 days or longer:

    • Water (Dog: 1 gallon for every 10 lbs your dog weighs; Cat: ½ gallon per day)
    • Dry food (1-2 lbs food for every 10 lbs the pet weighs per day)
    • Food and water bowls
    • Vaccination records and medicines
    • Collar ID and leash
    • Kennel or crate
    • Newspaper or litter
    • Photo of your pet
    • Garbage bag


Donors for August 2018

Roger & JoAnn Amidon – In honor of our 50th wedding anniversary and the dear hounds we have gotten from CBHR.
Ashley Clark
Sarah Coy
Elizabeth Harmon
Christine Jacob
Fred & Joanne Light
Network For Good
Nicole Pullen
Wayne & Susan Taylor


Time for the 2019 CBHR Calendar and Contest Again!

Time for the 2019 CBHR Calendar and Contest Again!

A Full-Sized, Spiral-Bound Wall Calendar (Just Like Last Year)

We will be accepting photos from September 2nd – 9th. Once the entries are compiled, ballots will be sent out so that the masses can select their ten favorite photos (one ballot per email) The photo receiving the most votes will receive the much coveted honor of gracing the cover as well as one month, and one year’s supply of unlimited bragging rights. And 11 more hounds will be selected to represent the remaining months. A small version of many remaining submitted photos will be used throughout the calendar. So, even if your hound’s photo is not one of the top 12, your hound still may be pictured in the calendar.

⚬ THREE photo entries per household
⚬ High resolution landscape orientation photos containing CBHR rescued bassets and NO people
⚬ Photos not meeting requirements will not be considered for voting, only for the smaller squares in the calendar
⚬ Submit photos Sept. 2 – Sept. 9 to
⚬ Voting will take place once qualified photos are compiled

Rules and Guidelines


Donors for July 2018

Allston Bayless
Ashley Clark
Sarah Coy
Christine Jacob
Network For Good – In honor of Sarah Williams’ birthday
Nicole Pullen
Wayne & Susan Taylor
Sharnai Thompson – In memory of Clyde
Donna & Gregory Williams – In memory of Whitley’s “buddy Bamp”, Don Butler


AmazonSmile Supports CBHR

Your shopping makes a difference. Amazon donates to Carolina Basset Hound Rescue Inc when you shop Prime Day deals at


Donors for June 2018

Sallie Carlisle – In memory of our basset hound Bizzy, one of a kind, beautiful, bossy, busy being bad, beloved.
Ashley Clark
Sarah Coy
Sandra Dangelo
Louise C Hamilton – In memory of Bizzy Carlisle
Christine Jacob
Jean Kubachko – In memory of Stella Sue
Arlane Margolis – In honor of Susan Moschos’s birthday
Network For Good
Charles Nimitz
Linae C Paulsen – For MerryBelle and Jenny
Nicole Pullen
Sally & Elbert Russell – In memory of Browser
Wayne & Susan Taylor
Janet Willis – In memory of Copper

Campaign for Rocky

Don & Jonnie Adee – In memory of our Crickett
Roger & JoAnn Amidon
Susan Ash
Gay Ausband & Ted Brewer
Michael Baker – In memory of Sebastian
Scott & Deb Baltz – In honor of Chloe
Sonya Bergschneider
Harriet Bingenheimer
Megan Birk
Harry & Suzanne Boyd
Cathy Campbell
Kerri & Marc Chenoweth
Vicki Chester & Steve Turner
Susan Clark
Alison & Jamie Collins
Jan Cook
Sarah Coy
Doug & Deborah Cuthill
Carrie Dunn
W. Michael Fagan
Elaine Faria
Theresa Ferryman – In memory of Buford
Nan Fetters
Michael & Judith Foster
Kathleen Franey
Greg & Mary Frye
Peggy & John Gettys
Carol Green
Joy Guenther
Elizabeth Harmon
Richard & Karen Herbert
Vera B Herst
Crystal Hively
Jill Hively

Ellen Hongo
Richard & Judith Hoppe
Ashley Jones
Wendy King
Lisa Klinck – Love Clancy, Gracie and Trevor
Jean Kubachko
Ron & Melissa Laxton
Patricia & James Swan
Dawn Lewis
Aaron Lucier & Clifton Hill
Anne Maitre
Drake Maynard
Lisa McCutchen
Gregory & Deborah Mecomber
Robin Meyer
Anne Middleton
Madeline Miller
Rebekah Mills
Connie Moen
Dennis Mooney
Jackson Moore
Rebecca Nichols
Sara Nienow
Martha Perelli
Ara & George Radler
Michael & Kay Rankin
Michael Roth
Jim & Kathleen Senior
Amanda & Danny Shadrick
Dan Shoemaker & Gary Gourley
Greg & Jerri Smith
Gary & Rosemarie Teachout
Kate Tullis
Monique Vandersteur
Sarah Varga & Mike Grubbs


No listings at this time


Breakfast with Bassets Is Back!

Fourteen bassets along with their humans and a couple of honorary bassets enjoyed a morning of coffee and conversation June 9 in Charlotte. Another is planned for September 15 in Matthews, NC. Looks like fun, doesn’t it? Would you like to have one (or another event) in your area? Let us know.
Breakfast with BassetsCBHR Kissing Booth


Donors for May 2018

Pamela Allen – In memory of Flash Bowersox
Susan C Barkes
Harry & Suzanne Boyd
Ashley Clark
Erika Elder – In memory of Don Butler
Larry & Vicki Hall – In memory of Mr. Coach
Patricia A Halsey
Kristen & James Haskins – For Jenny
Doug Hexter
Frank & Eva Honaker
Christine Jacob
Crystal Leifheit
Network For Good
Sara Nienow
Craig & Kathy Smith
Frank Steele
Jan Stern & Aaron Barlow
Dot Valentine – In memory of Grizzly, our beloved friend and neighbor
Angela Walter


Donors for April 2018

Ashley Clark
Sarah Coy
Thom Freeman & Darren Stuart – In celebration of the birthday of our friend and CBHR Past President Stacey Snyder
Christine Jacob
Janie Lackman
Fred & Joanne Light
Lynch Global Missions and Veterans Fund
Network For Good
Greg & Jerri Smith – In Memory of Lucky
Whiskeys for Whiskers

For Diesel and Friends

Steve & Jodi Ames
Tracey Anderson
Suse Arenz
Becca & Matt Barr
Sonya Bergschneider
Seth Bradley
Angela & Roger Brown
Sallie Carlisle
Dawn & Bruce Clayman
Jan Cook
Van & Karen Cornatzer
Rachel Cupp
Douglas & Kathleen Dropp
Cherie & Michael Reese Earley
Liz Fly & Andy Hollis
Donna Friedman – In memory of LayLa – my beloved bassett
Susan S Gardner
Lauren Gatewood
James Gross & Christine Molloy
Stephen Haire
Elizabeth Harmon
Alice & Jeff Hershberger – In the name of our rescued hound, George
Jill Hively
Matthew & Jennifer Honaker
Kim Thrasher Horne & Frank Horne
Susan Horton
Michaela Iery
Tonya Johnson
Vijaya Kandarpa & Srinivas Pillutla
Brian Keselowski

Lynn Kesler
Lisa Klinck
Patricia (Patti) Lesch & James (Jim) Swan
Jennie Malcolm & Epi Pazienza
Jamie Matthews
Drake Maynard
Anne Middleton
Connie Moen
Ann & Ty Norris
Bruce Olson – In memory of baby Hunter Hansen
Martha Perelli
Lauren & Andrew Pettit
Marjorie & William Ratliff
Michael Roth
Kathryn & Jason Saine
Ansley Schenck & Bryan Lail
Rachael Schultz
Jennifer & Cory Smith
Suzanne Smith & John Winkler
Jennifer & Joshua Steele
Leland & Laura Sullivan – In honor of Penny and Otis
Dana Taylor-getz – In loving memory of our beloved Basset, Cole Beauregard
Gary & Rosemarie Teachout
Kate Tullis
Liz Wells & Matt Matheson
Tim White
Faye Wilson – In memory of our beloved Otis


Shot, and Left for Dead at the Shelter

Shot, and Left for Dead at the Shelter

Wow, this week has been a really rough week for us here at CBHR! We learned of Diesel and Lyle; both boys are examples of abuse and neglect, and our hearts are just breaking.

Diesel was taken to the shelter to be euthanized after being shot with BBs. Not only was Diesel injured from being shot, but he was also struggling with two infected cherry eyes (as you can see in his picture). The shelter staff said he was just too sweet, and they had to try to help him. The shelter KNEW this boy deserved a chance at a better life, and the shelter reached out to CBHR. You know our first reaction was to jump in and help this boy! And if our hearts weren’t breaking enough over Diesel we learned of Lyle.

Lyle was seized, along with 19 other dogs, as a neglect case in southeastern NC. The shelter reported that it looks like Lyle may have been neglected for a long time, but despite so much neglect and being a little scared, he is a charming and sweet boy. As of now, we are not sure what all his medical needs will be, as he will just be arriving in our program this weekend. We do know that he deserves a chance to know a life that is not neglectful, and we are going to do everything we can to make that happen!

We are happy to report that both boys have been pulled and are currently at vet offices awaiting surgery. In a few days they will be headed to their foster homes.

Please help with their medical expenses and those of the other hounds sure to come in the next few weeks with a donation. Thank you for all you continue to do for the basset hounds of Carolina Basset Hound Rescue!

Please Donate Now


Donors for March 2018

Ashley Clark
Sarah Coy
Krystyna Crawford & Karen Crawford
Fay Forman
Gus Hawthorne Foundation
Ellen Hongo
Christine Jacob
Lisa McCutchen
Network For Good
Gerogeanne Reuter
Stephani Sclesky – In memory of Selena
Wayne & Susan Taylor – For Golden Tag Society
Kate Turgeon – In honor of Roy’s first birthday
Triangle United Way
Doug & Sue Welcher – In memory of Eunice June Steese
Donna & Gregory Williams
Diana Wilson
Faye Wilson – In memory of Otis and Casey
David Witt – In honor of Anita Singleton’s & Chris Ferree’s wedding


Unchained with Hope, Faith, and Grace

Unchained with Hope, Faith, and Grace
Faith, Hope, and Grace after CBHR love and care

One of the hardest things to accept is the chaining of dogs outside for restraint. Dogs are social beings who thrive on interaction with people and animals. A chained dog can suffer psychological damage. A continuously chained dog usually becomes anxious and aggressive. Their necks can become infected from too-tight collars. Chains get tangled, strangling the dogs. They can’t escape storms or attacking animals. Ask any vet or animal care worker whether a stray dog or chained dog living outside around the clock has a better chance at survival, and the stray dog wins.

On December 15th, CBHR received a request from someone to re-home 3 bassets as the owner was very ill and needed to go to another state immediately for medical care. When our volunteer arrived at the home to pick up 1 young male and 2 female bassets, the situation quickly eroded. Our volunteer was told the male was staying but three girls would need to go. One of the girls was being kept outside surrounded by barbed wire, while the other two were chained to trees with padlocks. As all three girls were emaciated, the collars were easy to remove from two. The chain was broken on the third and the volunteer took off with all three to head to a partner vet in Durham, NC.

Despite the intensity of this cruelty, the girls showed nothing but love and gratitude while the veterinary team worked on them. They were given names to reflect the spirit of the season: Faith, Hope and Grace. Each was severely emaciated and suffered from intestinal worms and skin issues, but surprisingly all were heart worm negative. And Hope appeared to be pregnant. An x-ray confirmed she was very pregnant, just a couple weeks from delivering at least 4 pups. This was obviously a high risk pregnancy, especially for the pups who had experienced the worst of prenatal care.

On January 9th, Hope delivered 7 beautiful, healthy puppies. No complications. What an amazingly wonderful way to start our rescue year.

CBHR Foster care stepped in with long term fosters for Faith, Grace and Hope, dedicated to refeeding and rehabilitating them. Faith moved to Charleston, and her foster mama knew from the moment she picked her up this girl was never leaving her side again. Faith is now Vivien Leigh and calls Charleston her home. Grace spent two months with a loving foster mama and foster siblings, and was adopted by a family just ready to move on after losing their beloved basset, Talullah. She is still “Grace” as it suits her. Hope has a family waiting for her, and they have decided to call her Talullah; Grace’s family said that is a sign to them that Grace was meant to be a part of their family.

All of the puppies have homes anxiously awaiting for them to be available at the beginning of April once they’ve been spayed and neutered.

This is the best of rescue; we went to save three lives and ended up saving ten. Thank you, as always, for your support.

You can see more pictures of the puppies with their individual bios.









Donors for February 2018

Richard Butters – For Miss Freddie
Christine Jacob
Robin Meyer – In memory of My sweet boy Buckles
Network For Good
Michael Roth
James & Mary Jo Stuart
Trident United Way
Lisa Tuders


A Tribute to Miss Helen

A Tribute to Miss Helen

This week we had to send a long time CBHR foster Miss Helen to the Rainbow Bridge. She was a favorite around here and will be greatly missed.

Helen Keller was one of the very special needs Carolina Basset Hound Rescue foster hounds. In September 2015, CBHR was notified by another rescue about a blind basset hound found wandering alone in the woods of SC. Both of her eyes had been removed and sewn shut.

Helen came to CBHR with many medical issues. She was emaciated, had severe flea infestation, worms, horribly infected ears with drainage, severe dental disease and gingivitis. After she gained 6.8 pounds in her first week with CBHR, her vet upgraded her condition from emaciated to thin. Helen needed not only to gain weight but strength after her ordeal. Over these two years, CBHR has spent over $8000 for her many ear issues and other medical treatments.

Update from her foster Dad: “Helen is a very comforting dog to have around. Although she has been through much trauma in her life, she is full of love and wants to be in the center of whatever is going on in the house. Just the mention of her name sends her tail spinning. She loves to rub her head on her foster daddies and whimpers just a little bit when she greets them at the door when they return home. She is the star of the vet clinic when she goes in for her checkups. Everyone she meets loves her and she gets the royal treatment.

She is steadily growing weaker as her arthritis slowly worsens. It is sad to see her legs shaking as she begins to make her way to a resting position, but she works it out. She might be weak in some areas, but that Basset nose is in great shape. She can detect her dog bowl full of food a mile away and makes her way to the corner she has staked out in the kitchen. She accepts her daily doses of medication without balking and is most cooperative.

Although we know that Helen Keller is not destined to be with us much longer, we are comforted by the fact that her life as it stands now, is pretty darn great. We know that she is fully aware of her surroundings and she enjoys the moment with a good bowl of food, the love of her foster dads, and a good warm bed in which to snooze the day away……. Thank you, Helen for loving us! “


Debbie’s Dawgs Raises $3000 for CBHR Seniors

Debbie’s Dawgs Raises $3000 for CBHR Seniors

Debbie’s Dawgs, a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to helping senior hounds in memory of Debbie Winchester, chose CBHR as the rescue to benefit from its $5 FRIDAY campaign for January. CBHR currently has 17 senior bassets in foster homes and we are dedicated to providing them quality care and a loving home. For these hounds, the best is yet to come!

We are grateful that the campaign raised over $3000! All of those donations will go towards medical care for our beloved seniors.

Debbie’s Dawgs explains how it works: $5 Fridays are the first Friday of every month, even if they fall on a holiday. We ask you to give up that latte or whatever treat you have every day for just one day and give just $5 to the seniors at the basset hound rescue we are helping that month. We want everyone to feel that they can be a part of saving a senior, even if they don’t have a lot of money to donate. We do have a lot of people who give more every month but our $5 donors are loyal and are very, very important to our success. Last year we raised over $40,000 just from $5 FRIDAYS.

Information about Debbie’s Dawgs and its mission:


Donors for January 2018

Gela Barnes & Diane Spivey – In memory of Waldo Barnes
Elizabeth Bashore
Robert Callaway
Geoff Christman & Ashley Hink
Ashley Clark
Debbie’s Dawgs
William Duncan – In memory of Margaret
Karen Jones
Patricia Lesch & James Swan – For Helen’s Medical Care
Nicole Pullen – In honor of Archie whom we adopted from CBHR February 2014 and has been giving us love and joy ever since.
Monique & Heath Rigsby
Pamela Rodgers
Wayne & Susan Taylor – For Willie
Bonnie Thorpe – In memory of Ara and George Radler’s CBHR alumni, Gracie, who traveled to the Bridge unexpectedly
United Way Central/NE CT


Debbie’s Dawgs $5 Friday To Benefit CBHR

Debbie’s Dawgs $5 Friday To Benefit CBHR

Debbie’s Dawgs, a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to helping senior hounds in memory of Debbie Winchester, has chosen CBHR as the rescue to benefit from its $5 FRIDAY campaign for January. CBHR currently has 17 senior bassets in foster homes and we are dedicated to providing them quality care and a loving home. For these hounds, the best is yet to come!

Debbie’s Dawgs explains how it works: $5 Fridays are the first Friday of every month, even if they fall on a holiday. We ask you to give up that latte or whatever treat you have every day for just one day and give just $5 to the seniors at the basset hound rescue we are helping that month. We want everyone to feel that they can be a part of saving a senior, even if they don’t have a lot of money to donate. We do have a lot of people who give more every month but our $5 donors are loyal and are very, very important to our success. Last year we raised over $40,000 just from $5 FRIDAYS.

To donate, you can send money via PayPal to Please specify that your donation is for Jan. $5 Friday or for CBHR.

Many of our dogs will be featured on the Debbie’s Dawgs Facebook group. To read about them, go to

Information about Debbie’s Dawgs and its mission:


Support CBHR When You Shop

3x your impact! From March 12-31, Amazon is tripling the donation rate on your first purchase! Go to and Amazon donates to Carolina Basset Hound Rescue Inc.


Order Your 2018 CBHR Calendar Today!

cover 2018Back by popular demand, the 2018 calendar is a full-sized, spiral-bound, 12 month display of stunning hound images. All proceeds from the calendar help pay for the veterinary care our many deserving hounds desperately need! Don’t delay, order today. You don’t want to be left empty handed. Once we sell out, they will be gone! Orders will be accepted until all calendars are sold. Shipping will begin on November 24th (the day after Thanksgiving) and all orders will include a tracking number. The latest we can ship for Christmas arrival is December 18th. The cost is $22.00 plus shipping.

Thanks for supporting the hounds of Carolina Basset Hound Rescue!


New Calendar


Ten Furever Homes in June!

These happy hounds found their forever homes during June. A big thank you to their foster homes and their new families!





Sugar II

Sugar II









Winston 2

Winston 2






May Adoptions

These happy hounds found their forever homes during May. A big thank you to their foster homes and their new families!














CBHR Annual Meeting

CBHR Annual Meeting

Please consider joining us as this meeting is a fun day of learning about CBHR and sharing ideas to continue to make us even better!

We will meet in Fort Mill, SC (just south of Charlotte) at Beef O’Brady’s, 940 Market Street #110, starting at 10:00 am. We will break for lunch around noon and then continue to 4:00 pm.

Everyone is welcome and feel free to drop by anytime during the day. However, if you do know you are coming and plan to have lunch with us please give us a heads up. It’s not required, but will help us to give the restaurant an estimate of attendees for lunch.



Blue and Gigi

Blue and Gigi

We’re Blue and Gigi. Double the fun. Ready made family. All that. The only thing better than a basset hound is TWO basset hounds! Couple of gals lookin double digits in the face and sniffin’ around for our new place. You won’t find a sweeter pair. We get along with men, women, children, dogs, unicorns, you name it. Foster home has no complaints and we don’t think you will either. Call CBHR today and ask for Gigi and Blue, you won’t be sorry, if you do.

Now let me tell you about Blue. She may be 10 but she does not let that hold her back. She is a puppy at heart. She loves to play with toys and will toss them in the air herself to play catch. She is house trained and will run in a circle and prance like a pony to go out. She is slowly learning the dog door. She does not jump on people or furniture. She is content sleeping in her dog bed and on the floor. She just had surgery for dental cleaning and had two tumors removed. But let me tell you surgery and stitches have not held her back. The day she had surgery she was in the house chasing her sister around. She is a sweet, goofy girl that loves a good snuggle. She is what they call a long hair basset and has the softest ears. She is house trained, spayed and heartworm free. The only manners we are working on is to be easy when taking treats from us.

Now let’s talk about Gigi. At first she is a sweet and timid girl. It has taken her a Lil bit to come out of her shell. She loves to play just as much Blue does. Don’t let their age fool you. She has excellent manners as well. She us currently not using the dog door to go out but does to come in. She is currently sporting a fancy cast so we make her go easy on it. She was so happy about her freedom ride she jumped out of her transporters suv and broke her toe. She goes for weekly cast changes and has done very well with them. We only had one issue where she chewed one. She does not like the color red ha ha. She is also house trained spayed and heart worm free. She does have a heart murmur but it does not affect her life at all. She loves snuggles and butt scratches.


2017 CBHR Calendar

CBHR Calendar Promo

Let the hounds be a part of your holiday shopping — the annual CBHR calendar is now on sale!

The 2017 CBHR wall calendar is now available for purchase ($15.00, plus shipping), and will be shipped upon purchase. All the dogs pictured in this volunteer-designed and produced 2017 calendar have been rescued by CBHR. Remember your calendar purchase helps provide the bassets of CBHR the care and medical treatment they need! What could be better than looking at those sweet basset mugs all year long? Order your calendar today!


The Quilt Is Here!

The Quilt Is Here!

It’s time to start your holiday shopping! Wouldn’t you LOVE to give this unique handmade basset hound quilt to the hound lover in your life? We are offering it for auction on eBay.

CBHR QuiltAll the proceeds from this beautiful, handmade quilt go to support the hounds of Carolina Basset Hound Rescue! This gorgeous lap quilt can also be used as a wall hanging and already has been stitched to allow this. The quilt is sized 60×40 and the color is blue.

Please thank Jean Sankey for donating the basset square material and Sue Fleck for her countless hours making and finishing this stunning quilt. The bassets sure are appreciative!

Start Your Bidding Now!


Wash ‘n Zip Pet Beds Fundraiser

Wash ‘n Zip Pet Beds Fundraiser

The inventors of the Wash ‘n Zip Pet Bed have selected CBHR as their November “Rescue Group of the Month,” which means they will be donating $5 to our group for each bed they sell through their website in the month of November! If you’d like to get one yourself and help raise funds for CBHR, you can do so at and enter the discount code “CBHR” to save 10% on your purchase.

As you can see, CBHR alum Peggy Sue really liked her Wash ‘n Zip bed.

FINALLY!!! A solution to dirty, stinky dog beds! Our friends at Wash ‘n Zip Pet Bed created a revolutionary new bed design unlike anything else on the market! This brief video shows how it works:




Hi everyone! I’m Hurricane Mattie, and I’ve got a very interesting story. The Friday before Hurricane Matthew, one of the animal control officers in the area under hurricane watch let CBHR know about a baby that might be a basset mix, because I’ve got big ears and I’m small. CBHR tried to reach out during the week following the storm, but the area was so flooded all the shelters were closed. Luckily another rescue pulled me along with dozens of strays to clear room for the residents dogs, and I finally made my way to my foster mom in Raleigh, one of CBHR’s foster parents.

My foster mom says I’m not a real basset, and she’s fostered many. But she says this about me:

I’m super curious, full of puppy energy, and have really sharp baby teeth that haven’t begun to fall out. So she and the nice people at the animal hospital say I’m about 12 weeks old.

She says though I’m not a real basset (maybe a beagle/basset/pocket beagle/who knows what mix) I’m really special. I survived a week in a rural shelter that was over crowded with dogs, and the conditions weren’t great. I got quite sick, but I’m a fighter and I came out of that with flying colors! Yay me and the nice veterinarians who took care of me and my foster family.

I love to play, and can keep myself busy outside in my little fenced in area for a long time with lots of toys. I love shoes, buy my foster mom said that I can’t have anymore after I took one of hers apart.

Mattie2I have a big appetite and think everyone should have seconds, thirds, and then start eating again and eat all day.

Walks are funny. I like to hold my leash in my mouth. If I’m with my foster fur sister or fur brother I like to have their leashes in my mouth. I LOVE to jump in ornamental grasses, and flowers, and bushes. I don’t know why everyone wants to keep moving if we can all just jump into leaves and roll around. And I love to eat leaves!!!

Everywhere we go everyone stops and says “ooooo, how cute”. And that I’ll get a home really fast! I’m in no hurry because I love my foster mom and big sister and fur sister and fur brother so much.

My foster mom says one of the best things is I love my play pen where I sleep. I get a baby kong with a bit of peanut butter around 9 pm, and she comes and wakes me up around 7:30 am. She says I never bark. I just haven’t figured out how.

