Donors for November 2016

Elisha Byrne
Ashley Clark
Co-workers of Thom Freeman – In memory of his sister, Ms. Christy Lynn Kurz
Sharon Hailey – In memory of Molly
Autumn Henning – For Helen – In honor of Renanne Garrison! Merry Christmas
Bonnie Henry – In honor of Grant Henry whose love for Fred and all Bassett Hounds is heartfelt
Ellen Hongo
John and Joanne Sherlock Stewardship fund
Fred & Joanne Light
Debbie Malta
Avi Meyerstein – In memory of Beau.
Myrtle Beach Fire Safety
Ross & Debra Nash – For Emmy – In honor of Lola
United Way of Central & Northeastern Connecticut
Win Poor – In honor of Molly Brown
Nicole Pullen
Michael Roth
William H. (Bill) & Gail T. Smith
Joseph Theriault – In honor of Tucker
Sharon Vann