A Tribute to Miss Helen

A Tribute to Miss Helen

This week we had to send a long time CBHR foster Miss Helen to the Rainbow Bridge. She was a favorite around here and will be greatly missed.

Helen Keller was one of the very special needs Carolina Basset Hound Rescue foster hounds. In September 2015, CBHR was notified by another rescue about a blind basset hound found wandering alone in the woods of SC. Both of her eyes had been removed and sewn shut.

Helen came to CBHR with many medical issues. She was emaciated, had severe flea infestation, worms, horribly infected ears with drainage, severe dental disease and gingivitis. After she gained 6.8 pounds in her first week with CBHR, her vet upgraded her condition from emaciated to thin. Helen needed not only to gain weight but strength after her ordeal. Over these two years, CBHR has spent over $8000 for her many ear issues and other medical treatments.

Update from her foster Dad: “Helen is a very comforting dog to have around. Although she has been through much trauma in her life, she is full of love and wants to be in the center of whatever is going on in the house. Just the mention of her name sends her tail spinning. She loves to rub her head on her foster daddies and whimpers just a little bit when she greets them at the door when they return home. She is the star of the vet clinic when she goes in for her checkups. Everyone she meets loves her and she gets the royal treatment.

She is steadily growing weaker as her arthritis slowly worsens. It is sad to see her legs shaking as she begins to make her way to a resting position, but she works it out. She might be weak in some areas, but that Basset nose is in great shape. She can detect her dog bowl full of food a mile away and makes her way to the corner she has staked out in the kitchen. She accepts her daily doses of medication without balking and is most cooperative.

Although we know that Helen Keller is not destined to be with us much longer, we are comforted by the fact that her life as it stands now, is pretty darn great. We know that she is fully aware of her surroundings and she enjoys the moment with a good bowl of food, the love of her foster dads, and a good warm bed in which to snooze the day away……. Thank you, Helen for loving us! “