I also have very special marks. One is a white spot on my back that my foster mom says is an angel. Others have said Casper the Friendly Ghost, or the snapchat icon. And the other is one blueish cloudy eye. The doctors think I may have been scratched when I was a baby. Maybe that’s why I got left at the shelter. But my foster mom says that makes me even more special.

Overall, this much we all agree on. I am 100% puppy, love, and big ears and hope to find a home that is full of love forever and ever, where everyone likes to eat all the time and play!

Scott, please add these attributes”

– Must have fenced in yard
– Must be on leash so she doesn’t run off
– Good in the car, but I crate her since she’s small
– Good with other dogs if they can handle puppy energy
– Loves all people, but small children may be alarmed by her teething
– Sleeps through the night/crate trained
– Working on house training
– Needs to be spayed before she can be adopted (at 4 months)
– Definitely very eager to learn, trainable

October 31, 2016


CBHR Yard Sale – Charlotte

CBHR Yard Sale – Charlotte

Fall is a time of Football, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Cool Breezes, and Nature’s stunning changing landscape. And with change, comes a need to de-clutter your space. 

But now, what do you do with all that…Junk?! Well, one man’s junk is Carolina Basset Hound’s Treasure! CBHR is hosting a Yard Sale where all proceeds will go towards helping hounds in need across North and South Carolina and we need YOUR help to make this a success! 

What do we need? 

STUFF. Lots of it! If you have items you would like to donate for the sale, please contact us! 

People! We need volunteers that will take on “shifts” to help us sell the items at the yard sale. Contact us if you are able to spend some time helping us that day. 

More stuff….We need tables and chairs we can use that day and volunteers willing to donate and put up posters and signage. Maybe someone wants to make and sell lemonade or their grandma’s secret recipe Sweet Tea. Contact us to volunteer your skills and needed items. 

Share and share. Tell everyone you know through word of mouth, email, social media, smoke signals and/or skywriting that we need items to be donated and people to come and buy them. You know you have that one aunt who spends her entire weekend at estate sales. Make sure you tell her about this! 

If you are interesting in donating items, volunteering or have any questions about the Yard Sale, please email

Date: Saturday October 22, 2016 + Google Map
Time: 8:00 am – 12:00 pm 
Location: 7528 Megington Drive, Charlotte, NC 28226 (Please be courteous and do not walk on the front lawn. The sale will take place on the driveway and walkways only.) 

Cash and credit / debit cards will be accepted. All items will be priced by the Carolina Basset Hound Rescue and 100% of the proceeds will go towards rescue efforts. 


Freedom (Davidson County) Is Now Sugar

Freedom (Davidson County) Is Now Sugar
Thank you to all who helped to rescue Sugar and to all whose donations made her rescue possible.

My motto in life is “the difficult we do immediately; the impossible takes a little while” and here at CBHR the difficult shows up pretty regularly. Lately the impossible has knocked on our door pretty consistently and because of our foster homes, volunteers and supporters, we have been able to answer the calls in sometimes amazing timeliness. We are able to do things that even amaze me with my 20 plus years in logistics and transportation that involved moving medical equipment and military hardware sometimes at breakneck speed.

Yesterday, as you all read about, we were notified of a poor hound scheduled to be euthanized at 4:00 PM. Our officers sprung into action and reached out to you folks. In less then 20 minutes, we had arranged for pulling, transporting and fostering this poor girl whom I call “Freedom” until she gets a name. I can’t tell you how grateful we are for the outpouring of offers of a foster home for her. Before I could even cut and paste the email to our Facebook group wall, my phone was ringing with her new long term foster home. My inbox filled up and my phone continued to ring all day with offers of both adoptive and foster homes.

If you’ve read this far, I want to personally say thank you to each and everyone of you. I often comment that we have the best foster homes, volunteers and supporters in the rescue world, and because of you folks, we get to make the impossible, possible! Thank you all!

John Ford
Foster Care Manager


Update on Charlotte

Update on Charlotte

You may remember when we took in Charlotte the first week of July. She had a spinal injury as a result of having been hit by a car. The shelter had no way of evaluating the injury and was considering euthanasia because she was in so much pain.

Through your generosity, we were able to pull Charlotte from the shelter and see that she had the surgery that she needed. She is recuperating beautifully. Here is an update from her foster dad:

Charlotte is turning into a high-energy puppy-like girl. She wants to do whatever the big boys do, including sneaking up the stairs when Charlie moves the gates (with their 32 lbs of weights in front of them).

Charlotte still has a distinct gait; unknown if she’ll return to a “normal” gait or whether she’ll always have a little hitch in her giddy-up. Every now and then her back right foot will knuckle under, but it’s been getting less & less frequent. But she doesn’t care. She’s starting to run a bit while playing. The back legs are more of a bunny hop, but she moves with some speed. She is getting very playful; loves to pick toys out of the bin and chew/throw /pounce on them. When she’s done playing, she’s a big cuddle-bug; will snuggle into you and settle into a very nice Basset nap.

So, in summary, Charlotte is a little girly-girl who likes to play in mud puddles and play “anything you can do, I can do better” with her big foster brothers.

She got medically cleared to start going on short walks and to start practicing up/down (down being more important; she figured out up already). She got confirmed as NOT having dry eye, and her skin is doing nicely. We’ve observed that her eyes get red if she’s stressed, like being at the vet or being put into the bathtub. As soon as we drove away from the vet, her eyes returned to full white. 🙂

Look how she is walking!


Foster Homes Needed

Foster Homes Needed

Have you ever thought about taking in a foster hound? Wondered what the rewards of helping a hound that by nature is a loving, loyal and goofy companion that has been abused and lost its instincts to trust and feel safe? Ever just wanted to make a difference? Well we can offer you that opportunity.

Carolina Basset Hound Rescue is looking for a few new foster homes. The cost is low: a safe environment, some food, a little time and lots of love! The rewards: too many to list but the biggest reward is the feeling of knowing you helped turn a hound from a scared, uncertain and abused creature back into a loving, safe and loyal family member.

If you’ve ever thought about fostering, now is a good time to do it. Read more about the foster home experience. We are in need of all kinds of homes but especially need a few homes that don’t currently have any dogs of their own.

Foster Home Application




My name is Layla and I am looking for my forever home. I am about 8 years old and I am a big old goofball. I lived in a yard for a couple of years, but I have mastered being inside the house so well you would never know I was an outside dog.

I am a little skinny right know but I am getting three square meals a day and am starting to fill out and look like a proper basset. I have no idea how big I am and I still act like I am a silly puppy. I love everyone I meet and I really like to snuggle on the couch and sleep in the bed with my people. I love to play with toys and other doggies.

Last week I got to go to a dog sitter’s house for a few days when my foster Mom went on vacation. Boy was that fun! They had a lot of kids and they played a game called Pie Face and whipped cream was flying all over the place. I like whipped cream a lot! They has another Basset Hound and we had a wild rumpus and we raced the Basset 500 through the house. That Basset has never played and wrestled like that before so everyone thought it was really funny. They said we were like a couple of sea lions wrestling in the living room. Everyone was so impressed at how gentile we were. I tried out all the beds at that house and I got lots of belly rubs.

I even got to meet a cat named Rita. I passed the cat test and I kept sneaking upstairs so I could look at her. She was a really good conversationalist for a cat. One of the boys in the house was a wrestler and he showed me some fancy wrestling moves. It was really fun but I kept kissing him and he told me “There is NO kissing in wrestling!” I thought that was a pretty silly rule. I did not have one accident in the house while I was there so I have pretty much mastered the housebreaking thing. The dog sitter told me I was so long that I could really be a great counter surfer but I never got in to one single thing. I have very nice manners!

I would love to find a home with some kids and maybe even another dog to play with. Foster Mom has been working on crate training with me when she leaves and I am doing well with that. I walk really nice on a leash and everyone says I trot like a fancy pony. I am also a great navigator when I get to go in the car. I have only been at CBHR for a few weeks, but foster Mom says I am so wonderful she does not think it will take me long to find my forever home. If you need a fun , goofy and very beautiful dog then I am your girl.

July 25, 2016


It’s Raining Bassets!

It’s Raining Bassets!

CBHR received a call from the Charlotte shelter Tuesday evening. A stray basset had been hit by a car and was in severe pain from a spinal injury. The shelter agreed for CBHR to pull this girl early and get her to a vet for treatment. She is undergoing surgery Friday morning. Fortunately, the doctor feels Charlotte has a good chance of making full recovery.

The surgery to save her will be about $3500 and that doesn’t cover all the other bassets in our program who still need help. We have gotten five bassets already this week, including Charlotte’s injury, and have gotten three calls in the last 12 hours about bassets in shelters. The only way we are going to get through this is with your support.

UPDATE: Saturday – Charlotte underwent surgery Friday evening. She is much more comfortable and is already trying to use her back legs. Doctor said that is an excellent sign and is very optimistic that she will make a full recovery. Keep those paws crossed that this is the beginning of a wonderful new life for this girl! And please remember, your kindness and generosity made it possible!

Greenville Basset Waiting for Rescue

Greenville Basset Waiting for Rescue

We need donations and a few more foster homes. If you have ever thought of fostering, now is the time! Please do know that if you haven’t fostered for us before you will have to go through the application process, but we will work to make it as speedy as possible. If you have fostered in the past, catch up with us and we will get your application reactivated.

If you can help at all, please, please do so! We don’t want to leave any bassets behind!

Please Donate Now


Breakfast with Bassets – July

July BreakfastCalling ALL Basset Lovers in Bluffton, Cary, Charlotte and Summerville! Join CBHR on Saturday July 9 at any one of FOUR different locations for what is sure to be a SUPER BASSET SATURDAY!

Do you love breakfast? Do you love bassets?
Here’s a better question… Who doesn’t?!?!

This event is a social gathering for those who want to spend a small part of their morning with baasets and basset loving people. We will also have volunteers onsite to answer questions about the rescue. Please RSVP through Facebook, Meetup or email

When: Saturday June 9 at 9:30 am.

Charlotte, NC: Dean and Deluca, 7804 Rea Road + Google Map

Cary, NC: Café Carolina, 137 Weston Parkway + Google Map

Summerville, SC: Coastal Coffee Roasters, 108 E 3rd N Street + Google Map

Bluffton, SC: The Cottage, 38 Calhoun Street + Google Map




Cat tested, kid approved! Joy is a super sweet beautiful older lady that holds true to her name by wagging her tail often and loving life. She may be 9 years old but she loves walks, roaming the fenced yard and following her foster sister wherever she goes. She is house trained and uses the dog door in her foster home. She is a social pup and has been out and about meeting other dogs, people, and kids all with a happy greeting. She on great occasion shows the slightest interest in cats, but mostly let’s them be and gives a funny look to her foster sister who enjoys barking at the neighborhood cats.

Food does motivate her as much as the next hound but listens to a firm no if she is trying to sneak a treat without permission. She is not much of a chewer or into playing fetch but she loves her back rubbed and will cuddle up as long as you want. She is petite for a basset weighing about 36 lbs making her a perfect lap dog!

Other traits:
Does fairly well on a leash but definitely leads with her nose
She will go into the crate I have set up but I haven’t kept her in it because she really doesn’t get into anything unless I leave food out within her reach.
Does pretty well on stairs but does seem a little awkward at times.
She does well with baths. She has had 3 so far with coming in pretty dirty and now for yeast infection treatment. She also likes brushing and tolerates nail trimming.
Enjoys car rides but needs help getting into it.
Moderate activity, I think she has gained some strength since she has been with me.

JoyHonestly if my dog was more fond of her I’d consider being a foster fail but my dog says she still prefers being the only dog of the house!

June 13, 2016


Super Basset Saturday and Other News

Super Basset Saturday and Other News

Breakfast with Bassets

Do you love breakfast? Do you love bassets?
Here’s a better question… Who doesn’t?!?!

Meet fellow like-minded people in your area by joining us for this super fun event! And what’s more, you will have multiple locations to choose from! Bring your basset or your honorary basset, too! What is an honorary basset you ask? That’s any dog that isn’t already graced with the long ears and propensity for drool like our favorite breed!

This event is a social gathering for those who want to spend a small part of their morning with hounds and hound loving people. We will also have volunteers onsite to answer questions about the rescue.

UPDATE: We now have six locations across the Carolinas. Find one near you!

So SHARE this event with your friends and family, pick the location nearest you and come on out for what’s sure to be one SUPER BASSET SATURDAY!

Asheville, NC: Edna’s of Asheville Coffee House and Café at 870 Merrimon Avenue
Bluffton, SC: The Cottage at 38 Calhoun Street
Cary, NC: Café Carolina at 137 Weston Parkway
Charlotte, NC: Starbucks at Piper Glen 6432 Rea Road
Columbia, SC: Micahel’s Cafe at 1620 Main Street
Summerville, SC: Coastal Coffee Roasters at 108 E 3rd N Street

Garage Sale

CBHR is planning a garage sale (likely in the Charlotte metro area) but we need YOUR help! If you have items you would like to donate, please contact

Coming Soon!

Keep an eye out for invitations for the following exciting events:

  • Beer with Bassets, Charlotte, NC
    Following a string of successful and FUN “Beer with Bassets” events, the Charlotte events team will be planning to repeat this over the summer and we hope to see you there!
  • Great Grapes Festival, Charlotte, NC
    In what has become an annual tradition, CBHR will have our tent and kissing booth at the fabulous Great Grapes Wine Festival in Charlotte, NC this fall. Mark your calendars…this is a “can’t miss” event!
  • Hound Dog Hustle, Charlotte, NC
    The Third Annual Hound Dog Hustle 5K Race and Fun Walk will be coming to Charlotte, NC this fall. Details will be announced soon!


CBHR Events on the Way

Look at all these events coming up in the Charlotte area. But why does Charlotte get to have all the fun?! If you think your area is in desperate need of basset fun, you’re probably right! But in order to have a successful event, we need people who are willing to help us be a local resource and event lead. The amount of work involved is minimal (depending on the event) and the amount of fun and drool is endless! Reach out to to learn more about how to be a champion for your location.

Breakfast with Bassets

Who: Basset Hound Lovers
What: Social breakfast
Where: Starbucks at Piper Glen in Charlotte, NC
When: May 14 / June 11
Why: Why not? What a great opportunity to meet fellow basset lovers in the area!

Also, if you think this is a great event and would like to help us get one started in your area, please contact

Bark in the Park

Who: CBHR Volunteers
What: Participate in this long running festival with a CBHR tent and our world famous Kissing Booth!
Where: Rural Hill Park in Huntersville, NC (Near Charlotte)
When: April 30, 2016
Why: To increase our visibility and raise awareness about the rescue within the community we service. We will also be accepting donations and have a limited number of items for sale to raise money for the rescue.

Beer, Bourbon and BBQ Festival

Who: CBHR Volunteers
What: Participate in this exciting festival with a CBHR tent and our world famous Kissing Booth!
Where: Symphony Park, Charlotte, NC
When: May 7, 2016
Why: To increase our visibility and raise awareness about the rescue within the community we service
We will also be accepting donations and have a limited number of items for sale to raise money for the rescue.
If you are interesting in volunteering or learning more about this event, please contact

Coming Soon!

Keep an eye out for invitations for the following exciting events:

  • CBHR Yard Sale
    This event was postponed for the time being but if you have items you would like to donate for the yard sale, please contact We are collecting goods for sale and will reschedule this event by Fall 2016.
  • Beer with Bassets, Charlotte, NC
    Following a string of successful and FUN “Beer with Bassets” events, the Charlotte events team will be planning to repeat this over the summer and we hope to see you there!
  • Great Grapes Festival
    In what has become an annual tradition, CBHR will have our tent and kissing booth at the fabulous Great Grapes Wine Festival in Charlotte, NC this fall. Mark your calendars…this is a “can’t miss” event!
  • Hound Dog Hustle, Charlotte, NC
    The Third Annual Hound Dog Hustle 5K Race and Fun Walk will be coming to Charlotte, NC this fall. Details will be announced soon!


These Hounds Need Your Help!

senior bassetringo032316_4This spring we have had a bit of a perfect storm. Spring is always “rainy” season when it comes to shelter bassets needing help. This year is no different. Right now we are faced with lots of incoming sick dogs, returned CBHR bassets, and lots of who faced the big “C”. Over the last four weeks we have lost four foster dogs to cancer. We have said goodbye to Molly Kindig, Ozzie Massengill, Gator Vogland, and today, Dixie Hill-Lucier.

Merry Belle (top) came back to CBHR as her own mama is suffering from cancer. Aren’t you glad CBHR is here to protect her? Ringo (below) came to us with over 80 ticks and has a tooth root abscess and leg abscess that need care.

Each of these sweet bassets came to CBHR from a rough past. Two of them were adopted and then returned. However, you all know that once a CBHR dog, always a CBHR dog. And because CBHR and its awesome foster families were there all had a safe place to land. Please thank foster families Carol and Damon Kindig, Brenda and Ronnie Massengill, Linda and Garrett Vogland, and Aaron Lucier and Cliff Hill for giving these hounds the life they deserved all the way to the end. Molly, Ozzie, Gator, and Dixie didn’t know they were foster dogs; they simply knew they were loved and they were home.

We have three goals:

Raise $5000 for our General Medical Fund
Acquire 10 new Basset Backers (this really helps us plan ahead!)
Raise $2000 for our Golden Tag Senior Care Fund

CBHR was there for these hounds because you, our supporters, made it possible. We are very proud that we take the old as well as the young, the sick along with the well. And from all the kind notes we receive, we know you too are glad we take those who need our help. Because of your generous support we can give these hounds with no other option a safe, warm, loving place. However, these does require ongoing donations. The reality is that medical issues, senior care, and end of life care can add up quickly. Spring is here and is ALWAYS our busy time for incoming bassets. Please help make sure we don’t have to say no to any hound who finds himself in need!




The fabulous Helen is now up for adoption. Don’t miss your chance on this sweet special girl, she is one of a kind.

Helen is the sweetest, and easiest, little lady we’ve ever had the pleasure of fostering. Although she is blind, Helen easily learned to navigate the house and even learned the doggie door while we were on vacation. She is a very low key girl and loves to nap on our couch. But Helen still has a lot of pep in her step. She loves going for short walks, sniffing in the grass, and paling around with her foster basset brothers.

helen111315Helen LOVES meal time and gets so excited she bumps around the house. Her absolute favorite though is to hear from her favorite people. As soon as you talk to her, Helen thumps her tail and rolls on her back for a belly rub. She is house broken, very good in the car, and is just a wonderful, easy companion.

Helen is a bit arthritic so she will need to be on arthritis meds and will love nothing more than a soft bed and cozy sofa to snuggle on. Helen would be fine as an only dog, or with dogs who can learn to respect her space. She has tons of love to give, so if you’re looking for a gentle, loving companion, this is the girl for you.

February 15, 2016


Annual Volunteer Meeting

Please join us for our Annual Volunteer Meeting, Saturday, February 27, at Beef O’Brady’s in Fort Mill, SC (just south of Charlotte). The meeting is from 10:30 am — 3:30 pm. We will order lunch around noon.

This meeting is a fun day of learning about CBHR and sharing ideas to continue to make us even better! Everyone is welcome. Feel free to drop by anytime during the day. However, if you do know you are coming and plan to have lunch with us, please let us know. It will help us to give the restaurant an estimate of attendees for lunch.


Details and Directions


Please help us save Gabby’s broken leg!

Please help us save Gabby’s broken leg!

CBHR got an urgent call on Friday evening about Gabby. Gabby is a sweet girl who was taken to the vet in Sumter, South Carolina (thanks Dr. Hudson!) as she had been hit by a car and sustained a broken leg. Her previous owners elected to euthanize her. Dr. Hudson said gabby is a lovely girl with a very fixable leg. He asked if he could keep her instead of euthanizing her and work to find her help. He stabilized her leg, got her pain meds on board and called CBHR.

She has a compound fracture and there was fear her leg couldn’t be saved. While three legged dogs do great, if we could save her leg it would give this lovely six year old great quaintly of life. However, it would require the skills of a specialist.

Awesome volunteers jumped into action and got her from Sumpter, SC to the ER in Charleston over the weekend.

Gabby had a 9:00 am appointment with the surgeon and they are working on a surgical plan right now. The reality is, this surgery will be about $2500.

Please help us save Gabby’s leg!

Please Donate Now




Good morning everyone! My name is Jilly and you might recognize me because I was Foster Dog of the Week back in the summer. I had to go through my heart worm treatments before I would be ready to find my forever home. Well, I am now ready. I am rid of those pesky worms and I just had my teeth fixed up so my foster family says it is time for me to find a real forever family.

When I first got to CBHR I never really lived in a house before so I really wanted to spend a lot of time outside. I am an expert on this living in the house thing now. I can use a doggie door and go in and out whenever I want. I gotta tell you the best thing about living in a house – Dog beds!!!!!! Oh my gosh they are the best thing ever. They have 8 dog beds in my foster home and I love every one of them. My foster Dad says I am an expert-level bed hopper. They even got me a fancy bed because my CBHR foster brother does not like it when I happen to lay in his special bed. It drives him nuts when I have a little rest there, but I don’t care I just gotta lay in it sometimes. He definitely needs some lessons in bed hopping – LOL!

I am almost 9 years old and I am dog friendly and would love a home with a yard so I can play outside. I am a sweet girl who is not much fuss. I get so excited for food and treats that I do a dance that makes everyone smile. I know there is a family out there who would be just perfect for me. If you think a cute, bed hopping, food dancing girl would be a perfect match for your family, look me up and fill out an application to take me home. My bags are packed and I am ready to go!

January 13, 2016


Sandy Needs Your Help

Sandy Needs Your Help

Early Friday morning dear Sandy’s family awoke to find her unable to walk and not able to get outside to the bathroom by herself. You know how scary that feeling is. Sandy had a ruptured disk and was in pain and immobile. Sandy’s family rushed her to the ER at 6:30 that morning and the doctors and CBHR sprang into action. The hospital called in a neurosurgeon as she needed help quickly. The bad news was she needed surgery and needed surgery right away. The good news was she had a great prognosis in terms of recovery and quality of life. Sandy needed surgery or needed to be euthanized as she could not walk nor feel her bladder. We made the decision to help Sandy as we know that’s what you would have wanted us to do! The doctor found a ruptured disc, spinal bruising, and compression. We are happy to report that by Saturday afternoon feeling had returned to Sandy’s legs and she was up and walking. She was able to use the bathroom on her on just a bit later and she was discharged to go home on Sunday.

Sandy and her brother Denver came to us in Fall of 2015 from the Columbia SC shelter. Both were exceptionally thin and the way they gulped their food was evidence of lack of care for a long time. Sandy and Denver had made exceptional progress over the last couple of months and we knew we had to help Sandy. That is what we do here at CBHR.

Now we need your help. Sandy’s surgery took a very big bite out of our budget and we need you to help restock our coffers. Without replenishing our general fund we will struggle to help other dogs who will need our help during our busy spring season. We need to raise $3500 to cover the cost of Sandy’s emergency surgery!

Please Donate Now


2016 CBHR Calendar

2016 CBHR Calendar

2016 Calendar

The 2016 calendars have sold out. Thank you for your generosity!

All the dogs pictured in this volunteer-designed and produced 2016 calendar have been rescued by CBHR. 100% percent of the proceeds goes directly to the care of our rescue bassets.




My Name is Ginger and I am a spunky 8 year old girl. My owner passed away and I ended up here at CBHR with a great foster family. I was a little sad and confused at first but everyone had been so great about reassuring me that everything will be OK and showing me lots of love that I am feeling pretty good now. I would just love to find a fun family that will make me their forever girl.

I love going for walks and talking to everyone in the house with my doggie grunts. I really like to play with toys and everyone thinks it is really funny when I pounce on the doggie bones around the house. I am not sure why they think that is so funny, but they laugh like crazy when I do it.

My last owner had a little anxiety about driving so I am a great co-pilot! I will rest my head on your shoulder while you drive so you know everything is OK. I do great when I am left alone, but I might howl a little when you are leaving. Just a little Basset trying to make you feel guilty move I do-LOL! I do sleep in a crate at night because I don’t want to be disturbed while I get my beauty sleep. Are you looking for a dog princess to spoil rotten? Then look me up. I will be waiting to hear from you.

September 21, 2015


Second Annual Hound Dog Hustle

Second Annual Hound Dog Hustle

The Second Annual Hound Dog Hustle will take place Sunday, October 18, at 9:00 am in Charlotte. This is a dog-friendly 5K run/walk to benefit our very own Carolina Basset Hound Rescue! Last year’s Inaugural Race raised just over $1600 for the rescue!

