A Hurricane of Bassets

Hi Friends and Family,

We know how trying the last week has been with Hurricane Florence bearing down on the Carolinas. We hope all of you and your loved ones are safe and out of harm’s way. It’s been very stressful for us here at Carolina Basset Hound Rescue as we have a number of volunteers and foster dogs who live along the shore. Thankfully, all of our volunteers and hounds are safe. However, as Hurricane Florence approached the shore, the last month also brought us a hurricane of bassets with some substantial illnesses. In the last few weeks we have had more than 18 bassets (A LOT of hounds!) arrive on our doorstep who have needed lots of help. The dogs who have arrived are facing cancer, widespread tooth decay (2 dogs will need to have nearly all their teeth removed due to neglect over the years), and heartworm disease among other things.

Poor Betsy needed emergency surgery for a bowel obstruction. This poor girl only had hours to live, and you know CBHR was not going to let her die if surgery would save her.

Dear Ruby had to have an eye removed due to painful glaucoma. It always breaks our heart to see another beloved basset lose her battle with that disease.

Oscar arrived at CHBR with a whole host of problems, including a giant tumor on his rear flank. Also, Oscar had a dear friend, Felix, at the shelter with him, and when separated, Oscar and Felix were depressed and inconsolable. We knew that we had to help Felix too even though he is not a basset hound. Oscar had major surgery to remove the tumor from his flank and is recovering now. It always is so hard when they arrive with a terrible cancer that had grown tremendous in size. Thankfully, CBHR had the resources to help him right away. Now those resources need to be replenished so we can continue to help the next dog who walks through our door!

With so many hounds needing so much medical care as of late, CBHR’s budget has been hit really hard! Our own personal hurricane. We really need you now as we will need funds to continue to help the hounds who so desperately need it and those that will likely knock at out door because of Florence.

Thank you for all you continue to do for all the hounds of CBHR. YOU make it possible to help these happy hounds get to a better life!

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