Would you like to PARTICIPATE as a runner or walker? Register here! Each person who registers gets a free event t-shirt.

Would you like to VOLUNTEER along the race route? We still need 10 volunteers. Email Katy.

Would you like to REPRESENT CBHR with an awesome t-shirt or hoodie or both? Order here!

Would you like to DONATE to CBHR through the Hound Dog Hustle? Donate here!

Do you know of a company that would like to SPONSOR the HDH for any amount? Email for a sponsor packet.

And finally, please LIKE and FOLLOW the Hound Dog Hustle Facebook page for updated info and also awesome pics after this year’s race!

2015 Teeshirt


Loretta Lynn

Loretta Lynn

Happy Labor Day! My name is Loretta Lynn and I am very excited to be the Foster Dog of the Week. I have been a very busy lady since I got to Carolina Basset Hound Rescue. Last week my foster parents got married and I got to go to the wedding. That was quite a party and I got lots of belly rubs there.

When I first arrived at CBHR I was really skinny and I had a big tumor on my back leg. The vet removed my tumor and my foster family did a great job fattening me up. As you can see in my picture I am living the life of luxury right now. Didn’t I do a great job folding all those towels 😉 I am a happy girl and my foster Mom says I am hilarious. I love to eat and snuggle on the sofa or bed. I also love to burrow in a pile of shoes. For some reason my family thinks this is funny. I love to play with the two other dogs in my house. I don’t know how to howl, but they are giving me howling lessons so I can sound like a proper Basset Hound.

I didn’t understand the whole peeing outside thing when I got here, but I am getting the hang of it now. My foster Mom says I am just about ready to find my forever home. I am about seven years old but I am still very spry. If you are looking for a wonderful girl who has a lot of love to give then check out my profile. You can even see a video of me playing with my foster brother. I am off to have a snooze on the big comfy bed. I need to rest up because I hear there might be a cook out later. I love cook outs! Please share this post with your friends so we can all find our forever homes.

September 7. 2015


CBHR Calendar 2016

CBHR Calendar 2016

In case you haven’t heard, it’s calendar time again! Time to enter your rescued basset hound into the 2016 CBHR calendar contest. Give us your best shots, we’re planning a great calendar. As in previous years, voters will select their top 10 choices from selected submissions.

We’ve worked to make this year’s calendar format more accommodating. We can use both vertical and horizontal photos AND we should be able to use many of your photos that weren’t quite hi-res enough to print at the size we’ve used in the past.

2016 CBHR Calendar submission guidelines:
• Dogs must be rescues from CBHR, adopted, fosters or deceased
• No two-leggers featured, just four-leggers
• Photos can be horizontal or vertical
• Maximum number of submissions: 5
• Hi-res photos essential (larger than 1—2MB for larger images, like the two dogs in the truck on the calendar mock-up; ~500kb for little images, like the small square image at the bottom)

Please give us your highest resolution photos, taken in good light and in focus.
If you are a professional photographer, you know what to do. • If you’re taking photos with a point-and-shoot camera, change its settings to the highest resolution available. • If you are using a smart phone, resolution settings are not available. Avoid low light situations which often result in grainy, out-of-focus photos. • If this makes no sense to you, contact us at We’ll try to help.

For more information about format:

How to submit

Between now and Sept. 10, send to
• Your photos, labeled** with dog’s name, sent as an attachment to your email
• Your dog’s name in body of email as well
• Your contact info


Sadie Mae

Sadie Mae

Good morning! My name is Sadie Mae and I am the sweetest old girl you ever did meet. My owners retired and went South and could no longer care for me. They took very good care of me while I lived there but they will no longer have a yard and it was hard for them to walk me. I am loving life in my foster home and looking to find a forever home for my own retirement.

I love everyone and everything! Big people , little people, furry dog friends you name it and I like them. I am a total cuddle bug and I love to snuggle and get lots of belly rubs. Some of the dogs in my foster home sleep on dog beds, but not me. I like to sleep on the comfy furniture and in the big bed with the people. I am no fool, I know where all the comfortable places to sleep are. Since I am way past that puppy stage you won’t have to teach all that basic stuff. I can use a doggie door, walk on a leash like a pro, ride in the car like a lady and even guard the house while you are out. What more could you want in a dog?

In case you have not heard, senior dogs rock! Just ask anyone who has adopted one and they will tell you how great we are. If all this sounds good to you, then look me up and fill out the form to take me home. I ma going to go have a nap in the big bed and wait to hear from you. Please share this post with your friends so I can find my forever home.


Willie and His Friends


george042215Three weeks ago our very dear five-year-old foster dog, George, got very sick very quickly. His primary veterinarian diagnosed him with diabetes, but he was so sick that he needed emergency care at the vet school in Raleigh, NC. Doctors found he not only had diabetes, but he also had very low number of the cells that make blood clot. As you can imagine this is very dangerous. The doctors did everything they could to help George, but his cells continued to diminish and he died less than 24 hours after he was admitted. We, and his foster family, were just devastated. We all know how hard it is to lose a beloved four-legged friend; it is even harder when it’s tragic and unexpected. We requested a doggie autopsy (and this service is kindly provided for free by the vet school) as George’s death was so quick and so surprising. We don’t have the results yet. Please send your condolences to the Tubbs family. They lost a beloved and cherished friend.

We spent a good deal of money doing everything we could to help George get to his new life and now need to refill the piggy bank so that we can continue to give all of our incoming and current foster bassets the great care they deserve.


willie052715Our poor Willie has had a bit of a rough time and has bounced through a few different foster homes. He’s a bit of a crusty curmudgeon, but good at heart. We sure hope we can find Willie a family who understands his needs and can help him live out his senior years in a patient and loving environment. We hate to think there is no place for this sweet man to go. Long-term boarding would not be a good option for Willie’s mental health nor for our budget. Willie isn’t fond of little children and doesn’t like his ears messed with as he has had lots of ear infections (he needs a muzzle to clean them). In general he just doesn’t like to be poked or startled if that can be helped. He does like other dogs and does like to play with them. Willie also loves attention and his humans to love on him. Willie needs someone who understands that sometimes it’s tough to be a senior hound and just because one is a curmudgeon at times doesn’t mean one doesn’t deserve love and care. Can you give this boy a soft bed and warm heart for his senior years? Please contact Susan Moschos if you can foster or adopt Willie!


Linus BumblebeeLinus is one of the new additions to our CBHR family. Linus came to us last week from the Gaston county, NC animal shelter. We he arrived the first question was, “why does he look like a bumble bee?”. It turns out the shelter taped up his face and gave him antibiotics because he had an infected lipoma that had broken open and drained. Thankfully, his lumps and bumps (he has six) are all lipomas and not cancer, but they do need to be removed with surgery. Linus, like most of our other dogs, will need heartworm treatment too. Our coffers really need refilling to help pay to get Linus and all of his foster basset friends righted and ready to go to their forever families.

Keep an eye on to see your donations add up to our goal!

Become a BackerCan you help us by signing up to be a basset backer and donate just $10 per month?

Donate NowHow about a one-time donation in memory of one of your beloved four-leggers or foster boy George?

Find Out MoreDo you have a matching contribution program with your employer? What a great way to make your $10 turn into $20!


Will and His Friends Need Some Summer Lovin’

Will and His Friends Need Some Summer Lovin’
Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin$5,000$4,845Raised $4,845 towards the $5,000 target.97%
UPDATE: We have been so blessed and thankful you have donated to help our bassets and reach our goal of $4000.00 We recently received George’s final bill and it is about $1000.00 more than we expected. We know you have given generously, but if you could find it in your hearts to help us get to the finish line and make up that additional $1000.00 we sure would be grateful!

We are faced with several challenges right now and need a helping paw and pennies.  You have heard us say many times over that spring and summer are our busiest times and this summer is no different.  We have also been faced with the medical bills for a very sick boy and a special foster dog who needs a special home. Your generous and continued support has always allowed us to help all of the dogs in our program and we are asking for your assistance now. We need to raise $4000 to make it through the summer without closing intake.  With five new bassets hounds in the last week alone this summer is shaping up to be a busy one.

Read about Willie and his friends.

Become a BackerCan you help us by signing up to be a basset backer and donate just $10 per month?

Donate NowHow about a one-time donation in memory of one of your beloved four-leggers or foster boy George?

Find Out MoreDo you have a matching contribution program with your employer?  What a great way to make your $10 turn into $20!




Good morning everyone. My name is Jilly and they picked me to be the Foster Dog of the Week this week. My foster family said that is quite an honor and will get me one step closer to finding my forever family. I am going through my heart worm treatment right now and I will be ready to find my forever family toward the end of the summer.

I am a work in progress right now (aren’t we all) so that will give me a little more time to figure all this new stuff out. Everyone says I am doing great and I am a quick learner. I will tell you a little secret; before I came to my foster family I had never lived inside a house before. Can you believe it? I lived outside all the time. When I first got here I wanted to be outside all the time and they had to bring me inside when it was time to come in.. Then I learned about the really cool thing called a doggie door. I can go outside in the yard whenever I want and then I can come back in the house when I feel like it. It is pretty hot out there these days so I am liking the come in the house when I want to thing a whole lot.

I have my own room in the house and it is called a kennel. I spent a lot of time in a kennel before, but it was not as fancy as this one. This one has a really soft bed in it and I really like to sleep in it and sometimes just sit in there and watch everyone. I learn a lot from watching the other dogs that live here too. They are very good at this living in the house stuff and they set a very good example for me. I am a pretty independent girl, but I actually really like to have people and dogs around me. I am learning quickly to trust the people and the other night I took a really big step. We had a very scary thunderstorm here and I was pretty frightened. I decided to jump on the bed with the other dogs and everyone was so excited about that. You see I had never done that before. I don’t think it is the last time I will do it either, because it was pretty cozy up there. I have had to be very calm and quiet during my treatments, but I am looking forward to being able to run around again.

I have a super hound nose and I love to track the creatures that are in the yard and then tell everyone about it. I also have been known to track the garbage can in the house, but I am working on that one. These people around here feed me pretty good so that garbage is not really that appealing anymore. Admitting that is the first step to breaking the habit 🙂 I think I am going to go hang out with my friends up on the bed and maybe have a little nap. If you are interested in adding me to your family in a couple of months then check me out and fill out an application so you are ready when I am. Please share this post with your friends so I can find my forever home.

June 22, 2015


Cora and Chloe

Cora and Chloe

What do you get when you cross a Basset with a Lab? You get me, Cora the Bassador. Boy do I have a story to tell you. My life has been really exciting lately. My mom who was a Basset hound gave birth to me in 2009 while she was a CBHR foster dog. I found the perfect home, or so I thought until recently when I found myself in a shelter in in Iowa of all places. The people at the shelter scanned me and traced me back to CBHR. I don’t know if you know this but “once a CBHR dog always a CBHR dog.” They called the nice people at CBHR and guess what? They said they would come to get me even though I was all the way in Iowa.

Then the shelter told them that there was one catch – I was at the shelter with my very best friend in the whole wide world named Chloe. The shelter said that we could not be separated because it made us so sad. You see Chloe and I are family, through thick and thin and I can’t even imagine leaving with out her. Well thankfully that never happened because CBHR said they would just have to take both of us. We were very excited about getting to go on a road trip. We didn’t have to wait long for our knight in shining armor named Karl to come all the way to Iowa to get us. He told us not to worry because everyone was very excited that we were coming. He kept taking pictures of us on our journey to share with everyone who was waiting. That is the story of how two very lovely, but not so Bassety girls ended up at CBHR.

We are a really great pair and I promise that whoever adopts us will not be sorry one bit. We love to play with toys, love to go for walks and ride in the car. We get along with other dogs and are totally housebroken. Our foster Mom says we are super smart , very obedient and can even follow commands. She is used to dealing with very stubborn Basset Hounds so she is very impressed with our listening skills — LOL!
We just know that somebody out there would just love to have a ready made dog family. We are a dynamic duo and we are ready to close that last chapter of our lives and have the happy ending that we deserve. Here is where we are asking for your help. Please share this post and tell all your friends about us so we can find our dream home and live happily ever after.

Cora and Chloe (best friends forever)

June 15, 2015


New CBHR Volunteer Site

New CBHR Volunteer Site

We recently rolled out the new CBHR Volunteers meetup group site. If you haven’t already joined (free), go to to join.

The new online site is designed to be our one-stop shopping for all volunteer staffed and social events, Calendar Of Events, pull/transport/foster searches, management and organization of logistics, sharing of information, education, archive of events and photo albums for posterity and future access/reference. Most of all, a cornerstone of the site will be recognizing people; a Participation Recognition Program for member volunteers participation and accomplishments. Our goal is to build a family community environment, supporting each other and our hounds.

We ask all volunteers to go to and join, no cost. Then go to to apply to CBHRV (no cost) to become a Hoover Snooter. You will receive email notifications of upcoming events and needs for support. You will be able to RSVP to events, communicate with other volunteers, post your photos and comments, contribute to Discussion Forums and Threads, to name but a few features. Once we have everyone under that one umbrella, we should be able to rely on it exclusively. Please join us sooner rather than later. Don’t be left suddenly alone and wondering if you missed Gabriel’s howl, er, I mean…horn.




My name is George and a nice lady named Heidi from Carolina Basset Hound Rescue called and asked to interview me for Foster Dog of the Week.

Heidi: So George tell me a little bit about yourself.

George: I was picked up as a stray about 2 months ago and came to CBHR. I am about 6 years old and I am about to have my heart worm treatment so I can find my forever home.

Heidi: How have they been treating you in your foster home?

George: Oh my gosh, they are the best people ever! I get to live in a great house and do all kinds of fun stuff. They feed me good food and I have a soft bed of my very own. My family thinks it is funny that every evening at 7:30 on the dot I want to be tucked into my bed for the night. It is pretty safe to say that I am not a night owl.

Heidi: George, I hear there are some little people in your foster home. What do you think of little people?

George: I have to say the I love kids!!!! They are so fun and I love to cuddle and play with them. My favorite games are tug of war and keep away. I love to play with toys and sometimes it is hard to remember what toys are mine and what toys belong to the kids. Those stuffed animals all look the same to me. The kids don’t seem to mind because I don’t take the stuffing out of them, I just toss them around. Don’t tell the kids, but the quickest way to get them to play with me is to run off with one of their stuffed animals 🙂 One day I got to go to the school and meet all the kids friends.. It was really fun to get to see all the kids and play with them. My foster mom says I am very sweet with kids and I think that is because I am just a kid at heart.

Heidi: I have a personal question for you George. Do you go potty outside the house?

George: Why yes I do go potty outside. They have this really cool thing called a doggie door in my house and I go out when I need to. I also am great on a leash and I love to go for walks. You just never know who you might meet when you are out for a walk. It is a great way yo make some new friends!

Heidi: Well George, it has been so nice getting to know you. You sound like the perfect dog and I don’t think it will be long until you find your forever family. I look forward to doing your happy ending post in the future. I hope you don’t mind if I ask your foster mom if she can sum you up in a few words.

George’s Foster Mom: “George is everything you want in a dog. He is such a good boy! All he wants is to please you. And when he gets into some mischief, he hangs his head low and looks at you with his droopy eyes and ears. Melts my heart.”

May 4, 2015


Basset Backers’ Goal for April: 10 New Backers

You Did It! Thank You!

backerAs you probably know, CBHR is the proud parent of nine bundles of bouncing baby bassets. Along with cute puppies, spring and summer bring an increase in intake of new bassets. A large number of dogs coming in at once really challenges our budget. We have been so fortunate all of you open your hearts and your pockets to help us help the bassets.

Our Basset Backer program has made a huge difference for us, as having steady monthly contributions means we are less likely to reach a point where we need to close intake. A monthly paycheck makes planning for the future a reality. It is also easier for you, as once you sign up, your monthly contribution is drafted automatically from your credit card. You can become a Backer for as little as $10 per month. You will have the satisfaction of helping the bassets while enjoying a few perks!

Can you help us plan for the future? Our goal for April is to acquire 10 new Basset Backers. Whether you donate $10 or $100, EVERY contribution helps!

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Goal for April: 10 New Backers




How do you do? My name is Magoo.
I am looking for my forever family. Could it be you?

I am about 3 years old and I am fairly new to CBHR. I am a sweet playful boy and I love people. One of my favorite things to do is going for walks in my neighborhood and picking up sticks to chew along the way. I am a really good tug a war player and sometimes I will even let you win. Another favorite thing of mine is car rides. I don’t care where we go, as long as I get to come along and enjoy looking out the window.

I probably don’t need to tell you this but I LOVE treats and food! Once my foster Mom left the dog food container out. It was in a container with a twist off top so she thought it was safe. She had no idea that a clever boy like me would be able to figure out how to twist off the top and have a little snack. Sadly, she has not left the container out where I can reach it anymore. If you are looking for a clever, handsome guy like me to add to your family, fill out an application. Please share this post with your friends so we can all find our forever homes.

March 30, 2015



Art Auction

Art Auction

Check out this cool piece of art from Dogs for The Paws artist, Missy Johnson! Wouldn’t you love to have this one-of-a-kind piece hanging on your wall? Head on over to eBay and place your bid.

Every penny raised with this auction will go to benefit the hounds of Carolina Basset Hound Rescue. This item will ship to you well packed and with a tracking number. Only actual shipping charges will apply. If you live in the Raleigh-Durham, NC area, arrangements for pickup can be made.

Dimensions: 36 inches wide by 19.5 inches tall.


Click to view full image.
Full image of window art




Happy Monday everyone! My name is Bandit and I am a thief of hearts and sofas. I am a devilishly handsome and wise fellow who is looking for a forever home to call my own. I am about nine years old so I am past all that troublesome puppy behavior. I have been in foster care with CBHR for about a month now and I am quickly figuring out the good life.

I love to hang out with my foster Mom on the front porch and soak up the sun and watch the world go by. I love going for long walks and having deep conversations. Foster Mom tells me I am a funny chatty boy. I am really friendly with other dogs and people and I am a great listener too. The one thing I am still working on is my housebreaking skills. Don’t worry, I am not actually going to break your house, I just need to remember to go potty outside. I am catching on and now that it has warmed up out there it won’t be so bad. Believe me if you had to go potty outside last week I don’t think you would be all that thrilled about it either. If you are looking for a Super Senior guy to hang out with then look me up. It took nine years for me to get this charming, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Please share this post with your friends so I can find a forever home of my own.


February 23, 2015




Dear basset friends, this is what rescue is all about! Calvin was found hitchhiking down a highway with another canine companion. Through the angels of rescue, he is now with CHBR, looking for his forever home. If you have a doggie door, Calvin is the man for you! He LOVES to go in and out (including in the middle of the night). No worries, he learned how to use the doggie door in a day, so he’s a smart little man and can figure out what he needs to do to fit into your life.

Like to talk? Clavin also love to chat. Sometimes it may sound like whining, but if you listen closely, you’ll realize he’s whispering sweet nothings in your ear. Exercise? Calvin is your man! He loves nothing more than a long walk at a good pace. Want to socialize? Calvin enjoys other dogs, kids, and adults. He used to be a super shy guy, but has gotten over that from the love of his first foster family. Want to be the only one on your block with a blue basset? Yup, Calvin’s got that too! This 7ish year-old man may need to take a few pills due to his former hard living on the road, but he’s ready to be your best friend and valentine. Won’t you give Calvin a chance at life and forever love this Valentine’s day?

Check out his video and more pictures on his profile page.

February 9, 2015




Good morning everyone! Boy that was sure some Superbowl last night. I like any sport that involves a party with food. My name is Wilby and I am about three years old. Before I came to CBHR I lived outside in a yard with my Basset Dad Wilbur (also available through CBHR). This living in a house thing sure is different, but I really like it a lot. I am getting to do lots of fun stuff in my foster home.

I like to go for rides in the car. I am a little nervous about getting in there, but once I am in I am a great passenger. I have been to a really fun place called a dog park. I like to go there and play with all the other dogs. In fact I really like other dogs and I would like to find a forever home with at least one other dog so I can have a buddy. I have learned to go for walks on a leash and I am catching on to going potty outside. I sleep in a crate, but it has no door on it so I can go in and out whenever I feel like it. I am sometime a little fearful of noises but I am getting better about it every day.

Everyone who meets me thinks I am very good natured. The vet techs love me and they can’t get over the fact that I am so soft. I don’t mind going to the vet and I am very well behaved even when they cut my nails. Foster Mom says I make a great impression! My foster family thinks it is really funny that they got me this really soft fuzzy bed and I like to turn it upside down and sleep on the plastic side. I like it like that. It is very comfy. I need to get rid of these pesky heartworms and them I will be ready to find my forever home. Check out my profile.

February 2, 2015


Thank You for a Great Year at CBHR!

Check out some of the highlights of 2014.




Good morning everyone! My name is Rosey and I am so excited to be the foster Dog of the Week. I am pretty new to CBHR, but I am doing great with my foster family. I am about 2 years old and I am healthy and spayed and ready to find my forever home.

I am a really sweet girl who loves going for walks around the neighborhood and playing ball in the backyard. I have not figured out how to bring the ball back yet, but I sure do love to chase it around if you throw it. Foster mom says she thinks that is how us Basset Hounds play fetch. I am really friendly and curious about everything. One of my favorite things to do is sit in the window so I can watch all the exciting things that happen outside. It is like television for dogs.

I really LOVE to play with the other dogs in the house. I follow them everywhere and they are teaching my some pretty good house manners. I would really like to find a forever home that has another dog or two because it makes me more comfortable when the people go out. My foster Mom is working on the crate training with me. She puts on some nice music and gives me something called a Kong so I will go in there. I really like that thing called a Kong! I have only been in foster care for a couple of weeks so I am still working on my potty training, but I am getting the hang of it.

I am a typical Basset, short bursts of lots of energy and then I need a nap. I really, really love to snuggle. I will snuggle with anyone once I get to know them, Foster Mom said she had to get some action shots of me because all she had were snuggle pictures 🙂

rosey012015_2Recently I got to meet a really cute little baby human. Everyone was very impressed at how sweet and gentle I was with her. Several dogs also came over to play and I did great with all of them. I am not a bossy butt like some dogs are, I just want to play and snuggle. I can’t wait to find my forever home and start my new life. I just know somebody out there will see this and know that I am just what they are looking for. Please share these posts with your friends so we can all find our forever homes.

January 19, 2015


Can You Back a Basset?

As we begin the new year, would you consider becoming a Basset Backer?

The Basset Backer program is Carolina Basset Hound Rescue’s general source for sustaining funds. Each month, we spend over $8000 in veterinary care, medications, heartworm prevention and treatment for the hounds in our care. With a continuous and reliable source of income, it is much easier for CBHR to provide for our current bassets and plan for the never-ending number of bassets coming from shelters.

It is also easier for you, as once you sign up your monthly contribution is drafted automatically from your credit card. You can become a Backer for as little as $10 per month. You will have the satisfaction of helping the bassets and we will send you a snazzy car magnet showing your support!

Last spring, we set a lofty goal of adding $2500 per month in new Backer donations. So far fifty-nine people have stepped up with $1500 in donations. Can you help us reach that last $1000?


Donors for December 2014

Don & Jonnie Adee
Grace Anglin – In honor of Buffy-Anne, my basset that I love dearly
Leslie & Mark Armstrong
Elizabeth Ash
Ian & Becky Baird – through Network for Good in honor of Jean Sankey
Bank of America – matching gift for Jeri Small’s volunteer hours
Anne Bartee – In honor of Joanna and Nevin Ryan
Edwin Bernard
Deb& Keith Brooks – In honor of Susan D Metzger
Kelly Burgess
Mary Calhoun – In honor of The Keith Brooks family
Cathy Campbell
Harry Chipman
Van & Karen Cornatzer – In honor of Daisy
Helene Crie Wiesner – In honor of Jennie Malcom’s birthday
Marilyn & John Dilley  – through Network for Good in honor of Jean Sankey
Jane & Mike Englemann
Darla & Jeff Fenton – In honor of August Bauer-Nilsen
Liam & Lee Foley – In memory of Skeeter
John Ford & Dede Godycki – medical fund for Fred
Michael & Judith Foster – In honor of King Walter
Tim & Sharon Zwain Garner
Carol Green
Alan & Julie Hedge
Crystal Hively
Frank & Eva Honaker
Gary Lang – In memory of Dee-O-Gee Lang
Yvette Lauziere
Erin Lawrimore
Fred Light
Jennie Malcolm & Epi Pazienza
Debbie Malta
Lisa McCutchen – In memory of Oliver (basset hound)
Loraine & Wesley McIntosh
Ann Nelson
Lorand Nikoden
Ann Norris
Patricia Nye
Jackie Patton – In honor of Pauline Mikell Grimball
Jennifer Pazienza – In honor of Jennie Malcolm
Pedigree Foundation
Richard & Deb Ponto
Zoe & Alex Ranucci
Art Raymond
Liz & Ray Reilly – through Network for Good in honor of Jean Sankey
Meg Revelle – In honor of Jennie Malcolm’s Birthday
Julie Rice-Tamsen & Peter Tamsen
Monique & Heath Rigsby – In honor of Sawyer
Shelley Roberts
Brad & Allison Roehrenbeck
Robert N Ryan III
Bobby Saunders Joy – In honor of In honor of Heidi, our Carolina Basset Hound Rescue family member!
Ray and Judy Schultz
Ashley Smith – In honor of The Jones, Hodge and Banks Families
Edith Stilley
Mary Jo Stuart
Beverly & Florence Tyler
Triangle United Way
Nancy Voorhees
Justin & Anita Warfford
Ann & David Weatherby
Bob Wood – through Network for Good in honor of Jean Sankey




Good morning everyone. I’m Maggie and I hope you all had a great holiday last week. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I was adopted from CBHR many years ago and there was a recently a change in my family situation and my current family could no longer keep me. Thankfully once a CBHR dog always a CBHR dog and they made sure that I got back to the great people at CBHR.

Before you go feeling all sad for me let me just tell you that my life has been great. I was very well taken care of and the great people at CBHR welcomed me back with open arms. It definitely could have been worse. I just know that there is a family out there that would love to make me their own. I am not worried one bit, because I know I am quite the catch. I am about 12 years old and I still have a lot of spunk left in me. I love to play with other dogs and I still like to play with toys. My foster Mom says I am not grumpy at all and I am very sweet girl. She thinks it is really funny that I like to eat my meals laying down on my bed. I don’t know why she thinks that is so funny. It is a perfect place to eat because you can have a nap when you are done.

MaggieI probably don’t have to tell you this, but since I am a lady of a certain age you don’t have to worry about me getting in to things like some of those younger dogs sometimes do. I can use a doggie door and I know how to walk on a leash like a pro. I also love to go for rides in the car. I love attention and I am not shy about asking for it by barking or rolling over for a good belly rub. While I like everyone I meet I am very partial to men and I love to get attention from them. What can I say? They find my womanly charms completely irresistible.

Are you looking to add a no fuss fun gal like me to your family? Check out my profile. I hear that the word is spreading about how great adopting a senior dog is, so I hope I don’t have to wait long for my new family to find me. Please share these posts with your friends so we can all find our forever homes.


Donors for November 2014

Leslie & Mark Armstrong
Susan Ash
Mary Ann Barnes
Deborah Benton
Kenneth Biser – In memory of Baby Girl and Lady Jasper
Alice Boeter – In honor of Jean Sankey’s 70th birthday
Seth Bradley – In memory of Pateau, Nyssa, Jean Claude and Marie
Andrews & Emily Browne – In honor of our adopted Basset, Bosley.
Treva Bullard
Kelly Burgess
Maureen Burgess – In honor of Roscoe and Maggie
Marilyn Burns
Skylier Burns
Cindi, Savannah and Benjamin Carter
Anne Wyman Cipolla
Susan Clark
Kelly Clements
Myra & Marty Couch – In honor of CBHR Bassets Emmy and Jack Couch
Sara Coy
Sherry & Jim Cruzan – In memory of Stella
Doug & Deborah Cuthill
Kristin del Rosso
George & Vicki Depta – In memory of Frieda Depta
Natalie Distefano
Pam & Ambrose Dittloff
Nicholas Doubrley
Missy Douglas – In honor of Annabelle and Lulu Goldman
Sallie & Steve Dubay
Wendy Eastman
W. Michael Fagan
Kelli & Bob Fankboner
Nan Fetters
Vince & Beth Firrincieli
Brian Fons
Margaret Franklin
Karen Gavidia
Rebecca Gering
Mary & James Griffin – In memory of Lucy Rankin
Vera B Herst
Kim & Chris Hillebrand
Jill Hively
Carole Hoke & Lauren Padgett
Matthew & Jennifer Honaker – In memory of CBHR alum Danny
Ellen Hongo
Kim Thrasher Horne & Frank Horne
Linda Howald – In honor of my basset Sadie Mae
Katy Johnson
Lisa Klinck – In honor of Clancy, Gracie, Trevor
Ron & Melissa Laxton – In memory of two of the best hounds ever – Flash and Blossom
Alan le Bon
Christopher LeQuire
Wendy Libby – In memory of Winston, beloved basset hound of Jamie Beshears
Debbie Malta
Heather Martin
Douglas Mastin
Edie May
Robert H Mc Lane
Lindsay McNab
Derrick Miller – In honor of Gumbo (Chauncey)
Patricia Millis
Kimberly Mitchell
Connie Moen
Paul Mohr
James & Sallie Naves – For support of new rescues
Sam Needleman – In memory of My Molly-Mimi
Ann Nelson – In memory of Bella and Suze
Connie Nichols
Norine Noonan
Gail W OBrien & Tony LaVopa – In honor of Jennie Malcolm
Beverly (Bloch) Owens – In honor of all who foster
Scott Padgett
Kevin Patrick & Brian Allen – In honor of General Beauregard and Lilly
Becky& Sid Phillips
Win Poor
Brady Quirk-Garvan – In honor of Melissa Garvan
Carol Range
Mason Rankin – In honor of Lucy, Bruno, Luke, and Spooner
Zoe & Alex Ranucci
Marjorie Ratliff
Brian & Emily Reinicker – In honor of Clover
Michael Roth – In memory of Hank and Gracie
Jennifer Sales & Todd Rock
Jean & Roger Sankey – Thank you to all of our volunteers in CBHR. We do make a difference !!
Steve & Brenda Saunders
Bradford Schultz & Constance Arnold – In memory of Droopy and Chuck Dundee
Ronald Scott
Jim & Kathleen Senior
Amanda & Danny Shadrick
Christi Sheppard
Lisa & Jimmy Shulenberger – On behalf of Champ Shulenberger adopted from CBHR June 2011
Charlie Sizemore & Rachael Camino
Lori Slaughter – In honor of our basset hound, Toby
Dave & Courtenay Smith – For Gracie and Barney
Jacob Smith
Marlene & Lee Sockwell – In honor of Lexi
Jeff Stajich
Jonathan Stanley
Sally Stewart
Brandon & Jessica Stilley
Susan Struble
Monika Unsworth – Happy Thanksgiving from Rich, Monika, Axel (still going strong!) & Rupert in Northern Ireland
Merton& Patricia Vance – In memory of Rocket and Bessie
Nikki Villanueva
Andrew Weaver & Heather Jones
Cynthia Leigh Welch – In honor of Clover & Thistle
Cathey J Winfield – In memory of Rip who loved his Humperdinck and Paddy




Meet Fiona another one of our sweet seniors that is up for adoption. Her foster family has fostered many senior bassets for CBHR and here is what they have to say about this special girl.

Senior bassets don’t come much sweeter than Fiona. She is a classic beauty – long heavy ears, big front feet, and a long, low body. She has been in foster care for just over 2 months now, and is really coming into her personality. She is still very shy around people she doesn’t know, but now she is very comfortable with us. It takes her a bit longer to warm up to men, but she does come around – she and my husband have become great friends. Fiona loves to be outside! She can’t wait until her heartworm treatment is over so she can fully explore the backyard. She gets super excited when we put her collar and leash on her, so we imagine walkies are on her to-do list also. Fiona is not the most food-driven basset, but she has started to appreciate special treats like pizza crust and crackers. She is not a super snuggler, but loves to have belly rubs and your undivided attention.

Many people would assume that, because Fiona is a senior, she will do little more than eat and sleep. However, that is far from the truth. She has lots of life left in her – she gets frisky and wants to bounce around just like any younger dog. She likes to follow us around the house to investigate what we are doing. She is also very alert, and lets us know whenever something is going on outside of the house. Seniors like Fiona don’t lose these great qualities – they just combine them with great qualities that come from being a “seasoned” basset. Fiona’s friskiness won’t keep you up at night or trip you up during the day. She is happy to sit or lie calmly once she’s followed you around. She will alert you to things going on outside, but it won’t take you hours to get her to calm down after. In short, she is the best of both worlds.

My husband and I have owned and fostered many senior bassets over the years. Sometimes they come with special needs, and sometimes they don’t. However, they are always so grateful to have a roof over their heads and a warm bed to sleep in. There’s just something about a sweet senior dog that makes like complete, and whatever that something is, Fiona has it in abundance. Check out her profile.

November 24, 2014




Good morning everyone. My name is Gypsy and I am so excited to be a Foster Dog of the Week. I have spent the last month learning the ropes in my new foster home. Actually, it only took me a week or so to learn the ropes, so I have just been hanging out enjoying myself with my new friends. They have theses two cute little kittens in my foster home and it sure was a lot of fun to chase them around the house and bark at them. I never lived with kittens before so I was not really sure what the heck I was supposed to do with them. We have all gotten used to each other now and the cute little guys like to sleep in my crate when I am not in there 🙂

gypsy_newI love people and love to follow them around hoping for a cuddle or a belly rub. Foster Mom says you would never know I was a “senior dog” because I still have plenty of energy. I know how to walk like a lady on a leash and I am house trained and I sleep in the crate at night. I know all my basic commands and when I feel like it I will do them for you. I am a basset, after al,l so I have my own mind about when I will do such things. My foster mom says she knows I will find my forever home in no time because I am such a good-natured sweet girl. If all this sounds good to you, check out my profile and maybe I can have a forever home for the holidays.

November 17, 2014


CBHR 2015 Calendar

There are a few copies of the 2015 Calendar still available for order!

2015 CalrendaPriced at $15.00 each plus shipping, the calendars make excellent gifts and 100% percent of the proceeds goes directly to support the needs of our rescue bassets.

Thanks to all of you who participated in making the 2015 calendar beautiful and to all those supporting this project by purchasing a calendar and enjoying the handsome bassets throughout the year.




The world according to Gator

I’m an older southern gentleman. I like things done a certain way, but that just comes with age. I’m laid back and like to sleep a lot, but I also like to run and play when the mood strikes. My most favorite thing to do is sit on the back porch with my foster mommy while she has some sweet tea. The sun on my face feels wonderful and I stretch out and take a nap at her feet, while the little people play on their swing set.

I guess I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s start at the beginning of my day. I usually wake up around 4 a.m. My foster mommy is a little slow at that time, but she always gets up to take me out. When you gotta go, you gotta go. Then I go back inside to my fluffy bed, and catnap until about 7:30. I call it a catnap, but mommy says that I snore. REALLY LOUD. Then I get up and she has breakfast waiting for me. I LOVE breakfast. I love it so much that I moan a little when I’m eating. It’s so good, that I just can’t contain myself. Then we go for a walk. I make it all the way to the stop sign now! I use to not be able to do that.

Gator nap timeWhen we get back home, I’m a little tired, so momma puts my bed beside her feet so I can take a nap while she has her morning coffee and watches her favorite show. I can’t sleep unless I am beside my people. If I’m not beside them I just pace and pace the floor. I also like to have their things beside me in my bed. Last night I decided that I wanted momma’s house shoe. The night before that it was the little ones Minnie Mouse bear. I love snuggling to things that smell like my people. After my nap, I get up to get my afternoon medicine. Gotta take those to keep myself healthy and strong. Then it’s lunchtime for the little ones. I like to hide under the table to see if any yummy goodness falls my way. After lunch momma brings out that mean sucking thing that makes a really loud noise. I don’t like that thing. I bark and bark at it, but it just keeps going. The daily fight with the sucking thing really wears me out, so when it goes back to sleep, so do I.

I take a loooooong relaxing nap, and then go outside with my brudders. They are crazy, let me tell ya. They run and play and have a good ole time. I like to join in every now and then, you know, just to stir things up a bit. When play time is over I go back inside to the yummiest smell of all. It’s dinner! I sit at momma’s feet when she gets everything ready. Sometimes she lets me get a taste, because of course she needs my opinion. After dinner the little ones go to bed and I crawl onto the couch and snuggle whiff momma and daddy. I love our snuggle time. Even when daddy is a little gassy. After snuggle time, momma brings my bed beside hers so I can goes to sleep. I know it’s bedtime when momma moves my bed. I crawl in, and she tucks me in for the night. Then it’s off to dreamland, and stealing my people’s stuff while they sleep 🙂

November 10, 2014

Gator in the snow




Hello, I’m Annabelle! My friends call me Annie. I’ve recently lost 10 lbs!!! I feel much better without that weight holding me down. I can even run a little bit when I get excited. It makes my foster Mom smile and giggle to see me excited. The doctor says I have a heart condition, so I take medicine everyday, but I don’t mind. My medicine tastes so good in those pill pockets. I love to eat! I also take pain medicine…my lower back hurts if I don’t, but that’s ok by me. More pill pockets, yum yum!!

Everyone loves me and my foster Mom says that I’m the sweetest thing in Eastern NC. I love everyone too. The only thing I don’t love are steps… I can go down them okay (if it’s just a couple), but I can’t go up at all unless they are very short… My foster parents have to help me. They got me a ramp for the back door. I love ramps!!! I love my foster brother and sister too (Dolly and Beau)! Actually I love all dogs, even ones I’ve never met. They try to play with me, but I’m more interested in taking naps, getting my belly rubbed, and eating!!

Have I mentioned, I love to EAT! I’m getting hungry talking about it. Gotta go… Oh, if you think that I’m the dog for you, just call and ask for Annie! I’ll be waiting!


November Is Senior Month

November is senior month at Carolina Basset Hound Rescue. Senior month was a big success last year, when several of our older fosters found their forever homes. Here at CBHR we love our seniors and we never turn a basset away because of its age. We want to encourage people to consider the older dogs when looking for a family pet. Their well-seasoned personalities are wonderfully endearing, and they can really be a great addition to your family.

All month long on Facebook and Google + we will be featuring our senior adoptable hounds, make sure you check them out. We will also be sharing senior stories from some of our senior hounds that have found their forever homes. If you have adopted a senior hound from CBHR and you would like to share your story with us, please send it with pictures to We always love to hear about our adopted hounds and how they are doing. We will also be sharing all kinds of information about senior dogs and keeping them healthy and happy.

I hope you will join us in celebrating our senior dogs and help us to find them the happy endings they so deserve. Adopting a senior dog can be one of the most rewarding things you will ever do. Every one of the dogs in the photo collage is an adoptable senior!

The Senior Hounds of CBHR - Jake, Honey Bee, Willie, Eleanor, Molly, Annabelle, Gator, Albert, Gypsy, Sadie, Maggie, Baily, Bazooka, Fiona, and Dixie

The Senior Hounds of CBHR
Jake, Honey Bee, Willie, Eleanor
Molly, Annabelle, Gator, Albert
Gypsy, Sadie, Maggie, Baily, Bazooka
Fiona, and Dixie


Donations for October 2014

Animal Medical of Goose Creek
J. D. Campbell – In honor of Jean Sankey’s 70th birthday
Janet Goodwin – For older hound care – In memory of Max #08135
Barbara Huffman – In honor of Calvin Winfield
Patricia Linton – In honor of Sherry Godfrey for her 52nd birthday
James & Sallie Naves – For medical Care for troubled bassets – In memory of Maddie, who we wanted to know, and Dawn, who we so wanted to give a good life
James Openshaw
Eugene and Ann Paschold
Jean & Roger Sankey
Emily Turgeon – In memory Delta Dawn




Good morning. I know what you all are thinking. You are thinking that I look really familiar. Well you are not losing your mind, I was the Foster Dog of the the Week several weeks ago. I was still going through my heart worm treatments so I told you that you would have to wait until I was done to adopt me. Well guess what? Do you see my happy face in this picture? This is the face of a girl who is no longer on crate rest and can now go out in the yard and enjoy the sunshine. After two long months the sun felt soooooo good on my face, and I got to run and play with the other dogs.

I went to the vet and they say I am doing great. I gained another 4 pounds and am now up to 38 pounds. That is a far cry from the skinny girl that I was when I was rescued. Everyone says my fur looks really beautiful and shiny now. I am now officially ready to find my forever home!

I love people and I would really like to find a family where the people are home quite a bit. Perhaps a nice retired couple who are looking for a beautiful girl to spoil rotten. A stay at home Mom (or Dad) with big kids would be ideal for me. I would be fine as an only dog, but I must confess I would really like to have a doggie friend to play with and show me the ropes. I still get a little scared sometimes, but I am getting more and more trusting everyday. I had a really tough start in life, but I am a new girl now and I am ready for my next adventure. If you are looking for a sweet girl to add to your family, I am ready when you are. Just in case you missed my post a few weeks ago here is the link so you can check it out: Penny: FDOTW

Don’t forget to share these posts with your friends so we can all find our forever homes.


Donors for September 2014

Roger & JoAnn Amidon – For medical needs
Elizabeth Ash – For medical expenses
James Breeden – In honor of Jim and Lee Breeden (Boomer’s Books)
Pamela Burleyson – For the Male Basset pulled from Rowan Co. Animal Shelter – In honor of Candace Terry
Jimmy & Pam Catoe – in memory of Flash adopted from CBHR in 2009 and passed away 7/30/14
Matthew & Jennifer Honaker – In memory of Danny
T Karlton Jackson – In memory of Calvin (Rip) Windfield
Shellie Jett – In memory of Bandit
Lisa McCutchen  – In memory of Flash Catoe
Mark Olenik from Winfield Supply Inc – In memory of Calvin Winfield




Happy Monday everyone! Is anyone out there is looking for a practically perfect and incredibly handsome hound? A chance like this doesn’t come around everyday, so if you have been thinking about adding a Basset to your family now is the time. My name is Rocco and I was recently returned to CBHR because my family situation changed and they could no longer keep me. Thankfully once a CBHR hound always a CBHR hound and they took me back with open arms. The good news is that I was well cared for and I know all about living in a house. I am completely housebroken and I quickly figured out the two doggie doors in my foster home. Boy are those doggie doors cool, I can go in and out whenever I want.

I am about seven years old and I am way past that chewing stage and all that other young dog stuff. You don’t even need a crate for me , because I don’t get into anything while you are gone. I am a little shy at first, but I warm up pretty quickly. My foster Mom says the way to my heart is through my stomach and legs. That’s right, give me a walk, give me a treat and my heart is yours. Speaking of heart… I have a really BIG heart. I just love my foster parents and my favorite time is when they call me up on the bed for snuggle time. I love to snuggle- On the bed, on the couch, or even on the floor. I am also very smart and obedient. After snuggles in the bed when they tell me to get down and go on my own bed, I know just what they are talking about. I will gladly warm up your spot on the couch, but when you tell me “off” I get right down. Foster Mom says it is really hard to tell my beautiful chocolate eyes to get down.

Not only do I love my people , but I love the other dogs in my foster home. One of the them is a gigantic dog called a Great Dane. Wow, you would not believe how big he is, and he has the longest legs I have ever seen. The other dog is a Basset like me and his name is Gus. He is my best buddy and we spend hours together chasing one and other, sleeping together, grooming each other and guarding the house. I love to play with toys and I especially like the ones with stuffing. I am a great eater, and luckily I am great walker too. That is the secret to how I keep my great basset figure. I get to go to doggie daycare a few days a week and I really like that. I was a little shy at first, but now I trot right in there like I own the place. My foster family says I am “one in a million”.I would be a wonderful companion to any family, but would especially love a home with another dog. If you think you might want to add me to your family check out the video on my profile.


On Your Mark…

Hound Dog Hustle Flyer 4OCT2014

Runners and walkers are invited to the inaugural Hound Dog Hustle, a dog-friendly 5K run/walk on October 12, 2014. We encourage you to bring the whole family out for this event, including the dog! This event benefits the Carolina Basset Hound Rescue, a nonprofit organization that saves homeless hounds from high kill shelters in the Carolinas, rehabilitates them through foster care, and finds them loving forever homes. You can run or walk a 5K and help save homeless hounds all at once — not bad for a Sunday morning!

The Hound Dog Hustle begins and ends near Sedgefield Park in Charlotte’s South End. The run/walk winds through the Sedgefield neighborhood between Park Road and South Boulevard. This is such a great community and we’re anticipating cheering spectators along the way. Come hang out with neighbors, family, and friends to help an admirable and adorable cause.

There will also be a fun run with medals for the kids after the 5K. Other kid-friendly activities will include face painting and a playground.

This IS a timed race and is open to ALL levels. Runners will line up first, then runners with dogs, then walkers. Strollers and wagons are welcome as long as they start with the walkers.

We encourage you to register now! You can also register the morning of the race from 7:00-8:00 am. T-shirts are not guaranteed for race day registrants. Registration and Information


Hound Dog Hustle

Hound Dog Hustle

Runners and walkers are invited to the inaugural Hound Dog Hustle, a dog-friendly 5K run/walk on October 12, 2014. We encourage you to bring the whole family out for this event, including the dog! This event benefits the Carolina Basset Hound Rescue, a nonprofit organization that saves homeless hounds from high kill shelters in the Carolinas, rehabilitates them through foster care, and finds them loving forever homes. You can run or walk a 5K and help save homeless hounds all at once — not bad for a Sunday morning!

The Hound Dog Hustle begins and ends near Sedgefield Park in Charlotte’s South End. The run/walk winds through the Sedgefield neighborhood between Park Road and South Boulevard. This is such a great community and we’re anticipating cheering spectators along the way. Come hang out with neighbors, family, and friends to help an admirable and adorable cause.

There will also be a fun run with medals for the kids after the 5K. Other kid-friendly activities will include face painting and a playground.

This IS a timed race and is open to ALL levels. Runners will line up first, then runners with dogs, then walkers. Strollers and wagons are welcome as long as they start with the walkers.

We encourage you to register now! You can also register the morning of the race from 7:00-8:00 am. T-shirts are not guaranteed for race day registrants. Registration and Information


Hi from Hattie

Hi from Hattie

To all my friends, supporters and all who sent good wishes my way, I am on my way to the Bridge. Since I was a stray nobody but me really knew anything about my previous life but foster mom thought that it may not have been so bad. I was completely house trained and got along with the other dogs and all people.

Foster mom, Pauline, said that my spirit was one of the most gentle she had seen and she called me the gentle angel.

When the shelter called CBHR about me they said I was sick and probably had cancer. CBHR wanted to help me so they took me in and started sending me to vets. Nobody was absolutely sure what was wrong with me so when I got to my foster home CBHR started looking into some diagnostics to find out my problem and hopefully help me. These tests were very expensive so the call went out for some financial aide and boy did y’all respond. I had my bone biopsy and as foster mom and I waited for the news we had a good time. I was feeling pretty good then and eating Ok and when I didn’t eat foster mom gave me salmon(fresh), boiled chicken, canned food and anything I would eat. It occurred to me that I should not eat regular dog food because the alternative was better. I got named the gourmet basset.

My diagnosis was not good and it made all who knew me very sad. I had a malignant melanoma that had spread. The next few weeks were not so bad but then as expected I got worse and Dr. and mom were having trouble controlling the pain. When I stopped eating, had trouble getting up and whimpered at times mom decided that it was time for me to make my journey.

I left with a full heart and much gratitude for all the help and support I got from so many. Your thoughts and your good wishes helped so much. Bless you all and know how special you were to me.

Love to all,





My name is Gentleman Willie and I am here to say Happy Monday to all you Basset lovers out there. I hope you all had a great weekend and got to do something fun. I still have stitches in my foot from my surgery so I got to chill out and watch a little football. How about those Panthers! I got most of my stitches out , but I have to wait a little longer to get this darn bandage off my foot. I am going to be so happy when it finally comes off. I can’t wait to run around with the other dogs in the house again. I have not been very happy about watching all the fun going on around here.

willie080614_2I am around eight years old, but you would never know it by the way I run the Basset 100 with those younger pups that live here. I don’t mean to brag, but I am way faster than they are. OK, maybe I am bragging just a little bit, but can you blame me. Oh by the way, all my lumps checked out and the Vet says I am A-OK now and almost ready to find my forever home. I was a little nervous when I first got here, but now that I am feeling good and almost healed up I have really come out of my shell. My foster mom has not had to use the crate with me because guess what? I am totally potty trained 🙂 I sit by the door when I need to go out and I really like to get my treat when I come back in.

I get really tasty grain free food and treats because I am allergic to the regular kind. Besides being ridiculously handsome I also walk really great on a leash and I love to play with toys and chill out in the backyard in the sun.. I really like to be with people or other dogs but I get a little scared if I am left alone. I would really like to have at least one doggie sibling in my forever home to keep me company. Perhaps someone out there has a dog who would like some company? I love belly rubs and I really like to have my tail area scratched. It is hard for me to reach back there to scratch myself, but I am very clever and I have figured out how to go under a chair and do it myself. I have a couple more weeks before I will be able to pack my bags so you have plenty of time to get ready for me. Check out my profile.

September 15, 2014




Hello everyone! My name is Winston and I am one of the news guys here at CBHR. If there was ever a dog that the song “Mellow Yellow” was written for it is handsome ole me. I am a champion napper, snoozer, cuddler and lovebug. Wherever you are is where I want to be, whether cuddled up on the couch watching television (I don’t mind watching whatever you want to watch!), or planting myself in the middle of the kitchen while you’re making dinner. Even a trip to the vet’s didn’t phase me – I just made friends with everyone there.

The first night in my foster home they didn’t latch the front door properly when they took the other two dogs out for a walk. Boy were they surprised when they turned around and I was trotting right a long with them saying “Hey guys, wait up!”. It took me about a week to fully relax (and find out where the toy box was), but now that I am all settled in, I just love to play with the other dogs, run around and toss toys with them.

Unfortunately I have heart worms and I am getting my treatments right now so I have to take it easy and rest. I do well in the crate especially when my foster family plays “chase the treat inside the crate”.

Winston-sleepI am working on my house manners and I am catching on pretty quickly. I am learning how to ask to go outside to go potty and I am figuring that out pretty quickly. Since I am only about two or so I am still a bit of a puppy. Sometimes I like to nibble on things that don’t belong to me. “Hey, that laundry basket looked an awful lot like my toy basket! That was an honest mistake.” I never had anyone give me treats before so I get a little (OK maybe a lot) over-enthusiastic about yummies. I am learning about how to take them gently and nicely. I am catching on to that one too. Now that I know it is not the last yummy I will ever get and I am not totally starving I am figuring it out.

Foster Mom says I have a giant personality and I love dogs and people. I do enjoy chasing the cat around the house. I don’t really want to eat the cat, I just think it is fun to chase it around. Needless to say I don’t think the cat is very impressed with this game of mine. I love being part of a family and once I am done with my treatments I will be ready to find my forever home. You can check out my profile and see some more pictures of me. Don’t forget to share these posts with your friends so we can all find our forever homes. I will come back and give you an update about how I am doing in a couple of weeks.


Donors for August 2014

Pamela & Pieter Akkerman
Mary Ann Barnes – for Bailey
Mary Ann Barnes – for Willie
Jessica Bauer
Seth Bradley – for Bailey
Karen Brunetti – In memory of My dear friend Bev Cohen who loved Bassett hounds
Mitchell & Patricia Campbell
Susan Clark – for sick hounds
Walt Bebe Davis – In memory of Paul R. Damico Sr.
Debbie’s Dawgs – for Bailey
Debbie’s Dawgs – for Willie
Debbie’s Dawgs – for Hattie
Wendy Eastman – for Hattie
Casey & Eric Ferri – for Hattie
Casey & Eric Ferri – for Willie
Vince & Beth Firrincieli
John Ford & Dede Godycki
Margaret Franklin – for Willie
Victoria Galaspy – for Hattie
Kurt & Sarah Gauger – matching gift from employer
Josh Goldman – for Bailey
Shannon Haynes
Mike & Margaret Hicks
Elizabeth Hill – for Hattie
Ellen Hongo
Linda Howald – In honor of our basset Sadie Mae
Sean & Shelley Johnson – for Bailey
Bonnie Kuhr
Donna Mantooth – for Hattie – In memory of Jasper Calhoun
Jennifer Martin – for Bailey
Jennifer Martin – for Willie
Douglas Mastin – for Hattie
Robert H Mc Lane – for Willie
Merchants Sales Company – In memory of Terry Miller
Dennis Mooney – for Hattie
Dennis Mooney – for Willie
Dennis Mooney – for Bailey
Connie Nichols
Ann Norris – In memory of Paul Damico
Beverly (Bloch) Owens – for Bailey
Kevin Patrick & Brian Allen
Catherine Policastro – for Bailey
Carol Potter – In memory of Stella and Chelsea, basset hounds who belonged to Marcia and Spencer Morton
Nicole Pullen
Ara &George Radler – for Hattie
Michael Rankin – for Bailey
Marjorie Ratliff
Gary Riley – for Bailey
Gary Riley – for Hattie
Gary Riley – for Willie
Michael Roth – for Hattie
Jean & Roger Sankey – for Hattie
Jean& Roger Sankey – donation of airline miles
Michael Schulman & Ryan Fawcett – for Bailey
Stephani Sclesky – for Willie
Ronald Scott – for Bailey
Amanda & Danny Shadrick – for Willie
Daniel Shoemaker – for Bailey, Hattie and Willie’s vet care
Jerilyn Small – volunteer hours paid through Bank of America
Dave & Courtenay Smith – for Bailey
Jennifer & Cory Smith – for vet bills
Patricia Stemmermann – In memory of Moe
Darren Stuart & Thom Freeman – In memory of our sweet foster dog Barley and in Thanksgiving for his adoptive family, the Dancy family in Kannapolis, NC
Courtney Thurston – for Willie
Maria Tomos – for Willie
Stew & Linda Williams – for Bailey
Margaret Wood – for Hattie
Eleanor Cooper Wright – for Hattie


Support our special hounds – THANK YOU!

Support our special hounds – THANK YOU!

Thanks to your generosity, we reached our goal in record time. Hattie is having surgery today, and Willie will go in on Monday. We will keep you posted.

The hounds need your support! We need to raise enough money to cover the cost of Bailey’s surgery, Hattie’s biopsy (the Greenville girl with one eye), Willie’s lump removal, and still tend to the needs of all the other dogs in our program. Please help these dogs get the veterinary care they need! Read their stories and follow their progress here.


Olimometer 2.52


Olimometer 2.52


Olimometer 2.52




This is my lucky penny
One I’d like to give to you
It will not only bring you luck,
but help to see you through,
those times when you feel stuck,
or just a little blue.

That’s me “Lucky Penny”, but you can just call me Penny. I feel like I am the luckiest girl in the whole wide world. I was down and out and found myself alone in a shelter. I was scared and thin and not feeling very well. My people had let me down. They had not treated me well or taken very good care of me. One day a nice lady came in to the shelter and asked for me. I couldn’t believe that somebody was there just for little old me. I had just about given up hope. She said she worked for a place called Carolina Basset Hound Rescue and promised me that everything was going to be OK . She said lot’s of people were happy I was getting out and they were waiting to take care of me. She named me Penny and we were out of there quick as a wink.

She was right, there was somebody waiting to take care of me. They took me to the vet and figured out why I was not feeling so great. They did some work on me and I am feeling much better. I just started heart worm treatment so it will still be a few weeks before I can find my forever home. These people are so nice to me I still have to pinch myself to make sure I am not dreaming. They have a door just for us dogs and I can go in and out whenever I want to. I really like to explore out in the yard and sunbathe. In case you were wondering, I go potty in the yard so don’t worry about that. I really like the yard, but I sure do like the house too. Guess what these people have in their house? Stairs that lead right up to a HUGE soft bed. I figured those out lickkety split and I feel just like a queen when I lay up there.

I was a little guarded when I first got here, but now that I know everyone is so nice I am coming out of my shell. I like to hang out with people and have my belly and ears rubbed. I think I would like to find a home with bigger kids who will understand that I can still get a little scared sometimes. My foster Mom says that everyday my “bassetness” comes out a little more. Are you looking for a Lucky Penny? I would love to share my good luck with you. Check out my profile.


How Much Do You Love Your Basset?

How Much Do You Love Your Basset?

Don’t Forget the Bone!, a Carolinas’ based company, is showing us some love by donating 10% of all Park Pack purchases in August to CBHR.

park_packAvailable in six color options, the Park Pack is a great travel accessory containing all of your pup’s necessities. Each Park Pack includes:

  • Tote Bag – 13.5″W x 11″H x 5″D with an 8″ drop handle
  • Bone Shaped Waste Bag Holder – two rolls of bags included
  • 27 Oz BPA Free Water Bottle
  • Collapsible Pet Bowl
  • Bone Shaped Treat Container
  • 36”x24” Microfiber Towel

All Basset lovers get Free Shipping! (Enter coupon code “Basset” at checkout.) Visit to get yours today. Hurry, offer ends August 31.

Share this great offer with all your dog lover friends. The more who purchase, the more money we raise for CBHR and our hounds!


Daisy and Duke

Daisy and Duke

A couple weeks ago we had a first at Foster Dog of the Week, a pair of Bassets. You probably remember Apple and Kobe. Well, this week we have a second pair. Meet Daisy and Duke. They are 5 years old and really cute. In fact their pictures are almost on the verge of cuteness overload 🙂 Ladies first, so I will turn you over to Miss Daisy affectionately known as “Momma” in her foster home.

daisy2It is so nice to meet you all. My name is Daisy, but you can call me Momma. My foster Mom calls me Momma because the vet told her I have had a lot of puppies in my 5 year lifetime. Duke and I have been in foster care for a month and a half and boy have our lives changed. Before we got here we never even lived in a house before. We were used for puppies and nobody took very good care of us at all. Our lives were very sad and hard, but Duke always took care of me and told me it would be OK. Well he was right and here we are. This living in a house is so great! We have figured out the house breaking thing and even have a door just for us to go outside if we have to. That is pretty cool!

Speaking of cool, how about this thing called air conditioning. Duke and I think that is the best thing ever. We have learned to walk nice on a leash. I had some injuries to my front legs that were not taken care of so I am a bit of a hobbler, but I do OK on a walk if I don’t have to go really far or be in a big hurry. We really like other dogs and people and my foster Mom thinks I am just a sweet love bug. She thinks it is great that we can still trust people after all we have been through. People have been really nice to us here and we sure are glad they are taking such good care of us. We really love toys and bones to chew on and play with. We have a big crate that we share since we don’t like to be apart. We are really well behaved if you are home, but we have to go in the crate when our family goes out. We would love to find a forever family where somebody was home a lot of the time. Duke is getting inpatient because he wants a turn to talk so here he is.

dukeAs Daisy told you my name is Duke. I am so happy that these people are taking such good care of us. Especially my beloved Daisy. For years I took care of her and protected her and told her everything would be OK. We have been through a lot together and I am so happy that she is being so well taken care of now. Isn’t she beautiful? She had some work done at the vet and she is all fixed up now and there will be no more puppies. It took me a little while to stop worrying so much, but I can see that the bad times are now behind us. Life is good here and everyone has been so nice to us.

Our foster Mom has been feeding us really well and we are gaining some much needed weight. We especially love the treats that we get for just being cute. We are definitely appreciating all the things our new life has to offer us. Daisy is happy and I can relax a bit and enjoy all the bones they give us to chew on. We are looking for a home where we can stay together and enjoy the good life. Daisy went to the vet once without me and I am not ashamed to admit it, but I cried because I thought she was never coming back. We are looking forward to finding a forever home where we can just hang out and relax and not worry about anything at all except where the next belly rub is coming from and what time dinner is. Do you think your castle could use a Duke and a Duchess Daisy. We are pretty low maintenance sort of dogs. Check out more pictures of us!

August 4, 2014


Donors for July 2014

Don & Jonnie Adee
Patricia L Adsit
All All Is Well
Alston Bayless
Seth Bradley
Anji Brake – for Beau
Rebecca & Matt Bramlett – For Quick
Maureen Burgess – In honor of Roscoe
Cindi L Carter – for Beauregard, Quick and Laura from Savannah and Benjamin (SC Basset hounds)
Harry Chipman – for 3 dogs vet bils
Sara Coy
Elsa & Charles Grossman – for Quick in loving memory of Norman Monroe, who showed us the amazing value of an older, rescued basset.
Sherry & Jim Cruzan – medical for Stella
Doug & Deborah Cuthill
Nicholas Doubrley – For Beau
Nan Fetters – For the three dogs
Vince & Beth Firrincieli – For Beau
John Ford & Dede Godycki
Karen Gavidia
Frank & Eva Honaker
Matthew & Jennifer Honaker – For Beau
Ellen Hongo
Kristie Keenan – For Quick
Jennie Malcolm & Epi Pazienza – For Beauregard
Jennifer Martin
Edie May
Robert H Mc Lane – For Maddie
Kellen Meadows
Ashley Morton
Beverly (Bloch) Owens – For Quick
Kathleen Rollins – In memory of 2 senior beagles passed away at 14 years of age due to cancer
Jean & Roger Sankey – For Beau
Jim& Kathleen Senior
Elizabeth Sewell – For Beau
Amanda & Danny Shadrick
Christiane Smith
Jennifer & Cory Smith – For Quick
Darren Stuart  & Thom Freeman – Care for Beau, Quick or Laura In memory of Bentley, Watson, Arthur, Muriel and Pumpkin (honorary basset)
Jayson Traxler – In memory of Henry Dog
Nikki Villanueva  – For anything Stella Needs In honor of Pua and Piper, two golden retrievers who love to help their basset friends!
Nikki Villanueva – For any Senior Hound In Need
Anne & John Wagner




Who likes Bagels?????? Not the kind of bagel you put cream cheese on, but what you get when you mix a very cute beagle with a very cute Basset Hound. Get it Bagel? If you still would like to put cream cheese on me I am totally OK with that-Yum! My name is Barney the Bagel. I am about 10 months old and I am still a puppy .

The great news is I am still a cute puppy, but somebody has already done the work of my basic training. I am both housebroken and crate trained. When it is time to go in the crate, all you have to do is wave a treat I will happily go right in there. It is pretty cozy in there and that is where I sleep at night. My own private room. I have learned not to jump on people or furniture and I get along really well with other dogs. There are two Bassets Hounds named Otis and Penny that live next door to me and I just love it when they invite me over to play in their yard. I get so I excited to play I get the “zoomies” and I run circles around the yard. Everyone says I am pretty fast for a little guy. I have also made friends with the neighbors Irish Wolfhound and I like to play and wrestle with him. He is very big!

I have been trained with an electric collar/fence, and I never cross the barrier. I love my collar so much I don’t ever want to take it off. I have lots of energy, but I also really like to snuggle. I have the best traits of both the the Beagle and the Basset 🙂 Are you a fairly active family looking for a new member? Somebody did all the hard work so you just get the fun stuff. Look me up!

July 28, 2014




Good moooooorning everyone!!!!!!! My name Dennis and I am super excited to be here today. In fact since I am just one year old I am pretty much super excited about everything. I hear the older Bassets are getting a lot of attention these days so maybe it is time for a young guy to have a turn.

I am everything a one year old is supposed to be, fun, playful and totally full of energy. I am working on my house training and I am really smart so I am a quick learner. My foster Mom has been crate training me and I have caught right on to that. I go right in there and she tells me to “sit and settle down” and I do just that. I have a lot of energy and I love to run and play. I would really like a place with a yard and maybe another dog so I can run around and get my sillies out. If you are a runner I would probably make a good running partner. My legs are on the long side for a basset so I can keep up with you.

cola062514_4Did you see my picture? I probably don’t have to mention that I am extremely cute and I have no shortage of Basset personality. I love people and guess what? I even love cats. My foster mom thinks it is really funny when I try to groom the cats, but the cats don’t seem to mind. If you are an active family who does not mind putting in a little time with some puppy training then I could be the guy for you. I promise I will do my best to keep you entertained and I will love you with all my puppy heart. I am game for anything, hiking, running, trips to the mountains or beach, snuggles and anything else you can think of. If you think this sounds exciting, the look me up.

July 21, 2014


Apple and Kobe

Apple and Kobe

Hello, we are super excited to be the Foster Dogs of the Week. We are the dynamic duo of Apple and Kobe. We are about two years old, and as you can see from the pictures, we are pretty darn cute. When we go out with our foster mom, everyone wants to stop and admire us. She is pretty sure it will not take us long to find a home. Before we got sprung from the shelter we had been outside dogs, so we are still getting used to this whole living in a house thing. We have adapted pretty quickly to being inside and following the rules. House breaking is going really well and our foster mom is amazed at how fast we picked it up.

apple_kobe4We are very eager to please and we love attention. We love to follow you around and see what you are doing, but we love to nap if you have have people things that you need to get done. Since we were outside dogs, we are really enjoying the big yard at our foster home. We like to go out and smell all the smells with our Basset noses and of course chase all those pesky squirrels out of the yard. Walking on a leash is totally new to us and we are slowly figuring it out. We are very curious and we love to move things around in the house. We don’t chew stuff up, we just carry in around to different places. It keeps our foster Mom on her toes. Right now we are left in Mom’s office when she goes out and we have not gotten into any trouble. We really wish she would not go out and leave us, but we have each other so we won’t be too lonely.

apple_kobe3We really need a family that will work with us and set some boundaries and in no time flat you will never know we were not raised in a house. We are going to be available for adoption very soon so you have a little time to think about it. Everything is so new and exciting to us right now, we can’t wait to see what is next.

PS. We really like to go to the dog park and run around with the other dogs. Everyone will want to ask you all about us.

July 14, 2014




Happy Monday, I hope you all had a great holiday weekend. My name is Albert and I am the very lucky Foster Dog of the Week. The nice lady at CBHR told me that the Senior dogs are really popular these days and in the last few months almost a dozen of them have found their forever homes. A dozen old dogs saved from shelters and given another chance at happiness. Boy, all you people out there should feel really great about that. I hear that they are all being spoiled rotten and pampered in their new homes. Beds, treats, toys, couches, belly rubs….. A few of them have even had birthday parties. Dog birthday parties! Holy cow, I am pretty sure I would like to have one of those. The secret is out SENIOR DOGS ROCK!

I am super happy to hear that because I am done with my heart worm treatments I am ready to find my forever home. I am about nine years old and I am a very good natured fellow with pretty impeccable behavior if I do say so myself. My foster family gave me all high marks on the behavior sheet. I walk nice on a leash, like people of all all ages, am good in a car and in a crowd. I like other dogs and I really enjoy family time. I have not met any cats yet, so I am not really sure how I feel about them.

I am completely house trained and I do great in the crate, so you don’t even have to worry about any of that stuff. I am fine with stairs and I still have plenty of energy to be loads of fun, but not so much fun that I will drive you nuts. My foster family says I have “A handsome and bearing gait”. I am not quite sure what the heck that means but I think it means I look pretty cool when I walk. I am glad they noticed! I wonder if all these great things are why us seniors have become so popular?

Let’s see, I don’t want to leave anything out. I listen well and I have really sweet breath. Really, I am not making that up, my foster family wrote that in my report. I could stand to put on another 10-15 pounds now that my heart worm treatments are done. It’s not all that often you hear about a basset that needs to put on weight, so get those goodies ready for me. I dine regularly with Mr. Ripley a 10 pound Mini Dachshund without any problems. I enjoy rolling in the grass and don’t tell anyone, but I like to sleep in the bathtub sometimes. I know, it is a little strange, but I like it. If you think all this sounds good to you, fill out the form to take me home. I am really hoping whoever adopts me is going to throw me one of those dog birthday parties that I have heard about.

July 7, 2014


Donors for June 2014

Vickie & Jerry Akers – In honor of Chester
Leslie Balch – In memory of Frieda Depta
Harry & Suzanne Boyd – From Tillie and Crash Boyd
Jack & Julie Canny
Christine Castaneda – friend of Ringo Vitkovic
Mary Cooling – In honor of Quick
Elizabeth Driver – In memory of Roger Ellis and Carolyn Driver
John & Gay Harris – in memory of Terry Miller
Ted & Kim Holstein – Funds from donated craft items
Craige Koontz – In memory of Terry Miller
Robert Mitchum, CEO Network Services Company – In memory of Terry Miller
Michael Smith
Cameron & Jackie Winston – For Andrew


Minnie Pearl

Minnie Pearl

My name is Minnie Pearl Basset, but you can call me Minnie or Minnie P or Minnikins or Minnie Moo…. My foster Mom makes up a lot of silly names for me because I am a very silly girl. Let me tell you a little bit of my story. At the end of April I was stuffed in a night drop box at the animal shelter. It was very scary in there. A really nice lady put a pearl necklace (that is where my name Minnie Pearl comes from) on me and took my picture and put in on the shelter Facebook page.

I was so lucky because CBHR swooped right in to save me. I sure was a mess when they got me. I was very skinny, covered in fleas and ticks and had one of the worse cases of worms they had ever seen. The Vet said I had to gain at least 5 pounds before they could even spay me. My foster family took really good care of me, they fed me lots, worked on my housebreaking and my manners, washed me and even painted my nails hot pink. I very quickly became a princess and I liked it! I learned about belly rubs, squeaky toys and trips to the dog park where I loved to run laps and play fetch. Yes, I am a Basset that plays fetch.

Just when I finally gained enough weight to get spayed I had a puppy that was a very unexpected surprise. A lot of you heard about that on Facebook. I was sad and confused and it set me back just a little bit. CBHR and my foster family never gave up on me and now, the moment everyone has been waiting for is finally here- I am ready to find my forever home!!!!!! I am a beautiful tiny Basset. I only weigh about 33 pounds. I am mostly housebroken. I won’t lie, I do still pee in the house occasionally, but I am very close to 100% there. I would really like to have a house with a fenced yard so I can run and play. I would love to live with another dog or two. My Basset foster sister has taught me how to run the Basset 500 through the house with her every evening. Mom says says we have crazy thundering Basset paws!

I am really sweet and very cuddly. My foster Mom always asks me if I think I can get any closer when I sit with her. I try, but I really don’t think it is possible to get any closer. I love squeaky toys! I hear that some dogs like to tear them apart and take the stuffing out. Not me, I love to run around and squeaky, squeaky, squeaky them. I will fetch them and I will throw them around all by myself too. My foster Dad thinks I must be very smart because in the morning I squeak them very quietly so I don’t drive everyone crazy. The rest of the day is fair game for loud squeaking. My foster family has 4 kids over the age of 10 and I really like them. I like to go for a ride in the car and will stand by the car door and give you a pouty face hoping you will take me for a little ride. I like to get a bath at the do it yourself dog wash. I don’t mind ear cleaning and nail clipping either. My foster family says I am their favorite foster dog ever and they just know I am going to find the perfect forever home. Check out my profile. Who could ever resist all this sweetness?

June 30, 2014


You Did It!

You Did It!

I am so happy to report YOU made us successful in reaching our goal of $10,000 which allowed us to reopen intake to the needy hounds of the Carolinas. We received a significant number of donations in memory of our friend, Terry Miller. We are very touched he requested his memory be honored by helping the homeless hounds.

Olimometer 2.52

Not only did we reach our goal, but along the way we have also managed to double the number of Basset Backers and even added a few Basset Angels. We still need to reach our goal of $2500 in new Backer and Angel sustaining support and will continue to work hard to achieve it. Keep your eye on the thermometer to see how close we are!

Become a Basset Backer or Basset Angel

Again, we can’t thank you enough. It means so much.

Stacey Snyder, President

Thank You to Our Generous Donors


Donors for May 2014

Lois Affholder
Shannon Alford – In memory of My basset Miss Rosie
Roger & JoAnn Amidon
Susan Ash
Elizabeth Atkisson
Ashley Bailes – In memory of Emma Stewart, my first friend!
Scott & Deb Baltz – In honor of Guidry, Molasses and Chloe
Mark & Lucy Barry – In memory of Terry Miller
Susan & Mac Baughman – Let’s get intake reopened asap
Kenneth Biser – In memory of Baby and Jasper
Seth Bradley – In memory of Claude and Marie
Karl & Karen Brenneman
Andrews & Emily Browne – In honor of Bosley, a 2007 adopted basset
Melissa Buchanan
Lauren Caldwell – In honor of Gracie Girl
Melissa Capel & Wayne Hardy – In memory of Emmylou
Cardinal Gibbons High School
Central Paper Products – In memory of Terry Miller
Michelle & Douglas Chaffin For the little guy with the ear infection.
Joe Chen – In memory of Terry Miller
Louis Chertow – In memory of Terry Miller
Harry Chipman
Becky Cipriano
Susan Clark – for the 14 year old male with ear infection
Kelly Clements – in memory of Haley McCalister
Van & Karen Cornatzer – in thanksgiving for their basset Daisy AKA Dixie Belle
Henry & Bobbie Cox – to reopen intake
Sara Coy – for Roscoe
Sara Decker – For the 14 year old boy who go dumped at the shelter
Kristin del Rosso
Sarah DeRemer & Chris Benner – In honor of Willie & Dixie.
Natalie Distefano – for Roscoe in memory of Otis, our sweet basset rescue
Diversified Sales Marketing – In memory of Terry Miller
Nicholas Doubrley
Barbara & Thomas Driscoll
Daniel & Frances Dunn – In memory of Terry Miller
Jane & Mike Englemann
W. Michael Fagan – For Roscoe
Nan Fetters
Vince & Beth Firrincieli – In memory of Brigitte and Gracie
Lindsey Flower – In memory of Wendy
Kurt & Sarah Gauger
Karen Gavidia – For Laura in honor of My beloved beagle, Bailey
Meridith Gibbs – In memory of Emma Stewart, the sweetest, most loving Bassett: from her New Bern Friends. Elizabeth and Dusty, Johnny and Lesley, Meridith and Breck, Duffy and Ken, Erin and Ryan, Mary Margaret, Aira and Graham, Wendy and Buddy, Alison and JR, SC and Wood,
Angela Goodman – In memory of Egor, Barney & Jett
Mary Griffin
Rene Halisky – For the 14 year old rescue
Jan & Michael Hanan – In memory of Terry Miller
Kelly Hatch –  In honor of Snickers the Bassett hound
Jill Hively
Debra Hokanson – In honor of Sam & Patch
Ted & Kim Holstein
Rebecca & Donald Holzer, MD – For the senior coming out of the shelter In honor of Lucy, adopted from CBHR, living the good life in VA
Matthew & Jennifer Honaker – For the 14 y/o male in memory of CBHR alum Danny
Ellen Hongo
Russ Linda Howald – In honor of their basset Sadie – the love of their life
Erin & Dane Hunter – In memory of Tillman and Thurmond
Sarah Jackson – In memory of Charlie Basset. A second chance, well loved hound
Sarah Jackson – In memory of Charlie girl basset. The reason I found CBHR
Michelle Johnson – In memory of Jose and Bobo
Aprill Jones – In memory of Elmo
Jackie Kirkman – In memory of Terry S. Miller
Kimberly Knott – For the 14-year-old who needs help!
Jennifer Larke – In memory of Clancy Larke
Barbara Legg – In honor of all of our past and present Basset babies
George & Phyllis Leventis – In memory of Terry Miller
Patricia Linn – For the old guy with the ear infection. Please help him!
Aaron Lucier – In honor of Our many fosters…
Colin Mackenzie – To help the 14 year old Basset who needs ear care.
Debbie Malta
Timothy MatusZak
Caroline McClintic – In memory of Emma
Karen McCormick – In honor of all of the senior hounds who need to be fostered
Lisa McCutchen
Patricia Millis – Opening Intake
Ashley Morton
Sam Needleman – In memory of Beauregard
Debra Oakley – In memory of Terry Miller
Maxinne Ocampo – In honor of My two pups, Enzo and Desmo.
Beverly (Bloch) Owens – In honor of Twinkie
Kevin Patrick
Penske Truck Leasing – In memory of Terry Miller
Glenn & Mary Ann Preston  – to help senior bassets
Nicole Pullen
Marjorie Ratliff – Reopen intake
Art Raymond
Randall & Linda Robbins
Joanne Rogers – In memory of Henry Albert Rogers
Michael Roth – for Stella – In memory of Hank and Gracie
Michael Roth – for Roscoe
Thomas Ryan – In memory of Uncas
Jean & Roger Sankey – for new intake – In honor of Linda and Garrett Vogland for stepping up to the plate on Memorial Day Weekend
Jean & Roger Sankey – In memory of Cade, our tiny Basset pup, the wiggleworm, so healthy and strong. Lived 9 days–affected Jean, Roger and Becky Gering’s family–be at Peace, tiny boy.
Jean & Roger Sankey – In memory of Terry Miller, our loyal friend and supporter
Bobby Saunders – for Joy – In honor of In honor of Heidi and in memory of Rosie and Claude
Steve & Brenda Saunders
BK Scheiber – for Roscoe
Jim & Kathleen Senior
SE Paper Products Pigeon Forge Distribution Center Staff – In memory of Terry Miller
Joy Shackelford – In memory of Terry Miller
Shilling Supply Company – In memory of Terry Miller
Daniel Shoemaker
Shelia & Frank Sistare, Jr. – In memory of Terry Miller
Kimberly Slusher – for the 14 year old with ear infection
Ashley Smith – for the 14 year old – In honor of Sully and Eddie
Greg Smith – In honor of Our Bassets
Jennifer & Cory Smith
Jerry Speight
Patricia Stemmermann
Mary Jo Stuart
Angela & Bill Suggs – to reopen intake
Leland & Laura Sullivan – In honor of OTIS AND PENNY
David & Carol Sweatman – for the14 year old with ear infection
Jeff Taylor – In memory of Terry Miller
The Sweet Shop – In memory of Terry Miller
Mary Ann Thomas – In memory of Loose Lips Lucille ATB 2009.
Katelyn Uhlemann – In honor of Lucy and beautiful bassets everywhere
Charles Vaught
Lisa Vohoska
Al Wachter & Jennifer Rosenberg – in memory of Terry Miller
Richard Wade
Anne & John Wagner
Lem & Joanne Walker – In memory of Terry Miller
Lara Wepprecht – In memory of Gus & Gertie Mae & Sammy
John & Margaret Wheeler – in memory of Tulip. Pet of Karen Wheeler
White & Hodge Co. – In memory of Terry Miller
Allison Williams – In memory of Emma
Gary & Tamara Wiren
World Food – In memory of Terry Miller
Wright’s Gourmet House/Jeffrey Mount – In memory of Terry Miller
Dale Ziegler – In memory of Terry Miller




My name is Quick and the Foster Dog of the Week lady met me at a CBHR event this weekend and she said I would be the perfect Dog of the Week. You got a sneak peek at my handsome old self yesterday on Facebook.. I got so much attention that this event that I wouldn’t be surprised if people were inquiring about me already. As you can see by my picture I am a very unique looking basset. When people see me they always say they have never seen a basset that looks like me before. Everyone really loves all my black spots. I am about 11 years old but I am in really good shape for my age. I can even still so the stairs.

I love everybody I meet. People , kids, dogs, cats, you name it I love them all. I walk great on a leash and walking is one of my favorite things to do. Do you want to know another great thing? I will tell you when I have to go potty, no messes in the house for this guy. My foster Mom leaves me in the house when she goes out and I am perfectly behaved. I am really a no fuss sort of guy. I hear that several of the senior dogs have found homes recently and I just know someone is going to add me to their family. I just finished up my heart worm treatments so I am good to go whenever you are. Check out my profile.

In case you are wondering it is totally impossible to take a bad picture of me. The pictures don’t lie, I am a extraordinarily handsome hound. Don’t forget to share these posts with your friends so I can find my forever home ASAP.

May 19, 2014


Donors for April 2014

Corey Anders Sent by Durable Packaging – In memory of Terry Miller
Harry & Suzanne Boyd – for Beau
Erin Caldwell – In honor of Tides Johnson’s birthday
Jack & Julie Canny
Laura Childs – for Laura
Harry Chipman
Rachel Curtin – In memory of Terry Miller
Sandra Durham – from Tupperware party
Michele Edge – for Laura
Jane & Mike Englemann – In memory of June Roby
Cindy Fiumara (Sabert Corporation) – In memory of Terry Miller
Kathryn & Kenneth Graves –  In memory of Nixon
Brian Hadley – In Memory Of Terry Miller
Phyllis Hosbach – for Laura
Missy & Jim Johnson – total donations from Tide’s b’day party
Missy & Jim Johnson – donations from wine tasting event
Allen King – In memory of Terry Miller
Fred Light
Susan Lorentz – for Laura
Cheryl Methvin – for Laura
Bill & Tina Morrissey – In memory of Zoe, Molly and Jovie Malta
Marvin Neuwirth
Melanie Nikdel –  In memory of Wesley
James Openshaw
Glenn & Mary Ann Preston
Lena Raberg – for Laura – In memory of Shiloh
Eric Sumner (SCA Tissue) –  In memory of Terry Miller
Robin Stanley – In memory of Terry Miller
Trident United Way from anonymous donors to the Trident United Way
Anne & John Wagner
Kerry Wargo –  For Laura – In memory of Maggie
Clay Williams
Steven Zserai




Happy Monday everyone! My name is Maxwell and I am very excited to be your Foster Dog of the week. I have been at CBHR for about 6 months now and believe me when I tell you I have come a long way since I first got here. Not all of us bassets arrive at CBHR knowing the ropes. Some of us have never even lived in a house before. This is why our foster families are so important, they figure out what we need and then help us get ready for a forever family. They sure must be some pretty wonderful people to do that for us. My foster Mom says I am doing so well that she thinks I am ready to find my forever home, Yay for me!!!!

MaxwellWhen I first got to CBHR I was so scared and anxious. I barked a lot, I was not housebroken and on top of it all I had those dreaded heart worms. Well look at me now. Heart worms are all gone and I have turned into the goofy sweet dog that I was always meant to be. I am still a bit nervous when there are new situations, but once I get used to things I am just fine. I live with two other dogs right now and tend to follow their lead. If they think it is OK then I think it is OK too. My foster Mom says that I love attention and belly rubs. If one of the other dogs is getting some love then I jump right in there so I am not left out. My house breaking is going really well, I still have an occasional accident, but it won’t be long before I totally master it.

I love to go for walks and exercising has been so good for me. Being active has really helped me find my inner peace and be much less worried about things. I have learned to stay in a crate during the day while people are gone. I used to bark in there because I thought nobody was ever coming back. Now that I now how it works I go right in there and I wait for my cookie. I save all my barking to tell you how glad I am to see you when you get home. I am going to need a family that will be patient with me while I adjust to my new surroundings but I promise I will love you with all my heart and make it worth your while. Check out my profile. I am sure my cute pictures will steal your heart.

April 28, 2014


Can You Back Up a Basset?

We have a dilemma. How do we help all the bassets who have non-routine veterinary needs in addition to all the basic needs of ALL of our bassets? We hate to think of having to euthanize a basset because we cannot provide the medical care he needs. Please help us make sure we never have to do that! Become a sponsor – either a Basset Backer or a Basset Angel – someone who agrees to contribute each month to provide a reliable source of income.

Basset Backer

Olimometer 2.52

All of our dogs need good, basic health care. Even if a dog does not have a medical special need, he will still need to be vaccinated, neutered, given heartworm preventative or treatment, and require flea and tick control. We need Basset Backers to help provide funds for the ongoing monthly expenses of all of our dogs; it is just that simple.

Can you donate $60? How about becoming a Basset Backer and breaking that up in monthly donations of just $5? All of those monthly $5 donations add up and it really helps us help more bassets knowing we have the funds to do so. Plus you get a fun car magnet! We have set a lofty goal of raising $2500 in monthly pledges from our Basset Backers. Keep your eye on the thermometer to see how close we are to reaching this goal.

Basset Angel

Would you prefer to donate to a specific dog in need versus our general fund? Become a Basset Angel. We have bassets in our care right now suffering from a painful ear due to trauma or abuse; chronic breathing problems from lung disease; arthritis; and cancer, just to name a few. Some of our dogs are designated as forever fosters and are considered to be in hospice care with us. We will give them quality of life while we can.

Can you fund one of these Angels on a monthly basis? When we all chip in to help fund each dog we will raise their needed amount in no time!



Boscoe needs $100 per month in combined donations. Boscoe has had some issues ever since we got him from the shelter in September 2013. He has had…

Read my story


Chester needs $150 per month in combined donations. This sweet, sweet boy most likely has diabetes insipidus. It is a condition where the kidneys…

Read my story


Stella needs $100 per month in combined donations. Special Stella is one of the grand dames of our group. This charming girl lived with a forever…

Read my story


Laura needs $100 per month in combined donations. Our lovely Laura came to us from the Columbus County, NC shelter. She had many fans on Facebook…

Read my story

Murphy Lee

Murphy Lee needs $50 per month in combined donations. Murphy Lee came to us in pretty rough shape and with a bulging eyeball from significant…

Read my story


Murphy Lee

Murphy Lee

Murphy Lee needs $50 per month in combined donations. Murphy Lee came to us in pretty rough shape and with a bulging eyeball from significant glaucoma. We have gotten his eye treated and he is feeling so much better! He will need some followup treatments to help keep his eye stable. This wonderful 10 year old gentleman just wants a soft bed, food, and a place to call home. Can you help us help him get that?




Laura needs $100 per month in combined donations. Our lovely Laura came to us from the Columbus County, NC shelter. She had many fans on Facebook who were excited to see her make it from the shelter into our program. Unfortunately, Laura has many health issues including heartworm disease so severe it has caused an enlarged heart. She also has some lumps that are suspected to be cancer. Right now we have get her heartworm disease treated before we can do anything else for her. Please help Laura get the chance to know love and comfort.




Stella needs $100 per month in combined donations. Special Stella is one of the grand dames of our group. This charming girl lived with a forever home for several years until her veterinary bills became too costly. You know our motto, “once a CBHR basset always a CBHR basset”. CBHR is there to protect our bassets so they will never again find themselves abandoned in the shelter. Stella has severe food and inhaled allergies. Foster mom is working really hard to lower the dose of allergy medication needed, but Stella still requires rather pricey medication and expensive special food. You would not like to be constantly itchy and have a stomach ache too. Help us keep Stella comfortable and content in her golden years.




Chester needs $150 per month in combined donations. This sweet, sweet boy most likely has diabetes insipidus. It is a condition where the kidneys have trouble conserving water and dehydration occurs really easily. We have been working with a wonderful veterinarian in the Charlotte area who is trying really hard to be as financially conservative as possible while searching for a solution that will help Chester and give him a great quality of life. The medication and monitoring of Chester’s condition totals approximately $150 per month and that does not include any routine veterinary care he may need. This boy sure would appreciate a few pennies thrown his way.




Boscoe needs $100 per month in combined donations. Boscoe has had some issues ever since we got him from the shelter in September 2013. He has had a lot of coughing and has had two sets of chest x-rays which show some scarring of his lungs. This scarring possibly related to his previous heartworm disease. We have tried prednisone and other basic treatments, but what Boscoe really needs is a nebulizer and medication similar to what a human uses for asthma. The medication costs just over $100 per month. Boscoe is only four years old and has been in foster care for almost one year. We would really love to give him the care he needs until he finds his forever home. Can you help us do that?




Hi there everyone! My name is Freckles, and I am super excited to be CBHR’s Foster Dog of the Week. Hopefully, my forever family is out there reading this right now, because I am ready to be adopted. I am about 5 years old, very healthy, playful, friendly, and sweet. I like other dogs and people, I’m housebroken, and I don’t get overly protective about my food or treats. My coat is mostly black and white, with some chocolate brown blended in at my head and bottom, and lots of freckles, especially on my belly. I am super smooth and silky, and I don’t shed much at all. My ears are a little short and my feet are a bit smaller than your average basset, but foster mom says I’m beautiful just the way I am.

So I’ll start with my story, but I’ll warn you, it’s a sad one. My former owner had to go far away for medical treatments, and didn’t know when she would be back. She brought me to the shelter hoping someone would meet me, fall in love, and take me home. I was very confused, and the shelter was a scary place. I tried to follow my former owner out again, and kept looking for her the rest of the day – I didn’t realize I was there to stay, and I was very sad. A nice shelter lady took me home with her that night, and CBHR picked me up the next day. It took me a couple days to adjust to my foster home, but once I realized I was safe again, I started to eat and play and blend in with their routine.

Life in my foster home is actually pretty good. Every morning, I go outside to potty and do a perimeter check – lots of bunnies and deer visit my foster home’s backyard. I’m always excited to sniff around and see who has visited during the night. I spend my day napping with my foster sister – she is kinda old, so I try to be polite and calm when foster mom and dad are at work. Once they come home and feed me, we play with my toys on and off the rest of the night. We also sit on the couch and watch TV. At night, I get to sleep on the bed with them – it’s our special alone time since my foster sister gets nervous up there.

There are a couple of things that scare me – gunshots and fireworks. My foster home is surrounded by woods, which I like to explore. However, sometimes people nearby shoot their guns, and it really scares me. I don’t go berserk, but I shake and whine a little, and I won’t eat until they are done. My foster parents put a blanket under the side table by the couch and in the closet so I have places to hide where I feel safe. Once I am satisfied that the shooting is done, I am back to my usual self.

Please say you’ll be my new family – I am a great, well-behaved little girl, and I promise to love you more than you can imagine!

April 14, 2014


Donors for March 2014

Roger & JoAnn Amidon
Joseph BaumannIn memory of Our 15 year old Candy girl that we lost last year and for our 3 year old Beauford that we lost last year in an accident. We miss them both, but know giving back will help others. Our other two bassets are rescues as well. Jb & Ab
Sonya BergschneiderIn honor of all the wonderful bassets who have passed on before and to those who give us unconditional love on a daily basis. Also for our 25th wedding anniversary.
Patricia BoggsIn honor of Lucy.
Karl & Karen BrennemanIn memory of Our sweet Buttercup
Skylier Burns
Stephanie & Josh Caddell – In honor of Bo, Daisey, and Rosco. May all pups be as lucky as they are!
Harry Chipman
Shirley Cordell
David & Beth CormellAngel – for Betsy
Craig CorzineIn memory of Fred and Murphy
Debbie’s Dawgs – In honor of sweet Lola
Sarah DeRemer & Chris BennerIn honor of Dixie & fellow CBHR hound, Willie
Barbara & Thomas Driscoll – In memory of Buttercup
Nan Fetters
Vince & Beth FirrincieliIn memory of Brigitte
Victoria Galaspy
Amy Glenn-VegaIn memory of my basset Snoopy Vega. Not a CBHR hound, but he was the rescued basset who made me fall in love with the breed!
Annette GodseyIn honor of Alice Guardiola and the BaRCSE group
Charles Haynes
Regina Hogan
Ellen Hongo
Judy Hundley In honor of my 12 year old Bassett Buster
Glenda Kroshus
Jennie Malcolm & Epi PazienzaIn memory of Sophie
Debbie Malta
Michael & Susan MasterIn memory of Mom
Robin & Robert Masters In honor of Our beautiful Harley
Terry Miller
Dennis Mooney
Marvin Neuwirth
Beverly Owens – For Betsy, Maggie and Bosco
Scott Padgett – In honor of Awesome Jake!
Kendall Page
Andrew Paradise
Stanley Pelz – In honor of Howie (Karen Sadler’s Basset). Saying prayers for a speedy recover for Howie.
Tricia Pierson & Jeff DeKosterIn memory of Lolly – my basset hound of over 13 years
Donna Rhodes In honor of my Bassets
Michael Roth
Jean & Roger SankeyIn memory of Bonnie’s Lola
Bobby Saunders – for Joy In honor of Heidi and in memory of Rosie and Claude
Jim Senior
Elizabeth SewellIn honor of Lola Belle, who looks just like an older Miss Betsy!
Jacob Smith – In honor of the good folks at CBHR – I wish and hope I can do more.
Jennifer & Cory SmithIn memory of Flash, our sweet basset girl we miss so much.
Joy & Thomas Southerland In memory of Rose Fleming 15 year old basset belonging to Anne and Steve Fleming
Lauren Steele & Fran SteeleIn memory of Huckleberry Walsh basset of
Laura, Austin and Charlotte Walsh
Brandon & Jessica Stilley
Jeff Tharp
Jeff Tucker
Lisa Tudor
Christine Williams
Scott & Catherine Woods




Hello all, nice to meet you. I am Bella, or Miss Bella is what they call me in my foster home. Bella means beautiful and as you can see from my pictures I am beautiful and quite the character. I may look familiar to some of you because was Foster Dog of the Week way back in the beginning of September. Foster Dog of the Week was a pretty new thing back then so they are giving me another chance. I hear one of the last dogs that got a second chance recently found her forever home right away. I just know this is going to work for me this time around, I can just feel it.

I am about 8 years old and quite a catch if you don’t mind me saying. I am a quick learner; it only took me one day to figure out the doggie door in my foster home. Whoever invented that contraption is a genius. I am crate trained but I do sleep on the couch for bedtime. I am staying with 5 other dogs right now so it is fair to say I do get along with others. The kids in my house are big and I really like them. I have been in the CBHR kissing booth and I did great with the little kids too.

I love to go for walks and of course belly rubs, belly rubs and more belly rubs. Is there a basset out there who does not love a good belly rub? I would really love to find my forever home. My foster family loves me but they do have 5 dogs already. They would be so happy if I could find an awesome family to call my own. I could be just the girl you are looking for. Check out my profile and don’t forget to share this post so I can find my forever home. I just know somebody will see my picture and know I am the girl for them.

Bella browsing the LL Bean catalogHow do you like this picture of me browsing the L.L. Bean catalog?

March 31, 2014




Happy Monday everyone! My name is Jax and I have been picked as the Foster Dog of the Week this week. I am pretty excited about this because they tell me that this is how a lot of dogs get their forever homes. I have been with CBHR for a few weeks and already I have earned a reputation as a perfect dog. I am a model basset if I do say so myself. I am about 5 and no stranger to a house. I am in fact completely house trained and crate trained.

I love people- Big people, little people and even those itty bitty people they call babies. Those little ones are almost as cute as me 🙂 , but they need to work on their house training a bit. I am a very sweet boy and one of my favorite activities at home is watching everything that happens outside the window. When I first got here I was really skinny, but I am starting to fill out a bit with all this great food I have been getting. My foster Dad says I am a big basset and I still need to gain a few more pounds to fill out my basset body. I think all that eating is OK with me.

I really like to go for a ride and one of my favorite places to go it the dog park. I just love it there! I get so excited because I can run around with all the other dogs and tell them how great CBHR is for rescuing me. All my friends at the dog park agree that being a rescue dog is pretty cool. Many of them have found their forever homes and I just know I will find mine really soon. Check out my profile and maybe soon I will end up as one of the CBHR Happy Endings.

March 24, 2014


Hello from the Rainbow Bridge

Hello from the Rainbow Bridge
Hello, It’s me – Granny Lola! WOW, yesterday morning, I woke up at home with Foster Momma and Dad on my soft bed wagging my tail, woofing for breakfast  and yesterday afternoon, I’m at the Bridge looking down at my family. It makes me sad that they have tears but it was time for me to go. I had been sick but we all thought I was getting better. I guess my 16 year old body just decided it was time to find my soft cloud at the Rainbow Bridge.

Foster Momma and Dad rushed me to the vet but I was so tired – tired of arthritis, tired of tummy problems, tired of old age, tired of ruling the young whippersnappers – Bert , Hazel, and Mrs. Beasley, to be honest, I was just tired. I heard Foster Momma, Dad and the vet talking about me saying there was nothing else they could do…well, I showed them – I decided to go to the Bridge my own way, on my time….so, while I was laying at the vets office, with Foster Momma crying, I just started my journey on my own…as always, no help needed. I am Granny Lola…I do things my way, on Lola time!!!

Thank you CBHR for taking me back when my family couldn’t care for me any longer, thank you for giving me the best year of my life….Thank you Momma and Dad – I will love you forever! Good bye for now – I’m waiting for you at the Bridge.

Granny Lola – Now residing at 22 Fluffy Cloud Lane, The Bridge

And thank you to all who donated to Debbie’s Dawgs for Lola’s care and medical expenses. There couldn’t be a more fitting memorial to Debbie Winchester than seeing that Granny Lola spent the last year of her life loved and cared for.


Debbie’s Dawgs, Wash ‘n Zip Pet Beds Benefit CBHR

Debbie’s Dawgs, Wash ‘n Zip Pet Beds Benefit CBHR

Above: CBHR Foster Lola enjoys her new Wash ‘n Zip Pet Bed purchased by her foster mom as part of the January-February promotion.

CBHR has been the beneficiary of two fund raising efforts recently. The inventors of the Wash ‘n Zip Pet Bed selected CBHR as their January “Rescue Group of the Month” and continued the campaign through February. They donated $5.00 to CBHR for each bed sold through their web site during those two months, resulting in a contribution of over $1000.00. We are grateful to owner Stanley Pelz who made the donation in honor of Karen and Eric Sadler’s basset, Howie.

Debbie’s Dawgs, a project to help senior hounds in memory of Debbie Winchester, designated our own Granny Lola as the first recipient of Debbie’s Dawgs’ $5 Friday. All donations made the weekend of March 8 were sent to CBHR to help with Lola’s medications and care. Again, we received over $1000.00 in donations.

Lola and Pops are also part of Debbie’s Dawgs’ Senior Pawtners program. A secret “pawtner” provides items to help with these hounds’ care.

A big thank you to all who purchased pet beds and who contributed to $5 Friday.




My name is Roscoe and I am the lucky Foster Dog of the Week this week. Are you looking for a handsome hound who is past that puppy stage but still has a lot of spunk? Then I am the guy for you. Let me tell you a little about myself. I am six years old and totally house trained. That’s right, you heard me: totally 100% house trained. What’s not to like about that? Guess what? That is not all, I can walk on a leash too. You just clip that leash on me, and off we go on an adventure together. I like to do things together. I really love people! Big people, little people, you name it, I love them all. I love other dogs too and I even know some commands. As many of you basset lovers out there know, if you know commands you are considered a really smart basset.

I love to go for a ride in the car. I hear a lot of other bassets out there like to go for rides too. I really can’t think of anything I don’t love, even the weekly ear cleanings. In fact, I even look forward to those. It feels so good and let’s face it: I like the attention and it is usually followed up by a good belly rub. I am a champion sofa sleeper, and for some reason everyone thinks it is very funny that my tongue sticks out when I sleep. I am kind of a tiny guy weighing in at under 40 pounds. I heard a few weeks ago they had a 75-pounder as foster dog of the week. That is impressive if I do say so myself! Well, that’s about all for now. Check out my profile. You better hurry, because a great guy like me will not last long before somebody snaps me right up!

March 10, 2014


Foster Dogs of the Week in Review

Foster Dogs of the Week in Review

I have been posting the Foster Dogs of the Week since June. You guys have been so great about sharing these posts that many of the Dogs of the Week have found their forever homes. This includes some of our senior dogs. It is always extra special when the older dogs find their forever homes. I hope you are all enjoying reading their Happy Endings as I post them. I just love it when people tell me they saw a Dog of the Week post and fell in love with a dog. This week I have a few really great dogs that I would like to re-post. The Foster Dog of the Week thing has really caught on since the first dogs were posted so I thought it would be nice to give some of the first dogs I did another chance to find their forever homes.

Heidi Wolin

Check out these great dogs:

  • Freddie

    My name is Freddie, and I am so pleased to meet you. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Am I in the right place? That sure doesn’t look like a basset”. Well, I can tell you that my Mom was a basset. If you look close and maybe squint a little, you can see it. My Dad? Well, your guess is as good as mine on that one. He must have been tall and handsome fellow though, that’s for sure.

  • Sadie

    Good evening! My name is Sadie, but my foster Mom calls me Sadie Bug. I am about 10 years old and I was turned in to the shelter along with a golden retriever. I have been with these great folks at CBHR since June and I am really ready to find my forever home. I was going to tell you all about myself but it looks like my awesome foster Mom has some great things to say about me.

  • Emmy Lou

    My name is Emmy Lou and I am looking for my forever home. I came to CBHR after I was found 50 feet down a ravine. Some really great firemen had to climb down to rescue me. That sure was a lot of excitement for this old gal. They were awesome and they gave me water and took me to the vet.

  • Frodo

    Greetings! My name is Frodo. Perhaps some of you have heard of me? I had to leave my nice home in the Shire to complete a very important quest. Now that I have completed the quest and all is good again I have a personal quest of my own, to find my one true forever home. These nice people are putting me up in their nice hobbit hole for a while until I complete this one last quest.

  • Bisou

    Hello everyone my name is Bisou. My name means “friendly kiss” and boy do I love kisses. I love them a lot more then the dreaded bath and ear cleaning that’s for sure. I am a very, active and playful boy and I LOVE being outside. In fact, going for walks is one of my favorite things.

  • Flo

    Hello everyone! My name is Flo, which is short for Florence if you want to know. I am so excited to be your new Foster Dog of The Week. Actually, I am pretty excited about everything in life. My foster Mom says that I am the most energetic basset that she has ever met.


Donors for February 2014

Mary CoolingIn honor of Boo and Champ
Sherry & Jim CruzanGolden Tag – for Stella
David Foster In memory of Marcie Hall
David FosterIn memory of Rocky the dog Bullard!
Missy & Jim Johnson
Siobhan Levifor Pops – In memory of Debbie Winchester – pawtners
Fred Light
Debbie Malta
Marvin Neuwirth
Karen & Eric SadlerAdoption Sponsor
Aija SaulIn memory of Kate S. Gillison
Jim Senior
Margaret SiltonIn memory of Maxwell, our late and much loved basset 1998-2012
Anne & John Wagner
Rebecca Williford

Donations for Beauregard’s Surgery

Vickie & Jerry AkersIn memory of my good boy Bentley the Bassett- passed Aug 23rd 2013
Carla AndersenIn memory of Cookie and Henry
Jennifer AndrewsIn honor of my family’s basset hounds, Eddie and Bessie
August Bauer-NilsenIn memory of Katie B-N
Deborah BentonIn honor of Sweet P Benton
Sonya BergschneiderI have to donate to a fellow Beauregard. Hope he feels better and finds his forever home soon.
Karl & Karen Brenneman
Sarah Bullock
Skylier Burns
Becky Cipriano
Robert & Rachel Brune
Craig CorzineIn memory of Fred and Murphy
Sara CoyIn memory of Fred and Ethel
Nicholas Doubrley
Ann Duffy
Nan Fetters
Sherry & Bret Godfrey
Stacy GriffinIn honor of my basset adopted son Beau and his basset sister Gracie Belle
Michele HarrisIn memory of Otis, who had similar markings (open blanket Tri)
Jill Hively
Debra Hokanson In honor of Sam and in memory of Patch
Rebecca & Donald Holzer, MD
Matthew & Jennifer HonakerIn memory of our Basset and CBHR Alum Danny who passed. We miss him dearly.
Ellen Hongo
Kim Thrasher Horne & Frank HorneIn honor of Tootsie Roll
Susan HortonFrom fellow houndies Elinor and Walter
Linda Howald
Erin & Dane Hunter
Alan le Bon
Jennie Malcolm & Epi PazienzaHere’s to a speedy recovery, buddy.
Debbie Malta
Margaretanne MasoIn honor of Greta, Dory, Buddy & Flash Maso (Hounds)
Robin & Robert MastersIn memory of Harley
Robert H Mc LaneIn honor of Khloe
Jan McNamara
Sara Nienow
Sherrill Owens
Kendall Page
Catherine Policastro
Win PoorIn honor of Molly Brown
Marjorie Ratliff
Michael RothIn memory of Hank and Gracie
Jennifer Sales & Todd RockIn honor of all Bassets waiting to be rescued
Jean & Roger Sankey
Steve & Brenda Saunders
Albert Semer Jr
Amanda ShadrickIn memory of our Bassets, Sophie and Luke
Dave & Courtenay SmithIn honor of all my long eared basset loves
Jennifer & Cory Smith
Marlene & Lee SockwellIn honor of Lexi that we adopted several years ago who brings smiles to our faces often
Brandon & Jessica StilleyIn honor of Miss Daisy May XXI
Wayne & Linda StoweIn memory of Floyd Stowe
Wiliam StricklinIn honor of our two best friends Lilly and Gus. Without them Rachel and I would be missing something. We couldn’t imagine life with out them and this little basset should get the same love.
Monika UnsworthIn honor of Axel, our Southern Gentleman
Laura VitzthumFrom Laura, Kevin, and Freddy Neill
Andrew Weaver & Heather JonesIn memory of CBHR hound Flash- He passed away peacefully September 9th.
Robin Zemp




My name is Daisy and I am your Foster Dog of the Week. As you can see from my picture I am a strikingly beautiful Basset Hound. Look at my wonderful markings. I am about five years old and a petite gal weighing in at about 36 pounds. I have come quite a long way since I was rescued by CBHR. When I first got to my foster home I was pretty overwhelmed and I wanted to hang out in my crate so I could check things out. After a while I decided to poke my head out and see what what was going on out there. Finally I decided to venture out and see what was happening. I sure am glad I decided to do that because there were people waiting to pet me. They were so excited to see me and I liked all that petting so much I even jumped up to get more. They were so nice to give me time to get used to everything.

There are a few other dogs that live here too and I have decided to join in on the fun and play with them. They have been so good at teaching me how this whole pack thing works. Everyone thinks that it is very funny when I get so excited when I see a squirrel outside that I can hardly contain myself. I really like people and dogs and I love all the attention I have been getting. I am learning about house manners and my foster mom says I am doing really great. I have these pesky things they tell me are called heart worms, but I started treatments a couple of weeks ago. The doctor said that at the end of April I will be ready to go to a forever home. You know what they say: “all good things are worth waiting for”. If you want a very special Daisy of your own, fill out an application to adopt me!

February 24, 2014


Lucy June

Lucy June

The Cipriano family is no stranger to basset hounds. When my husband and I married 33+ years ago, my mom told my husband “If you take my daughter, you take her dog”. Of course, my dog was a sweet hound named Fred at the time. And so started a life filled with now our sixth long eared, low riding, gentle souled, loyal, precious hound. After losing our first CBHR hound, Sadie, in October, we were ready to come back to CBHR to find our new family member. As we pulled up to Lucy’s foster home, there she was at the door looking out, tail wagging. Once we stepped through that door and she came running to each of us (myself, my husband, and my daughter), we knew we were in love and had found the perfect hound, yet again. In memory of all the Cipriano bassets before her, Lucy lights up our lives and reminds us how blessed we are by the laughter and joy she brings to our home every day. She is the perfect fit for this basset-loving family. Thank you CBHR for bringing Lucy home to us!!




Happy Tuesday everyone! My name is Gypsy and some of you may recognize me because I was a previous Foster Dog of the Week. Perhaps you remember my spectacular 4th of July outfit? I was featured back when they first started doing the Foster Dog of the Week thing, and now that it has become so popular, that nice lady in charge thinks that I deserve another look. Did you know that if you go to the CBHR website you can see all of the previous Foster Dogs of the Weeks and the Happy Endings too? I sure would like to have a Happy Ending of my own on there!

I am about 8 years old and I am a proper lady with very nice manners. I am like one of those British old ladies on that very popular show everyone seems to be watching. I believe it is called Dogtown Abbey or something like that. My foster mom laughs when I cross my back feet and tuck my tail underneath me when I sit. I am perfectly house trained and crate trained at night. I also walk beautifully on a leash and I am a great car rider too. In fact, I recently took a 32 hour ride with my three ridiculously cute Scottie dog foster siblings that I refer to as my Royal Court. That sure was a lot of fun! I love people and dogs and I love to cuddle with them. But I think my most favorite thing of all is a good belly rub. I just can’t get enough of those, and when you try to stop, I wave my paw around to tell you to keep rubbing.

I know someone out there is looking for a lovely lady like myself who will fit right into your house like I always belonged there. I also have a hidden talent that my foster family discovered. Check out my video below. You will be astounded at how talented I am! I assure you that you have never seen anything quite like it. Please share this post with your friends and maybe soon I will have my own spot on the Happy Endings page. It is what every foster basset dreams of!

February 17, 2014


Donors for January 2014

Elizabeth Atkisson – In memory of our friend and fellow Basset, Danny Honaker, from Henry and Lucy Atkisson
Arthur Cochran
Rachel & David Farrior – Adoption Sponsor
Robert Fry & Mark Fry – In memory of Rufus, our 1st Basset
Judy Hundley – Golden Tag – In honor of In honor of our 12 year old Basset Buster
Connie Nichols
Michael Roth – Basset Angel – In memory of Florence Roth she cared so much for dogs




Happy Monday! It’s me, Pops! I hear a lot of you out there have been following my success story with CBHR. Well, the moment you all have been waiting for (I have been eagerly waiting for it too) has arrived. I am up for adoption! I was such a mess when I was at the shelter that they almost didn’t call a rescue to take me. I was really skinny and dirty, and I had a thing called a tumor hanging off of my leg. Well, it was my lucky day and somebody called CBHR and they came to my rescue. They promised me that I would live out my life eating good food and snuggling in a warm bed. I am happy to report that they were telling the truth about the food and the bed!

Since I have been here I have gained 10 pounds, learned to use a doggie door, and I now happily gallop through the house with my three foster brothers. Oh and that tumor I mentioned? I came through my surgery with flying colors. They say it could be a very long time before it ever causes me a problem again. I have to say a BIG thank you to CBHR and its supporters for making all of this possible. Just look at my before and after pictures! Can you even believe how great I look now?

I am looking for a forever home where I can enjoy my senior years. I may be a senior, but I am a pretty spry senior. I have lots of personality to keep you endlessly entertained. Do you have a favorite chair that needs a dog to make it look good? Well then, I am your guy. Someone has let the Basset (I just couldn’t bring myself to say cat) out of the bag about how great us senior dogs are. We have become very popular around here. Check me out. Maybe you can be my perfect match!

Pops Before

Pops After

February 10, 2014




My name is Jake and I am your Foster Dog of the Week. I am one of the wonderful senior dogs that CBHR has up for adoption right now. I am 12 years old and would be an awesome addition to any family. I am completely, 100 % housebroken. Puppies are great and cute, but housebreaking can be quite an undertaking.

I love people, kids, cats, other dogs. In fact, I love everything! My foster dad says I am the best dog and I fit right into his house with no problems at all. He could not even think of one negative thing to say about me. He did say to make sure I tell you all that I LOVE, LOVE ,LOVE to go for a ride. I don’t care where I go, just as long as I get to tag along.

I had a tumor removed recently and now I am all healed up and ready to go to my forever home. I want to thank all the people out there who donated for my medical care, you guys are awesome! I sure am lucky that the folks at CBHR took such good care of me. Sometimes us senior dogs get overlooked, just because of our age. That is silly if you ask me. I still have a lot of life and love left in me. I am just looking for somebody to give me a chance. Do you see my cute face in the picture? Who would not want to look at all that cuteness everyday? The lady who does Foster Dog of the Week told me that she has had very good luck getting some of our great seniors their forever homes. She told me that she even adopted a senior hound herself last year. She also assures me that a lot of people out there have a soft spot for us old-timers. I hope I get lucky too. Do you think I sound like a good match for your family? Check out my profile. I could be just what you are looking for!

February 3, 2014




My name is Fritz and I am proud to be your Foster Dog of the Week this week. I was recently returned to CBHR because I was having some separation anxiety issues. The people here are so great, their motto is “Once a CBHR dog , always a CBHR dog.” They welcomed me back with open arms and I get a total do over. Now that everyone knows me better and what I need from a forever family I just know I will find my forever home soon.

My new foster family has had me for almost two months now and guess what? The separation anxiety I spoke of, it’s gone! I don’t even take the medicine anymore. You know what the solution was? Other dogs! I have two foster doggie siblings so I am not worried about being home alone. So the first thing I am looking for is a family that has other dogs so I can have company while you are away. That sure was an easy fix! My new family also gave me a new name for my fresh start. I was called Meatloaf before, but they just didn’t think I looked like a Meatloaf so they decided to call me Fritz. I just love this new name so much that every time they say it I smile and wag my tail. I have that typical basset personality that makes us so popular: you know, stubborn and opinionated, but sweet and comical at the same time. I love to play with my foster siblings and we love to talk to each other. Our foster mom thinks it is really funny when we get to talking, she says we sure do have a lot to say!

The kids in my house are grown, but I do love to sit and watch the kids in the neighborhood play when I am outside. It makes me so happy to see them that I just can’t stop wagging my tail. I think the second thing I might like is a house with big kids , or very gentle kids. I have a sore shoulder that bothers me sometimes so they need to know not to be to rough with me.

What I am really looking for in my forever home is a family that wants to spend time with me. A couple who work a regular eight hour day (with other pets) should be fine. A retired couple wanting another “son” would be great. Basically I need a family that is willing to make me a four legged member of the family and not just a pet. Isn’t that pretty much what all pets are looking for in a family? Check out my profile at and maybe you can be my perfect match!

January 27, 2014




Hi, I’m Newton. Foster mom sometimes calls me Frutin’ Newton, but really I am named after Sir Isaac. I’m a big boy; I weighed 75.5 pounds at the animal shelter and now weigh 72.5. Doctor says my weight is just perfect. I’m not fat, just a huge, cuddly, mushy basset boy. The shelter says I must have had a family as I have perfect house and leash manners. I am fully housebroken with or without a dog door; I’m proud to say it took me less than 12 hours to learn the function of in and out through a flap. I love to go for walks and hiking in the woods. You should hear the snuffling sounds I make when I get a scent. One caution though. I am not proud, but I am a roller. Yup, if I find something smelly there is a good chance I will roll in it. What?? I am a basset, smells are what I do!

Other than that I wait my turn when being fed, sit while I am eating, patiently wait while my toenails are being trimmed and make lots of happy noises when my ears are getting cleaned or rubbed. I do eat a fish based food, it really helps my skin stay healthy and my ears stay clear. Occasionally I like to chew on a toy (or a sock if it’s handy), play with my foster brothers and bark with pure joy when you return home. All around I am just a handsome, gentle, five year old who loves to snuggle and be with you. I am heartworm positive and will start my treatment next week so it will be ten to twelve weeks before I am ready. However, with a mug and manners like mine you know my waiting list will be a mile long. Go ahead and get your adoption application in so you can get your name on my list. Just tell my friends at CBHR you have some physics you need help with and want Newton.

January 20, 2014


Wash ‘n Zip Pet Beds Offer Extended Through February

Wash ‘n Zip Pet Beds Offer Extended Through February

The inventors of the Wash ‘n Zip Pet Bed have selected CBHR as their February “Rescue Group of the Month,” which means they will be donating $5 to our group for each bed they sell through their website in the month of February! If you’d like to get one yourself and help raise funds for CBHR, you can do so at and enter the discount code “CBHR” to save 10% on your purchase.

FINALLY!!! A solution to dirty, stinky dog beds! Our friends at Wash ‘n Zip Pet Bed created a revolutionary new bed design unlike anything else on the market! This brief video shows how it works:




Allow me to introduce myself. I am Jinny and I will be the Foster Dog of the Week this week. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I am a pretty wonderful gal. I am just about the sweetest little basset you will ever met. I can be a little shy at first, but once I know you are OK I will give you lots of love and kisses. Before I came to CBHR, I had a few litters of puppies, so now I am really enjoying getting all this attention for myself. Not that I am an attention hog or anything like that. In fact, I love having another dog around for company. I have a foster brother right now and I think he is the coolest thing ever! I think he is so great that I follow him everywhere and do whatever he is doing. When he eats, I eat, when he plays, I play, he naps, I nap…you get the picture. I am like the admiring little sister. My foster Mom thinks it is really cute and I don’t think he minds one bit.

I love to go for walks around the neighborhood or at the beach. That’s right I am a beach babe now! How lucky am I that I live near the beach? I just love the beach air and the feel of the sand between my big old basset toes. After a nice walk I love to curl up right next to you for snuggles. My foster Mom says I am the best cuddle bug ever. I am not totally house trained yet, but I am almost there. In fact, I only have an accident once in a while, not even everyday. I wear a very stylish pair of pants when my family goes out, just in case. I like to call them my “fancy pants!” With all the love and patience I have been getting here, I just know I will get the hang of it really soon.

Before you go, let me tell you a little funny story about myself. When I first got here I was given my own bed. I thought having my own bed was so great that when it was time to eat, I would pick up my bowl and carry it to my bed and eat there. Come on, who does not want to eat breakfast in bed sometimes? There is a cute video of me doing this little trick. The smart people figured out that if I had a heavier ceramic bowl I would not carry it around the house. I do still like to take all the dog toys to my bed, though.

So if anyone out there is looking for a sweet, pint-sized gal who would love to have a forever family, then I could be your girl. Perhaps you have another dog who gets lonely during the day while you are gone? I would be great company and I promise to greet you enthusiastically with lots of kisses when you get home. Look me up at and maybe you can give me the happy ending that all of us foster dogs dream about.

January 13, 2014


Who is ready for their close-up?

We here at Carolina Basset Hound Rescue love to show off our furry friends, and want to see and share pictures of yours too! Therefore, we are excited to announce the CBHR Close-up Contest! We are in search of those pictures that are “worth a thousand words” to display on our website and in our newsletter. Does your happy hound have what it takes?

Official Contest Rules

The Close-up Contest is sponsored by CBHR. By participating in the contest, each entrant agrees to abide by these Official Rules, including all eligibility requirements, and understands that the results of the contest, as determined by CBHR, are final in all respects. The contest is subject to all federal, state and local laws and regulations and is void where prohibited by law.


This contest is open to all individuals who are eighteen (18) years of age or older at the time of entry who have Internet access and a valid e-mail account prior to the beginning of the contest period. Eligible photos must include a basset hound and must be of appropriate resolution (minimum of 2000 x 2000, and 2880 x 894 for website sliders) and orientation. Photos should be approximately 1.5 MB or larger. Please be sure that your email settings do not compress the image resolution when sending. Photo eligibility is at the discretion of CBHR.

Contest Period and Submission

The CBHR Close-up Contest will accept photo submissions beginning January 8, 2014 at 8:00 am ET until January 17, 2014 at Midnight ET. Submissions must be sent to and must include photo(s), owner name and contact information, pet name and caption. The first photo submission per email address will be free of charge. Any subsequent photos (which are deemed eligible by CBHR for voting round) will be charged a fee of $5.00, to be paid directly to Carolina Basset Hound Rescue using our website. Participants will be notified via e-mail if more than one of his/her photos is eligible for the voting round, and payment is required. Once photos are determined eligible, they will automatically be entered into the voting round. The voting round will begin on January 24, 2014 at 8:00 am ET and will conclude on February 1, 2014 at 8:00 am ET.

Winner Selection

All eligible entries received during the Submission Period, and that are deemed eligible based on resolution and orientation requirements, will be entered into a voting database. The top 25 photos (based on votes and the discretion of CBHR) will be selected as winners. A portion of the winners will be displayed on the Carolina Basset Hound Website, and the remaining winning photos will be showcased in the online monthly CBHR newsletter, The Howler.The winners will be notified via e-mail once all voting data is collected.


By participating in the Close-up contest, each entrant grants CBHR the right to use his/her photo for publicity purposes without additional consideration, except where prohibited by law.

We cannot wait to see all of your wonderful pet portraits. Take a minute to look at our website for picture ideas. The layout will not change. Therefore, winning pictures must fit the current format.




My name is Gordon and I am your new Foster Dog of the Week. It has sure been an exciting two months since I was rescued by CBHR! You would never know by looking at me right now, but I was in pretty rough shape when I first got to my foster home. But CBHR sent me to the vet and they fixed me all up! I even got a double eyelid lift just like the movie stars do. I think it makes me look much younger and more handsome. That and some tender loving care at my foster home has made me into a new man.

I never lived inside a house before, and I’ve gotta tell ya, it is the most awesome thing ever!!!!!! Holy cow, I can’t believe how lucky I am to be part of a real family! They are taking such good care of me and teaching me all kinds of things every day. I am so excited about everything that, even though I am seven seven or eight years old, I act like a silly puppy. Who could blame me though? I have foster siblings (cats and dogs) and I really love them. I love to snuggle with the dogs and I usually sleep with my head on one of their backs. They make a nice pillow for my big old head. Every evening we cats and dogs all play this really fun game of chase through the house. It is so much fun and my foster mom is just amazed at how well I am figuring all this new stuff out. I have learned to sit and I am even catching on to the whole housebreaking thing. When you spend your whole life outside you never have to worry about stuff like that.

I am really grateful for my second chance and I am doing my best to take advantage of all the new things being offered to me. We have this thing called a pet toy box here. Did you ever hear of one of those? I just couldn’t believe it when they opened it up and it was full of toys for us dogs to play with. I never even dreamed of such wonderfulness. I just love to pull all the toys out and play with them. I love to go outside and I walk well on a leash. My foster mom says I stop to smell the roses a lot. I still just can’t over how great this living in a house thing is. A couch to lie on, people to pet me and feed me and love me. Gosh life is so good. My foster mom told me about something called a forever home, and I would really like to find one of those as soon as I can. I am learning new stuff every day, and if you think I would be a great addition to your family, you can look me up at Well, I gotta go now, seems somebody has put all the toys back in the toy box. 🙂

January 6, 2014


Donors for December 2013

Don & Jonnie Adee – We love our Cricket!
Vickie & Jerry Akers – for Jake and Pops – In memory of Bentley Akers
Roger & JoAnn Amidon – In honor of Fred, one of our rescues, to help a senior like him get medical treatment
Kenneth E. Andrews – In honor of The Ray Simmons Family
Lucia Barnes – for Boscoe
Anne Bartee – In honor of Nevin and Joanna Ryan and also of Molly, one of your seniors featured in November
August Bauer-Nilsen – In memory of My sweet Katie
Sonya Bergschneider – In memory of Newman, our beloved CBHR basset boy
Sonya Bergschneider – In memory of Miss Mya who was our Beauregard’s best friend
Edwin Bernard
Beverly Bloch – Basset Angel
Seth Bradley – In memory of Plateau Nyssa Jean Claude Marie
Jimmie & Pam Catoe – In memory of our sweet Bubba Luck who passed away November 9, 2013
Edwin & Amy Cheek – In memory of Lisa Blalock and her basset George of Durham, NC
Harry Chipman
Becky Cipriano – In memory of Sadie
Edwin & Doris Cline – In memory of Lora H. Hahn
Van & Karen Cornatzer – In memory of Sadie and in honor of Daisy
Myra Couch – In honor of Emmy and Jack – My CBHR Rescues
Pam & Ambrose Dittloff – In memory of Annie
Victoria Galaspy – for Jake in memory of My Beloved Brentley
Kurt & Sarah Gauger – In memory of Lucy Bush, a 14 year old basset hound who passed away at the end of this October
Jennifer Guy – In memory of David McKethan
Sharon Hailey – In honor of Molly and The Ryan Family
Ann Hefner – for Wilhelm
Jill Hively – for Jake, Pops, Beauregard, Boscoe
Barbara Nebenfuhr Hoffer – In honor of Jake
Debra Hokanson – In memory of Patch
Mary Lou Kehus
Craige Koontz – In honor of Terry Miller
Jennie & Epi Malcolm – In memory of Sophie, my basset-beagle
Debbie Malta
Julianne Marley – In honor of Henry(15) and Bailey Boo (10)
Michael & Susan Master
Karl& Cheryl MdGrath – In memory of Robert Armstrong
Susan Metzger – In lieu of Christmas presents for Deb and Keith Brooks
Andrew Miller – In honor of Terry Miller
Benjy Miller – In honor of Terry Miller
Lewis Miller – In honor of Terry Miller
Terry Miller – for Jake, Pops, Beauregard
Marvin Neuwirth
James Openshaw
Scott Padgett
Catherine Policastro – In honor of my basset Daisy, who loves everyone, dogs and people, cats too
Jacquelyn Pruett – In memory of our beloved Miss Lucy Busch
Nicole Pullen
Brady Quirk-Garvan – Christmas gift in honor of Melissa Garvan
Michael Rankin – for Jake and Pops
Art Raymond – for Jake and Pops
Brian Reinicker – In honor of Clover
Laura & Dennie Rexroad – In memory of Dixie Lady Rexroad
John & Allison Roberts – In lieu of Christmas presents for Deb and Keith Brooks
Rebecca Robinson – Golden Tag – In memory of Mulligan and Bogey
Michael Roth – for Sawyer, Gracie and Hank
Robert Ryan – In honor of Joanna Bartee Ryan, Sugar Land, Texas
Karen & Eric Sadler – In honor of Boscoe, we are requesting a speedy recovery! Love, Casey and Gracie Sadler (2 Weims who love their Basset brothers and sisters)
Karen & Eric Sadler – In honor of Beauregard, we are requesting a speedy recovery! Love, Etta and Jack Jack Sadler (fellow Bassets)
Karen & Eric Sadler – In honor of Pops, we are requesting a speedy recovery! Love, Deyona, Polly and Bailey Sadler (fellow Bassets)
Karen & Eric Sadler – In honor of Jake, we are requesting a speedy recovery! Love, Ronnie & Howie Sadler (fellow Bassets)
Jean & Roger Sankey – for Jake
Bobby Saunders – Golden Tag – In memory of Rosie and in honor of Heidi, our one eared wonder!
Zachary Smith – for Jake’s treatments
Nathan Snodgrass – Basset Angel
Bill & Teresa Stern
Brandon Stilley – In honor of Miss Daisy May XXI
Susan Struble
Mary Jo Stuart – In honor of Our Sweet Annie
Lisa Vohoska – In honor of All my bassets past and present
Anne & John Wagner
Cathey J Winfield – In honor of Humperdinck (aka Shorty) and Paddy (aka Casey)
Cindy Wright
Robin Zemp – Golden Tag – In honor of the CBHR Officers


Anna Belle & Ginger

Anna Belle & Ginger

Here are some of my happy endings… I adopted Ginger and Anna Belle on February 23rd (One day before my birthday – what a great B-day present). Ginger is my “troublemaker”. She’s the one spread eagle on her back on my bed. In another of the pictures, I had put up a gate to keep her out of my formal living room. The next time I walked by the room, there she sat… inside the gate. I’m not sure how she got in the room and she obviously didn’t remember either as she sat in the room until I let her out. Anna Belle is my love bug. She loves to cuddle and sit in the chair with me. She was also the star at the Charlotte Great Grapes Festival – Kissing Booth. When I am working on my computer, they both curl up in their dog beds and keep me company.

They have both been a great joy to me and very good companions for Gracie my 11 year old (CBHR 2011).

Sarah Coy

Anna BelleGinger




Hello! My name is Bonnie, and I’m about 5 or 6 years old. I’m originally from North Carolina, but I live in Beaufort, South Carolina now. I love the morning sea air in my new home! Every morning my foster daddy gets up and drinks his coffee on the deck, and I get right up there with him to get my morning breath. Taking those deep breaths is easier now that I’m finished with my heart worm treatment, and I can now play all day with my foster brothers and sister if I want to.

My foster daddy says I’m quite a lover and I like to just randomly snuggle. I love to go for walks and I am pretty good on a leash. I’m told I’m a lazy basset cause I seldom just jump right up on anything: I’d rather c..r..a..w..l up and into a chair or couch. I must say I also love to lie on a nice pillow. It doesn’t matter if it’s yours or mine as long as I can lay my head on it. And while we’re on the topic of things I love, I must mention toys. You see I love them so much that I just HAVE to play with them regardless of whether they’re mine or not. I’m sorry to say that I’m not allowed to have toys with stuffing in them because I use them to make the room look like it snowed inside. Sometimes folks just don’t recognize art when they see it. Other loves include doing the basset hound barrel roll on the floor after it’s been vacuumed; the floor has to be perfectly fresh to do it properly. And because I’m a basset, I’m also a big fan of belly rubs.

I’m a fairly quiet girl, but I will let you know if I hear something outside of the norm. My foster daddy and I are working on something he calls a bad habit. I just call it working my core by stretching my abs to get things I need or want off the counter or table. There is something else here called a crate, and while I don’t particularly care for it, I will go in it and be a perfect lady while I’m in there. I know foster daddy is helping me get ready for something else I’d really, really love, and that’s my very own forever family. So if you’re ready for a super loving basset girl, look me up and send in an application. I’d love to keep you company while you drink your coffee! Now if you’ll excuse me, there’s a toy over there that I really must go check on. Bye-bye!

Bonnie and friend

December 30, 2013




My name is Jamie Thomas and my family and I adopted Lucy this August. We would love to be included in your happy endings collage. I have attached some of my favorite pics of Miss Lucy.

Thank you,
Jamie Thomas



CBHR Wishes You Happy Holidays

CBHR Wishes You Happy Holidays

Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season!

Thank you for your support over the past year. We could not continue to rescue the homeless bassets of the Carolinas without our foster homes, volunteers, and donors. Because of your generosity, we were able to pull all of the bassets we were notified about, and they are now in loving furever homes or foster homes. Read about some of our “Happy Endings” for 2013.

We hope you have a wonderful New Year and look forward to continuing to work with you to provide new hope for those bassets who find themselves abandoned in a shelter.




We love Baxter he is a sweet and happy boy. He and our bloodhound Isabelle love to play together. He is a lover and quite a couch pup sometimes he loves to snuggle with John and I in the evenings.

The Robey family





Tex has adjusted wonderfully in our home. It is like he has been with us forever. He is very spoiled, he has his own bed and blanket. He uses his toy for a pillow. He goes with us almost everywhere, and loves to sing to the car radio, depending on what song is on! He does not like the Beatles, or Grateful Dead, but he likes Jan and Dean and loves Cher. Sometimes at 2-3 o’clock in the morning, he wants out. We let him out, he howls at the moon 3 or 4 times and wants back in. Not a potty is made!

The Domnick family

PS: In January we will be adding another CBHR hound named Chester to our family:)





Maisy came home and took over our hearts on July 9th of this year. She is the most affectionate dog we’ve ever met. She loves to sit on laps and give out tons of free kisses. She loves to play with her three human siblings and to run around with her 2 4-legged siblings. She is especially fond of Simon since he’s just as good looking as she is. She has also managed to get her human parents wrapped around her little paw. Feel free to call her spoiled; she’d never deny it. She’s a perfect fit for our family and we cannot imagine life without our little charmer. Thank you CBHR for helping get our sweet little Maisy to us!

The Conlan family

Maisy with family




Hello there, my name is Cassie. I don’t know what is going on around here, but everyone is very busy and excited about something. My people did something pretty strange this week. They brought a tree in the house for me! I am not kidding they really did. I have checked it thoroughly for chipmunks and squirrels and I did not find any. Now they have put pretty stuff all over it and I have to be careful with my happy tail. They have even hung some socks up with names on them. I don’t read real well, but I am pretty sure one of them is for me. Do you think I am supposed to play tug of war with it? I sure can’t wait to see what is going to happen next around here with these silly people. Oh I forgot, I am supposed to tell you guys all about myself.

I am a fabulous basset lady who is about seven years old and I have a great personality. I am the sweetest dog ever, and I love to snuggle. My foster Mom says I do something cute that she calls the “Basset Hound Flop”. As soon as I see you I flop on my back for a belly rub. You know how it is with Bassets and their belly rubs, we go to ridiculous extremes to get them. A lot of us even sleep on our backs hoping for a belly rub while we are napping. I like to go for short walks and I am really good on the leash. I like to ride in the car and I have good car manners. I also like being around other dogs.

During the day I have the run of the house while my foster parents are away at work. Like other fabulous bassets, I’m a good girl and don’t get into anything. I sleep through the night in my own special bedroom, also known as a crate. I was getting treated for those pesky heart worms, and foster mom thought the prednisone medicine was interfering with my house training. I mean, what do you expect when the medicine starts with “pee??” But I just finished my last treatment – Hooray for me! – and now that I am off the medicine I think my house training will get better. I am just as sweet as can be and I would be a great addition to any family, especially yours! Go to and check out my profile — maybe you can be my happy ending.

I am about all worn out from all this holiday stuff. It sure was fun, and Santa was very good to me. I hear we have one more of these holidays to go this week so I am resting up for another round of excitement and fun. I hear I have to stay up really late for this one so I better have another nap. Maybe next holiday I can be with your family.

December 23, 2013


Miss Layla (Ladybug)

Miss Layla (Ladybug)

Miss Layla (formerly known as Ladybug) is doing swimmingly! She loves to curl up on her pillow on the couch, on her dog bed, or in the sunshine! She rather enjoys walking in the woods so that she has ample opportunity to mark her territory (more so than many male dogs I know!). On occasion, she will chase her siblings (cats) around the house. Above all, she loves to play what I call bark and chase. My parents’ dog will run after a ball, and Layla simply runs after him, barking her head off! LOVE THIS DOG. Thanks, CBHR!!!!!

Sam Hilliard





We adopted Sonny, our first rescue from CBHR, back in February 2009 to hang out with our first rescue, Flash. We think Flash was a hunting dog by his mannerisms. Sonny is a very social hound and soon taught Flash how to play some. Unfortunately Flash got sick very quick right around Labor Day weekend, and we had to lead him to the Rainbow Bridge because he was in too much pain and not strong enough to survive surgery.

Sonny has always been a pack dog; from his initial rescue from a pen of Beagles, to his foster home with their 3 Bassets, to us with Flash. Sonny became very depressed as the solo dog. Unfortunately we were traveling a lot in October, and Sonny’s depression manifested in some bad behavior. We decided to start looking for a new brother or sister very soon into November.

Roxie and SonnyWe visited 2 CBHR hounds, and we knew that Roxie was the one for us. She engaged with Sonny quickly, and she took to us very quickly. She showed that she is a snuggle-pup very quickly. We arranged to adopt Roxie and she very quickly felt at home. Roxie loves car rides, as does Sonny. She loves walks, as does Sonny. She loves the nest that Sonny made under the bedroom window, as does.. Well, you know. Roxie had already gone up to bed in the nest when Sonny came up and walked to the nest. He looked at her for about a minute, and then decided there was enough room for two. We’ve had no boundary issues while sleeping

Roxie is also what we call a “Plop Hound.” She runs up to us and flops down onto her back. “Rub my belly, rub my belly!”. We’ve also seen her go from a full run into a dive with a twist and land on her back.

It’s also funny that we have inverted colors on our hounds; Sonny is red & white, and Roxie is very white with some red.

She’s been great for us, as has Sonny. Everyone at CBHR has been great to work with.



Bella Rae

Bella Rae

I lost my first basset, Betsy, back in 1999. I knew that I would get another Basset but my brother surprised me w/ another dog only weeks later & my plans were put on hold. When my dear Dopey went to the bridge June of this year, I was absolutely devastated. I renewed my resolve to have a basset & started searching online for breeders, shelters, rescues, etc. I came upon CBHR & didn’t wait long to sign up. My plan was to foster bassets until I felt ready to adopt again.

Bella Rae was my first foster. I got her on July 27 of this year. I was told that she was from a shelter in Rocky Mount, NC & that her brother, Diesel, & her were turned in because the dogs barked too much & the owners were facing too many noise complaints from neighbors. Living in a townhouse, I was worried that Bella Rae was going to rile up my neighbors, too! I picked her up at a meeting point in Statesville, NC where her & Diesel were separated as Diesel was going to his own foster home in Hickory, NC.

Bella Rae was extremely overweight, had a patch of missing hair, and smelled like she bathed in rotted garbage every morning. The drive back to my place in South Charlotte was a very long & stinky one. She HAD to be bathed before being allowed in the house so with a miner’s light and a hose, Bella got her first bath that very night!

Bella Rae instinctively bonded with my roommate & I could see that she was a very shy & sweet girl. I was the mean lady who gave her a bath & kept tossing toys in her direction so I am not sure that she immediately took to me as a result. The vet said she was in good health aside from a skin infection & hookworms. Bella was NOT potty trained & did not know any basic commands. Over time, as I trained Bella to sit, come, & potty outside, she & I developed a bond of our own. When I left her w/ another CBHR foster for a weekend (I was traveling), I spent the entire weekend talking about Bella Rae & showing off her pictures to everyone. That’s when I knew that I would not be letting her go.

Bella RaeToday, Bella is at a healthy weight, her skin is much improved, & her personality is really starting to come out. She’s still shy around strangers & becomes stressed around them but we are working on that together. Bella is very obedient & will follow me wherever I go. The moment I sit down, she runs & takes her rightful place on my lap. I’ve never had a dog that enjoys cuddling as much as Bella Rae. She doesn’t understand toys but she does love her pink blanket! We assumed Bella lived outside most of her life but you’d never know it the way this little princess acts now. She will only go outside to do her business & then immediately drags me back into the house so she can get a treat & go back to her blanket.

Oh, and about all the barking that she supposedly did – well, I’ve only heard Bella Rae “bark” 3 times in the months I have had her & each time, it has been 1 single “woof” & she seems surprised to hear her own voice when it’s happened! She can be a bit whiny & has what I refer to as a Donkey Cry but she’s stopped doing that & will only make the donkey noises when she needs to go outside – and I can appreciate that!

Bella Rae has many nicknames (Bell, Bells, Belly, Belly Lelly, Lela, Bellini, Bellerina, Donkey, and My Little Girl). Every day I love her just a little more & imagine a long future with her. I’m a foster fail & I wouldn’t have it any other way. And…. I am sure that she wouldn’t either.

Theresa Lopez




Tides found us when I think about it now. The very first time we met he was climbing on me, pulling my camera strap all in an attempt, or so I think now to “adopt” us! We had already decided we were adopting his sister Lola. I also think my best big dog buddy Wy sent Tides to me so I would have someone to watch over me here on Earth as Wy watches from Heaven. That little guardian, angel, new best buddy, heart stealer, Kong lover, comedian, dirt eater, bed buddy, bed hog, co-pilot, shoe chewer, blue eyed, tail Waggin and tv knocker over came in a package we never expected!

TidesTides Sinatra Johnson has brightened our World so much and keeps us hopping! He turned 8 months in November and what an adventure the Tides Experience has been! Tides is finally starting to win all his Brudders over even though he and Gun are besties! We continue buppy proofing because there just isn’t anything he won’t put in his mouth! He’s already 52lbs at eight months and all the vet can say is he is going to be a big boy! Really? You think? Lol!

He’s got an amazing soul and just being with him makes you feel good all the time. He loves to stand outside when it rains and tries to literally bite the rain drops! He’s been to Greenville, Knoxville, Myrtle Beach and for the Howlidays will be going to Asheville with us. He is doing work with my national site as well as rescues awareness work with his alma mater CBHR. He is learning to be a spokes dog and do reviews for businesses and brands through DFP. He will be attending the Global Pet Expo in Orlando in March with DFP. He’s been featured in numerous promos and sites helping raise awareness for other fuzzy kids in need.

TidesTides hosts his own social page on Instagram as well as Facebook. It’s called Life of Tides. He shares his adventures and daily fun with all who visits.

He’s an Aries like me and we happen to have birthdays just 2 days apart in March! He’s creative, smart, funny and makes you laugh all the time. He’s a great listener and loving son who’s been there with wags and kisses when his Mommy needs them. He’s growing into a big happy boy who never meets a stranger and shares his Tides Love everywhere he goes. You just have to look into his ice blue eyes and he grabs your heart!

Thank you CBHR for the amazing gift of Tides. Being with him is like Christmas Day everyday!

The Johnson’s – Jim, Missy, Lake, Gun, Schooner and buppy Tides!




My husband and I got our first basset, Sophie, as a wedding gift from our best man! We fell in love with their bassets. Sophie is almost 10 and is slowing down a bit, we really thought she would like to have some company. That is when we found CBHR, I looked at the website a long time before filling out an application. We talked with our children about how they would have to help out with another dog and they became very excited about helping a dog that needed a home. We knew we wanted a younger basset and we fell in love with Trigger during our first visit at Miss Katie’s house!

Trigger had to learn that the boys wanted to love and hug him, he has done well with this! As soon as he sees my three year old come into the room, he rolls over for a belly rub! Trigger has been a great addition to our family! Thank you CBHR for all of your hard work! We have been supported through this whole processes!!

The Towne family
TriggerTrigger with kidsTrigger




Happy Monday! I hope that you all had a great weekend. My name is Max and I am your new foster dog of the week! Are you looking for a sweet boy who will follow you around and think that you are just wonderful? That’s me! I think people are pretty wonderful to hang out with!

I am about 3 years old, and way past that puppy stage that can be so much work. I am crate-trained and mostly house-trained, and I will tell you when I have to go out if you are home with me. I like to go in the crate when you leave and at night to sleep. It is very comfy and warm in there. I love people and of course belly rubs. Is there a basset out there that does not love belly rubs? I am guessing probably not. One of my favorite things to do is bask in the sun out in the yard. It is so relaxing just to lie there with the sun beating down on me. I like to dream of chasing wascally wabbits. I also really like to go for walks. Do you feel like you could use a little exercise after the holidays? Then I am your guy. I promise I will keep you company while you burn those calories and work off those Christmas cookies that were oh so good.

MaxI would really like to be the only dog in the house. I don’t know why, but I feel very protective of my space around other dogs. Other than that I am just a sweet guy looking for my forever home. My foster Mom says I am really no fuss at all. Oh, and did I mention how handsome I am? Check out my picture. Who could resist this face?

If you think I could be the guy you are looking for, fill out an application to take me home.

December 16, 2013


Twiggy (Raylene)

Twiggy (Raylene)

On April 21st of this year, we adopted “Raylene” from CBHR after having our Basset “Flash” die from lymphoma after 10 years of faithfully guarding the furniture. Raylene is a trim, beautiful redhead and we decided to rename her “Twiggy”, although Twiggy has quickly set her mind to outgrowing her name. Twiggy splits her time between northern New York and Myrtle Beach, SC. She enjoys daily walks and seems to enjoy both the beach and the Adirondack woods where she has become an accomplished hiker. Whether on the beach or in the woods, she enthusiastically greets everyone she meets. Twiggy has also faithfully assumed Flash’s duties and our furniture is safe.

Stephen, Michele, Bailey and Twiggy



Poly (Bump)

Poly (Bump)

We adopted “Bump” now “Napolean” or “Poly” according to our two boys. We lost our beloved rescue Basset/Lab mix “Shilo” a year ago and our rescue lab mix “B” was terribly lonely. We knew we wanted to adopt another Basset and I was looking through your website and something about Bump at the time with his three legs and fearless personality just spoke to me. Our first introduction was at the Raleigh St Patrick’s Day parade and the boys just loved him. As you can see by the pictures, he as molded right into our family.

Although Poly does have a nose for food and despite his three legged stature has been known to acquire a bunch of bananas from the counter or stalked a little hand ever so quietly for a quick snatch of a grilled cheese, he is by far one of the most patient dogs I have ever encountered. We have two young boys and I am embarrassed to say that on an an almost regular basis I praise Poly for his patience as he gets a baby thumb in the eye, or a little hand pulling up a clump of his skin and fur in an attempt to “pet Poly.” He wants to be right with us at all times and right in the middle of the action even if that means having to endure a few “unpleasant” snuggles:)

bumpHe and B are partners in crime. Whether he uses her as a step stool for balance to get to those hard to reach places for an unauthorized snack, as a wrestling buddy or a pillow, they are always together.

Poly is a star to the neighborhood children as well. It is not unusual for him to be laid on his back enjoying a belly rub among all the children waiting for the bus in the morning or to see and hear kids running across the street to pet the amazing “dog with only three legs.”

We feel so blessed to have him as part of our family and can’t thank your organization enough for what you do

The Anson Family


Tootsie (Twinkie)

Tootsie (Twinkie)

We are the Horne family. Frank, myself, Ethan and Elie, Brinkley and Tootsie (roll)

We have traditionally had 2, sometimes 3 dogs. In 2008, we had 2 of our (large) labs pass away at 13 and 14 yrs of age, leaving us with a (we think) 7-yr old rescue mix named Chaplin. He was a mix between a lab and we believe a Corgi so had a black lab body on 3-inch legs (pretty cute, aay?). A few months later when we were beginning a search for another lab, we happened upon a beautiful 1-yr old golden named Brinkley who had been surrendered to the Cape Fear Golden Retriever Rescue orgn. Brinkley and Chaplin got along famously despite their major size difference. Sadly, in April of this year, we arrived home from our kids’ soccer games to find Chaplin had died suddenly.

I give you this background as a path to seeing how Twinkie came into our lives as her forever family. My husband had only known labs as pets prior to Brinkley but obviously goldens and labs have their similarities. So we started looking at the lab rescue website. That said, I had a basset hound (Tandy) growing up so I began looking at CBHR also. My husband was a bit hesitant, saying “I don’t know about basset hounds”. We met 2 black labs and 2 basset hounds in our journey for our pet this summer. The first two labs had either tried to mount or attack Brinkley simply because of his intimidating size (he is 100lbs). Even the male basset we met snapped at him. So we learned even though he is large, Brinkley has no interest whatsoever in conflict or confrontation. Sandwiched in between these visits with male dogs was a visit from Twinkie who was obviously very attached to her long time foster mom. Twinkie was very calm. So calm in fact, that my husband wondered if she would be ‘active enough for the kids’. (That was “Frank-speak” for ‘will she be active enough’ for him. -J) We knew that not only would our new dog be a part of our lives but would be an important part of Brinkley’s. I just had a feeling that her calm personality was just what we needed…

twinkie2It has been 3 months and as you can see she has settled right in. We did re-name her, using one that started with a T and ended with the “ie” sound so we would not confuse her. The joy and love she brought can be seen in the picture with my son taken on the first night she was with us as well as the other picture with our daughter and son. She loves to run after Brinkley outdoors (always after, as she is at quite the leg length disadvantage). She lets us know with the basset howl how excited she is to see us when we arrive home after school or after work (The kids think it is so funny.) And for my husband – not a day goes by that Tootsie is not in his lap – by invitation of course – in his rocking chair – he just loves the way she is so trusting and comforting. Although I am behind the camera, I am equally in love with our Tootsie!

Kim T Horne